Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


13. The trip, day 1

Since it was friday, we went for the trip the gang was talking about. We went after dinner and Jonghyun drove the car. Well, we were six people, so Jonghyun drove one of the cars and Minho drove the other. I was in the car Jonghyun drove. It felt like we drove for hours, but it was only one hour. We came to a big house right next to the sea. There where only three bedrooms, so we had to share. Jonghyun shared with Key, Kyuhyun with Eunhyuk and that makes me share a room with Minho. I could tell by the look of Key that he didn't like the idea of Minho sharing the room with me. Even though he had respect for Minho, he said he was afraid Minho would hurt me. And not in the bad way. He actually called Minho a monster in bed. That made me laugh a little. But I guess he was right. I just thought of what he said last time we slept in the same room. He said that he wouldn't leave me alone if we slept on the same bed. Just thinking about that made me more nervous to share the room with him.

In every of the three rooms, there were only one double bed. So I guess we had to sleep on the same bed. I just hoped he would keep his hand for himself. Maybe if I told him to he would? But last time I told him not to do anything, it ended up with him telling his whole gang about our secret. It's only four people, but the point is that he broke his promise. Because of that, I still don't know if he's worth to trust. And if this continues, then i don't know if I can ever trust him. To be honest I really want to trust him. I hope that one day I will be able to.

Later that evening, we all went to the beach. Even though it was sunset, we played in the water. The darkness just made it more fun to play. You never knew when someone was behind you, plashing water on you or who was running right at you. We played for around one hour and then went inside. We all sat by the fireplace with a towel each. Eunhyuk had brought beers, we all could drink. "I'm so glad, everybody wanted to take on this trip" Eunhyuk said with a big smile. "We were all dragged by you" Jonghyun said. well, he was kind of right. I, kind of, was forced out here. But I didn't regret anything. This was awesome. "This is a little boring. Let's turn on some music" Eunhyuk said and turned on the music. We all had fun. Singing along with the music and danced. I guess Eunhyuk was the one who drank the most beers. Even though, his personality was almost the same. Everybody had fun. Or...I guess everybody did. I saw Kyuhyun walk outside. I walked after him and nobody seemed to notice. He stood outside, looking out at the sea. I walked over beside him. "Getting some fresh air?" I asked and looked at him. He didn't look at me but the sea "mm..." he just said. He didn't seem quite happy. "Is something wrong?" I asked him. "I guess...but it's no big deal" he just said, still not looking at me. Even though I didn't know him, I could see something was wrong but I wouldn't ask into it. He looked like he didn't want to talk about it. We stood there in silence for a while. Minho came out to us. "I understand why you went out here" he said and I looked at him "Eunhyuk is almost at his limit. And until then, I can't stand to be close to him. I'm waiting until he had calmed down." Minho looked out at the sea just like Kyuhyun. "Thanks for the warning" Kyuhyun said. I looked confused at him "what warning?" I asked. "About Eunhyuk" he just said and went inside again. I looked at Minho "Why is he always so quiet?" I asked. "That's just who he is. He doesn't talk much. Only when he's drunk, but he doesn't like to drink, so you can't help it" he said with a sighing voice.

Later at night me and Minho went inside to an empty room. The fire was turned off and only one lamp was on. "I guess they all went to sleep" Minho said walking over and turned the lamp off. I just stood there in the dark. I couldn't see much. Only figures. Minho walked over to me and places one of his hans on my waist and the other on my cheek. My heart started to beat loud. Couldn't he control himself? Couldn't he really not leave me alone? Suddenly I could feel his breath on my face. "M-Minho..?" I mumbled and then he pressed his lips on mine. I didn't push him away. I somehow liked this. My heart went crazy. I beated loud. Could he hear it? He pulled away from me and let go of me "we better get some sleep" he said and walked past me and into our room. I stood there in the dark for a while. Why do I keep letting him kiss me? Is it because of the deal we made? If we didn't do what he wanted, would he tell the whole school about our parents? So many questions and yet I didn't dare to ask him. I walked into our room and Minho was already in the bed. It looked like he slept. I took of my clothes and layed down on the bed next to him. I looked at him. I could feel i slowly began to blush. We layed on the same bed. So close. I reached my hand out and touched his back soft and careful. Suddenly he turned around and looked at me. I got surprised. "I..Sorry, I thought you were asleep" I said nervous as hell. "And I thought you wanted me to keep my hands off of you. But I guess what you really want me" He said and I could hear his smirk as he moved above me and turned me to lay on my back.

"You're really horny, aren't you?" He said. "N-no..I-I'm not!" I panicked. I was nervous as hell. Why couldn't I just keep my hands for myself? "Then, why were you touching me?" he asked. I couldn't answer that. I didn't know myself. He kissed me again and this time it was deeper. Did he really not want to leave me alone this time? Even though it was me who touched him first. I know it was my own fault but I didn't want this. He looked at me "are you afraid?" he asked. "N-no..."  said all nervous. "You are.." he said and i could hear the disapointment in his voice. He moved himself away from me and layed beside me with his back turned towards me. I looked at him. I could feel I was red. "If you don't want me to touch you, then don't touch me!" he said. I turned around so my back was turned towards him. We didn't say anymore that night. It took awhile for me to fall asleep. I kept remembering the sound of his disapointed voice. I felt bad at him. Perhaps he really likes me, just like he said. He really wants to touch me, but he doesn't because I don't want to. He doesn't want me to be around other guys without him knowing about it. He got jealous when Onew was visiting us. I guess I didn't take him seriously. I feel so bad about this. From now on, I'll give him a chance, no matter what happens!


The first day of the trip is over and who knows how their relationship will turn out?

Remember to read the next chapter :D

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