Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


22. Last problem solved

(Minho's POV)

When I woke up that moning, I was laying beside Taemin in his bed. Nothing happened last night though. What I remember from yesterday was that Ajumma had accepted me and Taemin's relationship. I was not so sure about my father. At the dinner table, he didn't look happy. He actually looked grumpy. To be honest, I've never seen him like that before. I always remember my father as a smiling and understanding person. Why change now? Because of the ruined wedding? I knew I had to talk to him sooner or later. I needed him to understand that I love Taemin and I want to be together with him. That couldn't happen if my father got married to his mother. 

There was still two hours left before school. I looked at Taemin. He looked so peaceful and innocent when he slept like that. I carefully kissed his cheek softly, then stood up. I wonder if my father was awake. I walked downstairs. I smelled something from the kitchen. Who was awake? I walked to the kitchen and saw my father making breakfast. His face looked kind of dead. "Appa?" I said and looked at him. He turned his head and looked at me. At the moment he saw me, he became grumpy again. I sighed "Appa, don't do this. Why are you so grumpy? Is it because of the wedding?" I asked him. I wanted an answer. He stopped was he was doing and turned to look at me. He still looked grumpy. 

"Minho ah, why are you doing this to me?" he asked. I looked a bit confused at him. "Appa...I love Taemin" I said. "Quiet! I don't want to hear that! you are ruining my wedding with a wonderful woman. You don't want your father to be happy? Are you only thinking about yourself? You've always done that, haven't you?" He yelled at me. I got surprised. My father never yelled at me before. "Appa, calm down. Of course I want you to be happy, but I want to be happy too" I said calm. "In this situation, only one of us can be happy and I'm sorry Minho ah...I'm going to marry her. You and Taemin will only be friends" he said harsh. 

I was just about to shout at him when we both heard Ajumma, "Yungyeom!" she yelled. We both turned towards her. "What are you saying to your own kid? You don't want him to be happy? Why do you think about yourself before your own child?" She asked him. Was she deffending me and not her future husband? "What are you saying? Of course I care about his happieness. But I really love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you" he explained himself. She walked over to him "Yungyeom...honey...we can live happely ever after even if we're not married. I said this to you yesterday. I love you too, but I can't marry you if it means my Taemin can't be together with his love" she said calm.

I just stood there, listened to both of them. From what I saw, it seemed Ajumma was more understanding than my father was. "Yungyeom, don't misunderstand me. I really want to marry you, but I can't if it makes Taemin unhappy" she said, trying to make him understand. "What about all our planings? Are we just going to throw them away?" It seemed like he still tried to get her to marry him. "We can still have a wedding party, then it will be like we are married" she said with a smile. My father sighed and looked at me. I looked back at him with a beggin gaze. "How much does Taemin mean to you?" he asked me. "He means everything to me. I love him" I said and peeked at Ajumma, who just smiled friendly. "I see" my father said. "If he means so much to you, then the marriage is cancelled" he said. 

Just then, Taemin appeared in the kitchen. "What do you mean by the marriage is cancelled?" he asked. We all looked at him. His mother just smiled "Minho, will you tell him?" she asked me. "I will" I said with a smile on my face. I walked over to Taemin. "Tell me what?" He asked. "Let's go upstairs" I said and dragged him with me before he could answer. "Minho..what's going on?" he asked on the way. "I'll tell you when we reach my room" I said.

We entered my room and I closed the door behind us. "Minho?" Taemin said confused. "Our parents won't get married" I said and kissed him. He broke the kiss and pulled back "won't get married? What do you mean? Why?" he asked. I sighed happy. "Your mother wants you to be happy no matter what and since we love each other, but can't be together if we are siblings, she decieded to not marry my father and just now my father agreed to it" I said happy. Taemin didn't look happy at all. "But..then my mother will be unhappy. I can't let that happen. My mother deserves more happieness than I do" he said. "Taemin, she loves you and wants you to be happy no matter what. She just said she will be happy even if she's not married. If you're happy then she will be happy" I said, trying to explain everything. "But Minho..", "Aren't you happy at all? We can finally be together, since we won't be brothers" I interrupted him. "Of course I'm happy about the two of us, but I feel sorry for my mother. I didn't want her marriage to be ruined because of me" he said. I hugged him tight. "Taemin...she agreed to it. It was her idea not to get married if you couldn't be happy" I said. He hugged me back. "I'm happy Minho" he said. Just hearing him say that, made me happy. Me and Taemin was finally going to have a normal relationship, without secrets and with no need to be worried. 

This was what I wanted for a long time. I still remembered the first time we met. Thinking about it, made me smile. He really couldn't stand me back then. He even spilt his lunch on me. I knew it was an accedent, but I was really pissed, but attracted to him at the same time. I had never imagen a guy could be that cute and innocent. He even protected Onew from me, even though he was afraid. Even though he's cute and innocent, he got some guts. At that time I totally fell for him, even if I didn't show it. I fought hard to make him fall for me. That's also why I didn't want him to be with other guys without me, not even Onew. Only a week has passed since I met him and I love him with all my heart.


A: I'm sorry to say it, but there's only 2 chapters left guys.

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