Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


18. Is that really him?

After school, me and Onew decided to meet at the school gate. No matter what, we were going to hang out today. I stood by the gate, waiting for Onew. "Taemin ah!" I heard a familiar voice call out for me. I turned around and smiled at a happy Onew, running to the gate. "Why in such a hurry?" I asked. "We have to get away from here before Minho knows anything about this" he said. He's right. Minho can't know. He'll just drag me away again. We both walked fast away from school, heading for his home. "Did Minho see us?" Onew asked looking back while walking. "I don't think so" I said and looked back too. I turned my head again and stopped "watch ou-" I didn't get to say any more, before Onew bumped into a tree. "There was a tree..." I said and walked over to him "are you okay?" I asked looking at him. He rubbed his head "OW!" he said, "yeah...I'm okay". "Perhaps you should've stopped before looking back" I said. He looked at me "how come you didn't bump into that tree?" he asked, "maby because I remembered to look forward again" I said. He pouted. We started walking again.

We soon arrived to Onew's house. It wasn't as big as Minho's. It was kind of at same size as my old home. We walked inside "I'm home" Onew said and took off his shoes. I did too. He walked in "Mom? I have a guest" he said, walking around the house. I just followed him. "I guess my mother isn't home" he said and opened the refrigerator "are you thirsty?" he asked looking at me. "No thanks" I just said. I didn't want to trouble him. He just looked at me "you sure?" he asked and I nodded. He closed the refrigerator and went upstairs. I just followed him. I went to his room. He threw his bag on the floor and sat down on the bed. I too, placed my bag on the floor, but sat down in a chair he had by his table. His room was pretty messy. Clothes were laying on the floor and a few books too. I didn't really knew, he read books. "When was the last time you cleaned your  room?" I asked, looking around. "Don't sound like my mother. She also asks me that all the time" he complained. I understand shy she does. I don't say that, the room should be 100% clean, but this...this is just to much. At least he doesn't have leftovers on the floor. "Enough about my room...what I want to know is that....since when have you been together with Minho?" he asked looking at me. I just knew that question whould come sooner or later. I hesitated. "Since...since the trip" I said. "I thought you hated him?" he said. He was right. Kind of. I never comepletely hated Minho, but I didn't like him either. "Well...not really...It's true that I didn't like him at first, but the more I was together with him, the more I realised, that I actually fell for him. I mean...he always protects me and I found out that he cares about me alot" I explained. "I can't believe it" he suddenly said. I looked confused at him, "what can't you believe?" I asked. "It's just....THAT Choi Minho, who is the school's troublemaker, started to like and protects his future brother, who just entered school. I don't seems like a fairytale. He never cares for anybody" he said.

Onew doesn't understand Minho. I guess he always sees Minho as a troublemaker and the true person he really is. Well...Minho's behavior didn't help either. He did act like a troublemaker. "You know what? Minho is a kinder person than he seems to be" I said looking serious at Onew, who looked like I was someone who speeked nonsense. "You're kidding right?" he just said. I sighed "No. I'm serious. I thought he was just a troublemaker, like you said when I entered the school. But when I got to know him more, he's actually very protective among his friends. He even cares about me, and he has only known me for a week" I said, trying to convince him. It didn't seem like it helped. "I still can't believe it" he said. "What do you wan't me to do? Prove it?" I asked. "That would help" he said. I sighed quite annoyed. Why couldn't he just believe me? I don't think Minho wants to prove that he's a kind person. He got respect at school and I don't think he want that respect to disappear. Even thoug, he did say that he doesn't care what others think, but that might not be quite true...what am  thinking? Why don't I believe in Minho now? My mind is a mess. I ruffled my hair. Onew looked confused at me "why do you look so frustrated?" he asked me. Couldn't he tell? I was frustrated. I looked at him "never mind"  said and gave up. "Then...would you prove it or not?" he asked. Why does he keep going? I have to change the subject. But to what? "When is your mother home?" Seriouesly? He looked more confused at me now. I understand him. "Eh...I don't..know...why do you want to know that?" he asked. I got no clue why. I just had to change the subject. I wish I had asked about something else. "Just couries" I just said. Yeah right....I'm not couries about that at all. 

After the awkward silence, we totally forgot about the topic we were talking about. Thank God for that. I got to know alot more about Onew than I thought. He told me about his father and mother being separated and he only lived with his father every second weekend. His mother worked as a hairdresser, at a mall and his father as a policeman in Gwangmyeong, which was where he was born. Since he was born, he has lived 6 different places. After his father and mother got separated, his mother and him had moved around alot. When they arrived to Seoul, his mother got a great job and Onew got new friends and then they decided to stay. Moving around 6 times in total...that's tough. When you think about it...his parents got separated when he was 7 years old and the past 10 years, he has been moving from place to place 6 times. I've only moved 3 times my entire life. When I was born, my mother and father still lived together but the year after, my father ran away with another woman and my mother couldn't afford the house alone, so we moved to a smaller one. Years passed and when I turned 17 my mother got a new job and we had to move to Seoul. The same week, I started at the new school. And now, I live at Minho's place. 

Time pasted by and we heard the door shot downstairs "Ontokki..I'm home" I heard a female voice said. Onew stood up "my mother is home" he said and opened the door "I'll be right back" he smiled at me before going heading for the stairs. I followed him "shouldn't I meet your mother?" I asked. He stopped and looked at me "well..if you want to...but I'm just telling her, that you're here. Oh! And don't tell her you" he whispered the last word. "Why not?" I asked. We heard his mother from downstairs "Ontokki..who are you talking to?" she asked. "She doesn't like homosexuals.." he whispered and walked down the stairs. So she didn't. That reminds me...I haven't told my mother yet. How will she react? I'm really couries about her reaction. And what about Minho's father? Just thinking about it, makes me nervous. I went downstairs to Onew and his mother. 

His mother stared at me when we came down. "Who's that?" she asked, looking at Onew. "That's Lee Taemin. My new friend from school" he said. She looked at me again and I bowed "Hello, I'm Lee Taemin, nice to meet you" I said. She smiled a bit "such good manners. You could learn from that, Ontokki" she said to Onew. "Umma..." Onew complained. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jinki's mother" she said with a friendly smile. I bowed once again, but short this time. "Such good manners" she repeated herself, "are you staying for dinner?" she asked. Onew looked at me and I peeked at him, then back at his mother. "I don't know if I can stay..." I said. "Of course you can. We got plenty of food. Enough for all of us" she said. I peeked at Onew "but..." I said. I could see Onew knew where I was heading at. "I don't think Minho would like it" I said. She looked confused at me "Minho? Who's that?" she asked. I hesitated. "His older brother" Onew said fast. "Not yet my brother, but soon" I said. His mother nodded. "Well..if your brother doesn't like it, then I guess you have to go home before dinner" she said, understanding. I nodded. She looked at Onew "Ontokki..we're eating in about 2 hours" she said and went to the kitchen. Me and Onew looked at each other "Does that meann, you're leaving soon?" he asked. I nodded "I guess I have to. You know Minho" I said and sighed. We went upstairs again. "Why does she call you Ontokki?" I asked him. "Don't...don't ask" he just said sighing irritated. 

Suddenly my phone rang. I picked up "hello?" I said. It was Minho "Yah! Where are you?! Why didn't you say, where you went?" he asked. I could hear he was a bit pissed. "Why does it matter to you where I am? Can't I visit friends without you knowing?" I asked him. "Why did you tell him?!" Onew asked fast. I looked at him. Crap! I shouldn't have told him. I could hear Minho sigh angry "visit? Who are yyou visiting?" he asked. "Just a friend" I said. "Who?!" he asked, getting more pissed. "Not telling!" I just said. "Come home!" Minho said. "Don't worry. I'll be home soon" I said. "No, where are you? I'm going to pick you up" he said. It's nice that he cares about me, but sometimes he cares about me to much. I sighed "near the school" I said. "Stay there. I'm coming. Tell me the adress" he said. "Minho, just...pick me up at school" I said. "Fine...but run to the school then! I'll be there soon" he said and hung up. I looked at Onew "I guess I have to go now" I said. He looked at bit confused at me, "is he picking you up?" he asked. I nodded. He got wide eyes. "You're not kidding, right?" he asked. "I'm not" I said and grabbed my bag. 

I went downstairs and Onew followed. His mother didn't notice us. I put on my shoes and opened the door. "See you at school tomorrow" he said with a smile. "Neh!" I said and smiled too. "See you" I said and walked out the door and headed for the school. To be honest, I'm a bit scared of the dark, after what happened that night. I ran towards the school and it only took a few minutes before I could see it. I saw a car holding by the gate and a person standing beside the car. I walked over to the gate and when I got closer, I reconised the person. He looked at me "where were you? I've waited for you" he said. "I came here as fast as I could" I said. He sighed angry. I looked at him "why are you so much against me visiting my friends?" I asked "I want a serious answer" I said. He looked me in the eyes "I'm just affraid that you'll get hurt when I'm not around" he said with a soft voice. "But..He's my friend", "but still" he said and touched my cheek. "I'm okay" I said looking at him. "Please let me go somewhere without you sometimes" I said. He sighed and let his hand fall down. "Please" I said and grabbed his hand. "Fine" he said, "but let me at least know where you're going" he said. "Promise" I said with a smile. He smiled back and moved his head closer to mine. He stopped a few inches from my face and looked directly at me. I closed my eyes, somehow allowing him to do as he wished. And he did. He pressed his lips on mine. I like his kisses more and more. Maybe it's because I'm getting more and more used to it. We went inside the car and drove home. 

On our way home, I thought about the marriage. I was happy for my mother, but at the same time sad because then I couldn't be together with Minho. "What are you thinking about?" I heard Minho ask, breaking my deep thoughts. I looked at him and he peeked at me sometimes. "Just...." I paused. I looked directly at him "Minho...what are we going to do? About the marriage, I mean? When we are brothers....we can't be together" I said. He sighed "I don't know" he said. "This is serious. After the marriage, we can't be together and I don't want that!" I said as Minho held for red light. He looked at me "I didn't know you liked me that much" he said with a smirk. I blushed a bit. Did I sound to eagerly? He laughed and kept his eyes on the road. "Don't worry...I'll figure something out" he said. "And if you don't?" I asked. He thought for a while "Then I'll take it as it comes" he said. His answer made me more nervous than before. We sat in silence once again. I still thought about the future. The marriage. Me and Minho. I really hope it goes well. How will both our parents react to that we are together or the fact that we are gay? I'm couries and affraid at the same time. 

We arrived to the house and we both walked to the door. I was about to walk in when Minho grabbed my hand and kissed me again. He pulled back "You won't allow me to do it inside" he said with a smirk and walked inside. I followed him. "We're home" Minho said and walked upstairs. Properly to his room. I walked to the living room where my mother and Yungyeom sat on the couch. My mother looked at me "there you are Taeminnie. Where have you been?" She asked. That's right. I didn't tell her either. "I was visiting On-..I mean..Jinki" I said. My mother smiled "How nice. But Taeminnie, next time...I really want you to tell me where you are going before coming home, alright?" she said. I nodded. She's a nice mother. She cares about me so much. Well..she is a mother and I am her child, so of course she cares. "I'm going upstairs" I said and headed for the stairs. "We're having guests for dinner tonight. They can be here any minute" Yungyeom said and headed for the kichen. I stopped and looked at my mother "who are they?" I asked. "They are Yungyeom's brother, his wife and their son" she said. "They're coming so we can talk about the wedding" she said smiling. I nodded and went up to my room. The wedding, huh? I'm still troubled. I picked up the clothes in the suitcase, which I hadn't unpacked yet. A note fell out from the pockets of my pants. I picked it up and read what was written on it. 

"If you want to know me better or even just talk to me, you are more than welcome to call me. My number is XX XX XX XX. - Siwon"

Siwon?! I remember. On the trip, I met him in the amusement park, where I forgot to lock the door to the toilet box I was in and he...I still get embarressed just by thinking about it. I put the note in my desk drawer and unpacked the suitcase. I sat down by the table and took the note again. I looked at it. Looking at the number. Who was that guy anyway? I took up my phone and wrote his number. I didn't call him, but texted him. 'Hello...I've forgotten about the note you gave me, until now. Sorry about that. Why did you give me your number? This is Lee Taemin by the way...if you remember..' I wrote to him and pressed the send button. I wonder if he really remember. I guess he did, because it didn't take long for him to reply. I read it: 'Lee Taemin? Of course I remember, but to be's you from the toilet, right?' He just had to mention it, huh? least he remembered. I wrote back to him: 'Neh...I'm that guy..' He was a quick replier. 'How have you been? I mean..your hyungs dragged you away from me. The weren't angry were they?''A bit...but I'm fine. They didn't brother, so everything is alright''That's good to hear. What are you doing right now?''I'm waiting...we're going to have guests for dinner tonight. It's my brothers cousin and his family'. 'How funny. I'm going to have dinner at my cousin's place, together with my family. My uncle is going to get remarried, so....' How weird. Sounded so familiar. I heard the doorbell from downstairs. I guess they were here. I stood up and went downstairs. I met Minho on my way. He ruffled my hair when walking past me. We stood near the front door when Yungyeom opened the door. A man smiled bride "Yungyeom-ah" he said happy. "Kiho hyung" Yungyeom said happy. So...Minho's uncle was the big brother, huh? "Come on in" yungyeom said and made space for them. Right after Kiho, a beautiful woman walked inside. She greeted Yungyeom with a smile. She looked over at us and smiled bride "Minho ah, You've grown" she said kind. Minho smiled at her "Ajumma..this is Lee Taemin. My future brother" he said. I've never heard him talk this polite before. She smiled at me "Nice to meet you" she said. I bowed "nice to meet you too" I said. She walked to the living room, where my mother was. "Come on in. Don't just stand out there" Yungyeom said to someone outside. I guess that was Minho's cousin. He came inside and I got bride eyes. Isn't that...?

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