Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


7. Oh no, he didn't!!

The next morning I woke up and was alone in my room. Where was Minho? The cushions was also gone. I stood up and went downstairs. My mother was in the kitchen "where is Minho and ajussi?" I asked. My mother looked at me and smiled "Oh, goodmorning Taeminnie. They already left. Yungyeom had work to do and I guess Minho already went to school" she said. Went to school? Already? There is still an hour till meeting time. I went upstairs and got dressed, then went downstairs again to eat breakfast.

Went I arrived to the school, I stopped in the school garden. I sighed and blushed just thinking about yesterday. Then somebody bumped into my shoulder. "Yah! Watch it!" he said. I looked at him. He was just as tall as me. Did he go to this school? It's my third day and this is the first time seing him "But you bumped into me" I said. "You're the new guy aren't you?" He asked. I nodded and he looked carefully at me "He was right. You really are cute" he said suddenly. He? Who was he talking about? "Who said that?" I asked "and who are you?" "What do you mean who? I'm Kim Kibum, but call me Key" he said. I bowed "I'm T-", "No need to. I know who you are" he said and smiled. "You're Lee Taemin ah, Minho's new brother" he said. I stood there surprised. Have Minho told him? Even though I said he shouldn't? "Don't worry, I won't hurt you and if someone tries to, just call me" he said with a friendly smile. What a change of character. "Eh..neh.." I said. "See ya" he said and waved at me before he left for class. I waved back still pretty surprised. Then I feeled a hand planted on my shoulder "So, you just met Key." I recognized the voice. I turned around "Why did you tell him, when I told you not to tell anyone??" I said. I was pissed. Minho looked at me "relaxe, he won't tell anyone. He-", "let me guess. He doesn't dare to" I said like I was right. "No, he dares to. But he's my friend. And he does have respect for me, so he won't tell" he said. I sighed pissed and turned around and walked to class.

In class I couldn't concentrate. I kept thinking about that Key knew about me becoming Minho's new brother. What was Minho thinking? Telling someone about it the day after I told him not to. I can't believe him. I ruffled my hair. "Lee Taemin!" I heard the teacher call. I stood up "Yes?" I said. "Why aren't you paying attention?" he asked me. "I-I'm sorry" I said and bowed. "Sit!" he said and continued. I sat down. That was close. Onew looked at me "yah. What's wrong with you?" he whispered. I looked at him with a fake smile "ah. It's nothing" I whispered back and looked at my desk. I really should stop thinking about this and pay attention. But it was no use. My mind kept thinking about Key knowing. If he knew then maybe Minho had told it to others too? Maybe some other friends of his? I had to know.

In the lunch break I found Minho sitting in the cafeteria with his gang. I walked over to him "Minho. I need to talk to you" I said and looked at him. Both him and his gang looked at me. "Hey, there we have little Taemin ah" Key said with a smile. "Taeminnie, you've already met Key and these are-", "Not now Minho, I really need to talk to you" I said. "How rude" one of his gang members said. "Told you so. He can be rude. Even to his own big brother" Minho said with a smirk. Then I grabbed him and took him outside in the school garden. As we walked, the other students were starring at us and I could hear some of them whisper. I couldn't hear what the whispered about though, but I knew it was about me and Minho. I let go of him. "What now?" he asked. "Have you told your whole gang?!" I asked quite pissed. "Could you relaxe about this. It's only my gang and I don't keep secrets from them" he said explaining himself. "I don't care. You promised not to tell anyone at school and now four people beside us know!" I said. "Yah! I only promised not to tell, if you agreed to date me and you haven't, so technicaly I don't need to keep quiet" he said still calm. I looked around to make sure no one heard us. "So...the k-kiss thought it was for nothing?" I asked. "Did you really enjoy that?" he asked surprised. I looked way since I could feel I started to blush "n-no, b-but...That was me agreeing to secret date you" I said. He smirked "So, you really want to date me?" he said teasing. "Only in secret. And don't think I like you...I only date you in secret, so you can keep your promise" I said. "What's the fun about that? Remember I won't force you to do anything, you don't want to do. Like when you stopped me yesterday" he said. "As long we don't go that far...I can date you in secret" I said still not looking at him. "Cute" I heard him say as he placed his hand on my cheek and turned my head to look at him and then he kissed me. My eyes opened wide and I pushed him away. "Don't!! What if someone sees us?!" I said and walked to the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria I sat at the same table as Onew. I placed my arms on the table and layed my head above them. "Taemin ah, what's wrong with you?" Onew asked. I looked up "ah..nothing" I said and faked a smile. "Since I can see you won't talk about it, it's fine with me" he said. Even though, a few minutes after, "but what's wrong with you?" "Yah! If you know I don't want to talk about it, then why do you keep asking?" I asked him. "I'm just curious" he said and took a bite of his sandwich. I sighed "Sorry...but I really don't want to talk about it" I said. "I will tell you, when I feel like it" I said. He nodded and kept eating. Somehow I couldn't help myself from smiling of the way Onew acted. Always so curious that it almost makes me go crazy, but he does it in a way that I can't help but smile at it. "Yah, didn't bring any lunch?" he suddenly asked. Just now I realised "Ah! I forgot" I said and palmed my head. "Here, you can have one of mine" he said and handed me some of his "are you sure?" I asked. "Neh" he said with a smile. I smile and took it "Thanks" I said and ate it. I'm glad that I met Onew. He's always carring out for me when I can't carry out for myself.


I'm sorry that my chapters are so small.

But I won't make them to long that you get tired of reading them :)

I will still update everyday until the fic is done :)

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