Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


14. The trip, day 2

(M rated for the adult mature)

The next day I woke up and saw that Minho wasn't laying beside me. I guess he's already awake. I could still remember the sound of his disapointed voice from yesterday. I felt bad just by thinking about it. I got dressed and went to the living room. It was so quiet even though the others ate breakfast. Nobody said anything. "G'morning" I said as I sat by the table. "Could you keep it down!" I heard Eunhyuk said from the couch. I looked at him and saw his pale face. "He drank to much yesterday and even the smallest sound is to loud for him" Jonghyun said. I looked at him and then took some breakfast. "Yah! I told you to keep it down!" Eunhyuk just complained from the couch. Jonghyun shoke his head still eating. Kyuhyun was quiet, just like yesterday and Key also ate without a word. I guess the respect that Eunhyuk isn't feeling so well. Or they just don't want to by yelled at. I looked around. No Minho. Where could he be? "If you're looking for Minho, he went to the town" Jonghyun said. I looked at him "Why?" I asked but none of them answered. I guess they didn't know either. "You guys are to loud!" Eyunhyuk complained again. Key suddenly stood up "Yah! If we're to loud, then go to your room and sleep there!" He said irritated. I got surprised. I haven't seen Key so irritated. He glared at Eunhyuk and when Eunhyuk looked back at him he seemed to be a little afraid of Key. Eunhyuk stood up and went to his room in silence. I looked at Key who sat down and begane to eat again. Another side of Key I haven't seen. I ate my breakfast in silence.

Later that day, Key decided to take me and Jonghyun to town to do some shopping. Kyuhyun stayed back to look after Eunhyuk. "Are you sure you don't want to come along?" I asked him and he just nodded. Then I went with Key and Jonghyun. "Don't take it personally. He doesn't talk much and if he can, he'll be alone with Eunhyuk anytime" Jonghyun said. I looked at him "Does he like him?" I asked. "Like him?" Key said and I looked at him "He has a huge crush on him. It's like, when ever Eunhyuk talks, Kyuhyun is looking at him and when Eunhyuk is talking to him, he blushed a little" he said. "Does Eunhyuk even know?" I asked. "I don't think so. I guess he's the only one who doesn't know" he said. I got all curious now "then how does Eunhyuk feel about Kyuhyun?" I asked. Key just laughed. "You're quite curious, aren't you?" Jonghyun asked with a smirk. "Yah! Just answer me already" I said. "I don't know actually" Jonghyun said "I guess he's just sees Kyuhyun as a friend. well, he didn't mention anything else" he said. I just nodded.

(Kyuhyun's POV)

I walked into the room me and Eunhyuk where sharing. He layed on the bed, half asleep. I looked at him and walked over to the bed. I sat on the edge looking at him. My heart beated a bit faster, just by looking at him. I felt all warm inside. He opened his eyes and looked sleepy at me "Why didn't you go with the others?" he asked me. "Someone has to take care of you, when you can't take care of yourself" I said with a smile. I blushed a bit by hearing him talk to me. If only he knew how much I cared about him. "I can take care of myself you know" he said standing up. Well, he kind of stood up. He felt down a bit and I caught him "I'm not so sure you can" I said supporting him. He looked at me and our faces was so close. I'm sure I was blushing like hell but still I couldn't take my eyes away from him. He stood up proberly but I still supported him "maybe I need your help" he said looking away "Can you help me to the living room?" he asked. I just nodded and helped him there. He sat down on the couch "How's your headache?" I asked. "Better" he just said. I nodded. "Could you get me some water?" he asked looking at me. I nodded and went to get him some water. Even though it seems like he's using me, I like to help him. I want to help him. I came back to the living room with some water to him. I gave him the glass and sat down next to him on the couch. He drank it all in one go. "Can I ask you something?" he suddenly asked me. "What?" I said looking at him. "Why are you always so kind to me? I mean, to the others, you're really quiet, but to me, you're like my servant. You do everythng I ask you to without complaining. I don't just feels weird" he said looking at me. We sat there looking at each other. It took some time for me to answer. "Well, there is a reason and you're actually the only one who doesn't know" I said biting my lip. he got all interested now "Why? Does everyone know, except for me?" he asked and I nodded. "Then tell me" he said eagerly. I swallowed once, gathered all my courage, looking at him "The reason is..~"  got interrupted by Minho walking inside "Oh you're up?" He said looking at us "where is the others?" he asked. "They went to town, shopping" I said looking at Minho. "At this hour? How long have they been gone?" he asked. "A while" I answered. "Aish.." he complained and left again. Me and Eunhyuk was once again alone. We both forgot about what i was about to say. Eunhyuk stood up "I'm going to bed again" he said and walked in there by himself. I still blushed. So yet, I haven't told him. I wonder, when will I tell him?

(Taemin's POV)

We walked around the streets. Then Jonghyun pulled me aside "Taemin, can't you walk on your own? I want to go alone with Key" he said. I looked a bit confused, but figured it out soon. I nodded and Jonghyun went back to Key. I walked in an other direction. I looked at all the stores. It was getting dark and the street lights where on. I wonder if I'll be able to find my way back? I looked behind me and luckily I reconised the street. There's no problem when it comes to find my way back. I walked around looking at every store on my way. Suddenly I heard someone call out for me. Well I guess he ment me. "Psst...kid!" I looked around and saw a scary man with a long black coat and a hat which made the shadows cover his eyes. I stood in a dark alley. I looked at hm "me?" I asked pointing at myself. "Yeah you. Come here" he said. I took a step backwards "I d-don't think so..." I said a bit scared. He suddenly grapped my wrist and dragged me in the alley. The alley was a dead end, so there was no way to run. I throwed me on the ground "wanna play?" he asked with a dark scary voice. "I..I don't want to play with you!" I said scared. "You got no choise kid" he just said. He took off his coat and then I realised, his upper body was naked. Was he going to do, what I think he would do? I got scared as hell. What was he going to do? How do I get away from him? He grabbed both my hands and held them against the wall. He took his free hand and touched my private area outside my pants. "N-NO!! D-DON'T TOUCH ME!!!" I yelled. I started to cry. The tears ran down my cheeks. He touched me futher "h-help me....MINHOO!!!" I yelled and then the scary man let go of me as I heard him fall to the ground. I opened my eyes and saw an angry Minho standing in front of the man. Minho kicked him "Don't you dare TOUCH him!" He warned the man angry. "M-minho?" I said still scared and looked at him with teary eyes. Minho turned around and looked at me with soft eyes. I ran to him and hugged him tight. He carefully layed his arms around me "are you okay?" He asked soft. "mm..." I mumbled and squeezed myself into him. "Let's go home" he said still with a soft voice. We held hands all the way back.

When we got back Jonghyun and Key was already there. When we stepped inside, Key came runing over to us "Taemin ah, are you okay?" he asked and I nodded. Minho let go of my hand and grabbed the collar of Key's shirt "Why did you let him walk alone!?" He asked angry. "Let him go Minho. It was my idea" Jonghyun said. Minho let go of Key and walked over to Jonghyun and slapped him. Jonghyun didn't do anything about it but receive it. "Stop it!" I said and Minho looked at me "it was kind of my fault too" I said "I shouldn't have agreed to walk by myself in a town I don't know" I said and a tear ran down my cheek. Minho walked over to me and took his arms around me. Key ran over to Jonghyun "are you okay?" he asked and Jonghyun nodded "yea..." he said. Key and Jonghyun walked to their room. Minho let go of me an walked to our room. I looked after him and whiped away my tear. I guess he's angry. Was he afraid that anything had happened to me? How did he know where I was? I felt so stupid. Agreed to walk around in a town I don't know alone. That was asking for trouble. I walked into our room and Minho sat on the bed with his back turned towards me. I closed the door and looked at him. "Ar..are you angry?" I asked careful. He didn't answer "I'm sorry.." I mumbled. Then he stood up and turned towards me "do you know how worried I was?" he asked. My eyes got teary again "I'm sorry.." I said and bowed my head down. He walked over to me and made me look at him. "What if something had happened to you? I wouldn't know what to do then" he said soft looking into my eyes. My heart beat faster " you like me so much?" I asked careful. He kissed me and then pulled back "I love you" he said all serious. My heart skipped a beat. I looked surprised at him. He doesn't only like me. He loves me? "M-Minho.." was all I could say. He hugged me tight "Don't get into trouble. I can't let anything happen to you" he said. I hugged him back "thanks for saving me" I said hugging him tight. This feeling was getting stronger. I really didn't know what to do if he wasn't there.

He dragged me over to the bed and layed me down with himself above me. He looked at me and then kissed my lips softly. It felt good. I was sure now. I like him. He always look out for me and protect me. He doesn't want me to be with anyone else. I felt so warm when I'm around him. He kissed me deeper and I kissed him back. He licked my lip, asking for permission to enter. Without thinking about it, I opened my mouth and let him enter. His tongue played with mine. It felt strange but in the good way. He put his hand up under my body. I pulled back "" I mumbled. He looked at me "that guy touched you. I want you to be only mine. I'm upset that I wasn't the first to touch you but I want to be the first to do it with you" he said so straight forward. I blushed "But..", "Please" he said begging. His eyes was so full of lust. I nodded slowly and he kissed me again. I didn't know what to answer. I like him too but I was scared. His hand played with my nipple. I let out small moans in between the kisses. He slide his hand down my body to my pants. He rubbed it outside my pants. I let out another moan. He took off my pants and touched it slowly. He was teasing me, again. I really hate when he does that. He started rubbing it. I moaned louder. It felt so good. I felt so embarresed. He took off his own pants and both of our shirts. I looked at him feeling really embarresed. "I want you, Taemin ah" he whispered. I gulped. I can't believe I'm about to do this right now. My whole body was shaking. He put a finger inside and I moaned loud. He slowly put another finger in. I felt pain and pleasure at the same time. he moved his fingers inside me and moaned. "M-Minho..." even my voise was shaking. "Does it hurt?" he asked. "A bit.." I said. "Should I stop?" He asked. I wanted to say yes, but at the same tme I didn't want him to stop. I shoke my head slowly. "Can I enter?" he asked. I blushed and felt hot. "C-careful..." I mumbled. He nodded and removed his fingers. He placed it in front of my entrance. He slowly pressed it in. I moaned loud. It hurts. I closed my eyes to the pain an grabbed the blanked. He grabbed my waist and pressed it the whole way in. I moaned in every move he made. He leaned down and kissed me. "Your inside is...warm.." he whispered in between the kisses. He started to move and I let out a moan from every move he made. The faster he moved, the faster I moaned. I felt really embarresed. I tried to hold in my moans but it was diffecult. I hold my hands in front of my mouth. "Don't. I want to hear you" Minho said, removing my hands and kissed me down my neck while moving faster. Minho got what he wanted. I moaned on every move. He moaned too to the moves he made. When I was about to come, he moved faster "M-Min-ho...I'm a-about to...AH!" I said between the moans. When Minho came I did too. He pulled out and laid down beside me. He breathed heavily. I looked at him and he looked at me. He smile satisfied and kissed me. "I love you, Taeminnie" he said and pulled me into him. That night we slept close to each other. I know that I like him but it feels like there's more into this. What is it? Could it

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