Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


23. Mission impossible

(Key's POV)

I laid in my room, on my bed, thinking about what happened that night. Jonghyun was really serious and because I didn't believe him, he's mad at me. I gave myself a mission. I must make him say he loves me. I wanted to hear him say it. I wanted to hear it? My heart beated a bit faster, just thinking about it. I must truly have feelings for him, I just didn't notice before now. The question is, how was I going to do it? I had already tried, just by saying I wanted to hear it. That didn't help. I even did aegyo, but that didn't help either. This was like mission imporsible. 

The next day I woke up and got dressed for school. I met Eunhyuk by the school gate. He was happier than he used to be. Well, I've always thought that he was a strange guy. He was always happy and hyper sometimes, but this time was different. I couldn't describe how, but he was just happier than usual. "Morning Key" he said with his happy face. "Morning. Why are you so happy?" I asked him. He looked confused at me, "what do you mean? I'm always happy" he said like it was obvious. I glared at him "I know, but you somehow seem happier than usual" I said to him. "I can't hide anything from you, can I? How did you notice?" he asked me. "That's just my thing. But why are you so happy?" I asked. He sighed happy, "I finally confessed to the one I love" he said with a big bride smile. I looked surprised at him "your love? Since when did you fall in love?" I asked him, still surprised. Now it was him who gave me the glare. "You are saying it like, I'm not allowed to have a crush. But it's Kyuhyun" he said more calm. 

I got both surprised and shocked at the same time. " did Kyuhyun take it? He got happy, right?" I asked curious. He looked curious at me "how did you know? Don't tell knew he had a crush on me?" He asked me. I nodded "Of course I did. Everybody did actually. You were the only one who didn't know" I said. "How unfair" he complained. I guess he wanted to be the first one to know. What did he expect? It takes a lot of guts to confess to the one you love, which made me think of Jonghyun and his, kind of, confession. "It would have been more speciel, if he had told me first" he continued to complain. "Hyung, try to see it through Kyuhyun hyung's eyes. Maybe he was scared of, you rejecting him" I said to defend Kyuhyun. "That's ridiculous. I love him to. Why would I reject him?" he said. I sighed irritated. "He didn't know that. That's why he was scared" I said, trying to get him to understand. 

I arrived to my first class and I froze as I saw Jonghyun sitting by his table. Somehow, I got nervous. I thought about that night. What was I doing? Why was I nervous? I couldn't be! I had a mission, which I couldn't fail. I took a deep breath and walked to my table, which was beside Jonghyun. I saw he peeked at me, but then looked away. Well, this wasn't awkward at all. We both acted strange. We used to chat a lot, when we met for classes, but not this time. We both sat in silence. I didn't like that. I wanted a normal relationship with him. Well, as normal as it could be between us. Doing class, I peeked at him several times. I just couldn't help it. I was lucky that I didn't get in trouble for not listening to the teacher. Maybe he didn't notice I wasn't listening. 

The long, boring school day was finally over. I stood by the gate, waiting for Jonghyun. I knew he would be the last one to leave the classroom. I had to continue the mission and maybe even finish it. I didn't wait long before I saw Jonghyun walk out of the school building. "Jonghyun hyung!" I called out for him while waving at him. He saw me and waved back. Before I knew it, he stood in front of me and smiled. Wait..smiled? He was finally smiling! He hadn't smiled at me since the confession. I smiled happily back at him. "I missed that" I said. He looked confused at me, "what?" he asked. "That smile of yours. You haven't been smiling since..... that night" i said careful. His smile faded a bit, "about that...I think we should just forget about it" he said. Me smile disapperead, "what? Why?" I asked. He sighed, "you didn't seem to take me seriously and I don't want it to be awkward between us" he said. "It won't. I promise" I said kind of desperately. 

We started walking away from school. I looked at him "let's be together today. Just the two of us" I said. He looked at me, "you serious?" he asked. I nodded with a smile, "you wanted a date with me, didn't you? I'm free now" I said. He looked surprised, "are you sure it's not going to be awkward?" he asked unsure. "I won't let that happen. We're going to have fun today, no matter what" I convinced him. He looked unsure, "I'll give it a chance" he said. I smiled happily, "startng from now on, we are dating" I said and grabbed his hand. He got surprised, "w-what are you doing?" he asked nervous. "I want to hold your hand and I know, you want to hold mine too" I said. "'re right" he said, finally loosen up a bit. He closed his fingers around my hand and my heart beated a bit faster. Seriously? Just because of this? I guess I like him more than I thought. 

Since our school didn't allow us to wear our school uniform outside school, except on our way home, we had to go home to change. Jonghyun wanted to go home and change alone and then we would meet up later. I didn't agree to that. I wouldn't let him out of sight, so I followed him to his house. "It will only take a minute, so you can wait here" he said, walking to his room. There was no way I would let him out of sight, so I followed him to his room. "You really are following me around, aren't you?" He asked, looking at me. I smiled at him, "of course I am. I'm not letting you out of my sight. Remember, you love me" I said and saw his face get slightly red. He turned around, facing his back to me. He started to take of his school uniform. I sat down on his bed, just looking at him. He got a really good body. I've always loved that body of his. It makes me blush every time.

"Quit staring at me. It's embarrassing" I suddenly heard him say. I snapped out of it when I realized, I was staring at him. "Sorry..." I said with a calm voice. "By the way, you're drooling" he said, still looking at me. I could feel my head burn. I whipped my mouth, "how embarrassing" I said hiding my face. "How can you drool just by looking at me?" He asked. I looked carefully up at him, "don't you get it? I love you... Idiot I said straight out. His eyes got wide open "you... What? Are you making fun of me?" He asked. Didn't he believe me? Well it's fair enought... I didn't believe him either. "I'm serious" I said finally looking him in the eye and hoped he could see I meant it. He walked over to me, standing in front if me. My whole body burned. Was I really that nervous. "You're not lying" he said. "I'm not" I said honest. "Please...say you love me" I mumbled. He suddenly kissed me. I got surprised. He closed his eyes and forces his toungh in my mouth. My heart wouldn't stop freaking out. My body shivered. He placed his hand on my neck. He suddenly pulled back and looked me deep in the eyes. My heart stopped and it was like time froze, when I heard the three words I've been longing for. "I love you".

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