Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


16. The trip, last day, pt 2

(Continued from last chapter...)

"Are you okay?" Siwon asked looking at me. "N-neh.." I said pulling away from him. Well, this was awkward. We walked further in the house. There was a lot of scary things, but I didn't want the same situation to happen again. Instead I looked like a scared girl, I guess. We finally came out of the house and then I wished I was back in the house again. Both Key and Jonghyun stood outside and when Key saw me, he hurried towards me. He didn't look happy. "Taemin ah!! Where have you been?!" He asked mad and looked at Siwon "Who is this guy?" he asked. "Calm down Key hyung. I just went in the hunted house with him. And he's Choi Siwon by the way" I said to excuse myself. Siwon bowed to Key "I'm Choi Siwon. Sorry to take Taemin inside the house without you knowing" he said. "Aish! Where do you know him from?" Key asked and looked at me. "It's him who I talked to in...the toilets" I mumbled. Key looked at Siwon and then at me "Aish!" He said and ruffled his hair. Jonghyun came over "You went with him and not us?" He asked looking at me. I looked down "Neh..." I said. Jonghyun sighed "Yah..don't tell this to Minho either" he said serious. "I won't" I said and looked at him. Siwon looked at me "is..That Minho, your brother?" he asked. I looked at him " can say that" I said. Well, he was about to become my brother, but he's not yet. "Taemin ah! We're going back!" Key said. I looked at him "why already?" I complained. "I don't think you should be around this guy...he's a total stranger" Key said. "If you got to know me, then I wouldn't be a stranger anymore" Siwon just said. He was right actually, but if Minho found out that I got a new friend I met in the toilets...I guess he would freak out. "Come on Taemin ah!" Key said and grabbed my wrist. "I guess I have to leave" I said to Siwon "Maybe we'll meet again someday" he said with a smile and he put something in my pocket. I got dragged away by Key and Jonghyun followed. Siwon just waved at me with a smile. I turned around and followed Key and Jonghyun.

We went back home. Key didn't let go of my wrist until we were at the front door. We walked inside and Key sat down on the couch. I guess he was angry at me. A part of me understand why and another part of me doesn't. I mean nothing happened and again I promised not to go anywhere without them. It's true that I went inside the same house as they did, but they thought I would be outside waiting as I told them I would. And the worst part is, I went in the house with Siwon, who still was a stranger. I could defenetly not tell Minho. I know Jonghyun and Key won't tell or else Minho would just beat them up I guess. "Are you going to stand there rest of the day?" I heard Jonghyun ask. He sat by the table. I realised I still stood by the door. I walked further in. I didn't get to walk far before Minho grabbed my hand and dragged me to our room. "Wha- Minho?" I said confused. He let me go "Pack your things" he said. I looked at him, still confused "Why?" I asked. "You want to stay here? Did you forget, we're going back today" he said and crossed his arms. Again I felt stupid. "Oh.." I said and started packing. Minho leaned against the wall "how did it go?" he asked. "Fine" I just said. No matter what, I most not tell him about Siwon. "What's wrong wth you? What are you nervous about?" he asked. Was I nervous? Oh god, I was. I can't believe he figured out before I did myself. "I'm not nervous" I said and finished packing. I closed my suitcase and looked at him. "What are we going to do until we leave?" I asked. "Not much..we're leaving in 10 minutes" he said and walked towards me. "10 minutes? I thought we were staying until tonight" I said. He stood in front of me "change in plans. Eunhyuk wants to go somewhere on our way home" he said. So I guess Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun is back already. "But we do have time for this" he said with a smirk and kissed me. Somehow this doesn't feel weird anymore. I kissed him back. He pulled back and looked at me. For the first time, he looked at me with soft eyes. He was like a different person, looking like that. He smiled soft. I blushed a bit and looked down smiling. I can't escape him. He totally trapped me. He hugged me once and took his suitcase "Take your stuff and come to the living room" he said and walked out the room. I sighed happy. I took my suitcase and went to the living room. Everyone was ready for the leave. I looked at Jonghyun "You already packed?" I asked, thinking that we just got back. He looked at me "I packed this morning" he said. Did he already knew about the change in plans? Was I the only one who never knew?

"Are we all ready to leave?" Eunhyuk asked. No one answered him but just went to the cars outside. This time we were driving home in a mini bus and not the cars we arrived in. This way, we could all sit in one car, when we drove to all those places Eunhyuk wanted to go. The first place we arrived to was a park. I really didn't know why Eunhyuk wanted to visit this place but I understood why when he dragged us to the other side of some bushes. On the other side of the bushes was the ocean. No, we weren't on the beach, but on a cliff. And a tall one. I guess it was at least 20 meters tall. The view from up here was beautiful. I walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down. I saw gulls fly below us. I could feel the wind and fresh air up here. Minho suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me into him "Don't stand so close to the edge" he said. He was right. It was dangerous standing so close. I hold on to his hand. I felt save holding on to him. Eunhyuk and Jonghyun threw rocks off of the cliff and looked as they hit the water. They tried to threw further than one another. Kyuhyun and Key sat on a big rock looking at those two. Me and Minho stood about 2 meters from the edge, looking out on the water. When I saw these guys for the first time, I never thought they would go to places like this. They didn't look like nature loving people. I guess I was wrong. It looks like they've been here a lot. Its weird to think, that I haven't known them for so long and by this short time, I've already....done it...with Minho. It's embarressing thinking about it. Even though...I wasn't regreting anything.

We left the park after a while. We drove in a long time before arriving to the last place Eunhyuk wanted to visit. It was a small town. It was started to get dark, so all the street lights were on. It didn't look like a modern town. It looked at little old. The others, beside Eunhyuk, seemed to complain about this place. "Why do you drag us here everytime we go somewhere?" Key complained. "Yah...I was born here. I love this place" Eunhyuk said. He was born here? This town? I really didn't expect that. We walked around in the town. There wasn't many people. It was so quiet. Actually pretty nice though. We agreed to meet by the cars later. We splitted up as couples. Jonghyun and Key, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun and me and Minho. Me and Minho walked to a small park nearby. I seemed like Minho knew where he walked. I guess he've been here before. We sat on a bench below a street light. "Minho...there's something I want to tell you" I mumbled. He looked at me "what is it?" He asked. There's no turning back, I'm going to tell him about my feelings. I peeked at him. He sat there, waiting for me to say what I had to say. "I..I..l-like...y-you.." I mumbled. "What? I can't hear you" he said leaning closer to me. I took a deep breath "I like you!" I said loud. He placed his hand on my cheek, turning my head to look at him and then kissed me. I looked at him with wide eyes. He pulled back "you finally said it" he said hugging me. "You don't know how much I wanted you to say it out loud" he said with a kind smile. I couldn't help myself smiling. I've finally said it to him.

We sat for a while. I had my head on his shoulder and he had his arm around me. Suddenly I remembered something. I sat up proberly "Minho...I just thought...what are we going to do from now on?" I asked looking at him. He looked confused at me "what do you mean?" he asked me. "About our parents. They are going to get married. We're going to become brothers and we can not be..." I interrupted myself. I could see he understood what I meant. He patted my head "Don't worry. We'll figure something out" he said. "But what? No matter how I look at it...there's no way out of it. As soon as our parents are married to each other, we'll be brothers and it's illegal for brothers to be, together" I said. He looked up at the sky. He sighed deep. This was a difficult matter. "Well...we won't be biological brothers. I don't know if that counts" he said looking at me. He was right. But still...we would be brothers..kind of. He stroke my hair "Let's think about that another time" he said calm. How could he be calm. When our parents are married, then we can't be together as we wish to. We sat in silence for a while. Then Minho stood up "we should head back to the car" he said "it's almost time." I nodded and followed him to the car. The others were already there. We sat in the car an drove all the way home. All the way I sat looking out the window, thinking about our situation. This wasn't good. How were we going to solve this? After an hour of driving, we arrived to me and Minho's house. Me and Minho walked to the door and the others drove away. I took the doorknob but Minho suddenly grabbed my hand. He turned me and kissed me. He pulled back "I wouldn't be able to do that as soon we enter that house" he said with a smirk. I smiled and we walked in. My mother met us in the entrance "Welcome home" she said happy. "How was the trip?" Minho didn't answer and just walked upstairs. Mother looked at him and then at me "did you have a fight?" she asked worried. "No. I guess...he's just tired" I said taking of my shoes. She smiled and patted my head "I understand. It was a long trip" she said and walked to the living room. I sighed. I couldn't tell her what actually happened on that trip. She doesn't even know that me and Minho like each other or the fact that I'm gay. I don't know when to tell her, but I guess it's for the best to keep it a secret for now. I went to the stairs "I'm going to bed" I said and went upstairs. I laid down on my bed in my new room. Even though I've only lived in this house for a weekend, I'm slowly beginning to get used to live together with Minho. Well, from the trip we just's not that difficult to understand. I'm together with Minho for far so good. Now ther's only one problem left....The marriage.

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