Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


11. The gang members

The next day I woke up feeling really tired. I walked downstairs. It was friday. My last day at school before weekend. I was so tired. On my way down my foot slipped and I was about to fall down the stairs but someone caught me. I looked up and saw Minho holdng on to my hips. He pulled me up so I stood by him. "Are you okay?" He asked and looked at me. "N-neh.." I said and turned around walking down the stairs again. This time without falling. "Thanks" I said on my way down. Minho followed along. We went to the kitchen to get breakfast. It was a silent morning. It felt like there were still hours left before school starts.

Finally it was time to get to school. when I entered the school garden I heard someone call out for me. I turned around and was expecting to see Onew but I saw someone else. What was his name again? "Yah, Taemin ah. What do you have for class today?" He asked while smiling. "Ah, Kibum hyung. Math. Why?" I asked. He ruffled my hair "I told you, call me Key" he said "since you have math, we're in same class then" he said and grabbed my hand "let's walk to class together" he said and start walking. I just followed along. That guy was strange but friendly. Was he really friends with Minho? Well, you can say alot about Minho, but he's good to pick out friends.

We entered the classroom and Key dragged me to his seat. "You sit next to me" he said and kind of put me on the chair next to him. "Key hyung, this is not were I'm surposed to sit" I said looking at him. "That doesn't matter. I deciede you sit there, so there's no problem" he said like nothing was wrong. A guy from class came over to my seat "Hey, new kid. That's my seat" he said. I looked at him and stood up "I'm sorry sunbae" I said and bowed once. Key stood up "Yah! You got a new seat" he said to the guy. Key suddenly changed. He was not the smiling guy anymore. Now he was a serious yet a bit scary guy. The guy looked at Key and it was obvious the guy had respect for Key. He bowed quick "I'm sorry. I didn't know he was your friend" he said and looked at me and bowed once "I'm sorry. Please have that seat" he said and went to where my old seat was. Key sat down and I looked at him while sitting down myself. Key looked at me and smiled once again "I told you. If anyone is bothering you, just call me" he said friendly. He was once again the friendly smiling guy. I smiled back at him. Even though it felt weird that people got respect for me, I kind of liked it.

The class started and finally I could pay attention to the class with no problem. Even though I thought about minho sometimes it didn't really borther me. I felt kind of happy thinking about those three words. Suddenly a note landed on my desk. I read it and it was from Key. 'Thingking about Minho?' It said. I looked at Key. He looked up at the teacher and pretented like nothing had happened. I wrote back: 'Is it that obvious?'  and throwed is at his desk. I saw he read it and a smile apperead on his face. He wrote something and threw it back. I read it: 'Neh! BTW, I have to take you somewhere after school' it said. I wrote back: 'Where?' and threw it back to him. Only a few seconds past and the note came back. I read it: 'Not telling' it said. I pouted. No fair. He'll take me somewhere but not saying where. Now I kept wondering where he would take me. It borthered me alot. There's still a whole school day left.

At the first break I looked at Key. "Key hyung, where are going to take me?" I asked. "I told you" he said looking at me "I'm not telling. You have to wait" he said with a smirk and left class. I looked after him. Still not fair. Well there's nothing to do about it I guess. I left class to attend to my next class. It was japaness. I walked into class and looked around. This was my first time having japaness lessons. I guy looked up and saw me. He waved me over. I didn't know what was going on but I walked over to him. "Hey, you're Taemin, right?" he asked. I nodded. "Sit next to me" he said and the guy next to him looked at him and complained "But hyung...that's my spot" he said. The guy looked at him "Yah! Don't complain. You're lucky I even speak to you" he said. How cruel. The guy next to him stood up, looked at me and went to another seat. The guy looked at me "have a seat" he said with a charming smile. I bowed a bit "Thanks" I said and sat down on the seat next to him. "Who are you?" I asked. I think I've met him before or just seen him at least. But I can't remember. "You've seen me before. I'm Kim Jonghyun. A friend of Minho" he said. So that's where I've seen him. In the cafeteria next to Minho. it makes more sense now. I'm sure he knows that Minho likes me and then he's friendly to me. "Who of the gang members have you already met?" he asked me. I looked at him "Only you and Key" I said. "You've met Key? Isn't he a nagging person?" he asked. Why did he ask med that?  don't remember Key being nagging at all. "Not so far" I said- "Wua...he must really like you then. Even though, he also nags at people he like. Maybe he sees you as someone who needs protection" he said. Do I need protection? Well, Minho protect me alot but even so. "Well, he did stood up for me in the math class" I said. Jonghyun nodded.

The class started. I tried to keep up, but it was difficult. Jonghyung threw some notes on my desk. I looked at it. It was helping notes. I looked at him and he looked at me. I parroted: Thanks. He just smiled and then payed attention to class. So did I. It got easier now with the notes beside me. It's hard to believe but just a few notes made me understand what the teacher was talking about. I caught up fast with the others. The class went by fast and it was already lunch time. Jonghyun left class first. I packed my stuff and went to the cafeteria. I met Onew there. "Ah, Taemin!" He called me. I looked at him and he walked towards me "Onew hyung" I said. "Where have you been all day? I didn't see you at the gate this morning" he said. " dragged to the class right away" I said. "Got dragged? By who?" he asked as we sat down by the table. "By Kibum" I said. Onew got wide open eyes "WHAT! By Key hyung!!?" he asked like it was unbelieveble. "Neh...I met him this morning and then he suddenly dragged me to class. We had math together and then he asked me to sit next to him even though another guy sat on that spot" I said. "Did he make a seat to you right next to him!? Then...he wants to be friends with you" he said. "I guess so" I just replied and started to eat my lunch. "Then what about second class?" he asked. "I had japaness together with Kim Jonghyun" I said. "Another gang member?" he asked all surprised. "I can't believe this...did he accept you too?" he asked all excided. "I guess so...he also made a seat next to him even though someone already had that spot" I said and looked at Onew. He was all excided " have a relationship with Minho..and now all the gang members are accepting you" he said. "Yah!! Keep it going on between me and Minho" I said. I could feel I got red just by thinking about it. "Nothing serious, you say? Then what did you two do at that time I caught you at your home?" he asked all couries. "Nothing. He was just teasing me" I said and looked away a bit embarrassed. So he actually caught me and Minho? But I couldn't tell him that something actually was going on.

Rest of the school day went by fast. I walked to the school garden and suddenly I heard a familiar voice call out for me. I turned around and it was Key. He walked towards me "Where are you going Taemin ah? I told you I have to take you somewhere" he said. "But..I think Minho will get angry, so I better not" I said. "No he won't. Come on" he said and dragged me with him. We walked for a while before we got to a little old building. I looked at it "where are we?" I asked. "At our meeting place" Key said.  What meeting place? And what does he mean by 'our'? He dragged me inside and I saw some guy sitting in here. One of them was Jonghyun. I didn't know the two others. I looked at them and they looked at me. "Hey, Taemin, you came" Jonghyun said with that charming smile of his. "I, kind of, didn't have a choice" I said. He smiled and walked towards the gang "He isn't here yet?" He asked. "Nope...but he said he's on his way" Jonghyun said. Key sat down between the others. I just stood there, not knowing what to do. An arm was placed around my shoulders "Why are you just standing here?" I heard a very familiar voice say. "You're finally here" one of the members, I didn't know, said. "I only hurried a little" he said. I looked at Minho "So it was your idea that Key should drag me here?" I asked him. "Of course it was. I thought it was time you met my guys" he said and dragged me closer to the others. "I've already met two of them" I said. He looked at me a bit confused "Two? Who's the other one?" he asked. He already knew that I knew Key. "Jonghyun hyung" I said. Minho looked at Jonghyun "When did you meet?" he asked. "At the second class. We had japaness together" he said. I looked at them. Minho looked at me "well, this is Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun" he said and pointed at the two other guys. I looked at them and they smiled at me. So this was the members I'm going to hang out with in the future? Minho's gang members. If anybody knew would my time in school be??

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