Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


9. I thing I like him...

"Ehm..." was all I could say. I looked at him and he looked at me. Suddenly he grabbed me en held me against the wall. I looked surprised at him. "M-Minho?" I said. "There something I don't understand." He said. "what?" I asked still surprised. He looked me in the eyes. "You say you don't like me...but why do you keep being nervous around me?" he asked. Good question. I didn't even know myself. "I...I don't just happens" I said. "Are you sure you don't like? Or have you developed emotions for me?" He asked. I could see he didn't teas me this time. He was actually serious this time. "When I find out..." I said looking down "..I'll tell you" I mumbled. He let go of me and still looked at me. "Just don't let me wait for to long" he said and walked out the door. I just stood there. I sighed deep in relieve. I've never been this nervous before. I layed my hand on my chest. I could feel my heart beat fast. Did I really like him? Or was this just some reaction to him teasing me.

When I've calmed down I went downstairs. My mother sat on the couch and Yungyeom was in the kitchen making dinner. I looked around. No Minho? "Where's Minho?" I asked my mother. She looked at me "he went out with some friends and won't come home for dinner" she said smiling. "Have you got any friends, Taeminnie?" she asked me. "Eh..yea, one" I said. "Really? That sounds great. You should invite him home someday. I really want to meet him" he said gently. "Ah, me too, Taemin ah" I heard Yungyeom say from the kitchen. "I don't think Minho want any of my friends home" I said and sat on the couch. Yungyeom came into to the living room where we were. "Don't mind him. He'll get used to it. Ah, why don't you invite him over here right now?" he asked with a friendly smile. I looked at him "Now?" I asked. He nodded happely "Yes. Invite him for dinner" he said still happy. I looked at my mother and she just smiled like it was a good idea. It's true that Minho wasn't home right now. But what will happen when he comes home? Maybe I could just make sure that Onew was out of the house before Minho came home? I guess that's okay. I stood up "If you're sure about it, then I'll invite him over" I said. Yungyeom nodded with a smile and went out in the kitchen again. I smiled and went upstairs.

I called Onew. It didn't take long before he picked up "Hey Onew, It's Taemin. I was wondering if you would come over right now for dinner?" I asked. 'Really? But didn't you have guests today?' He asked. "A change in plans. I'm visiting my future father and he approved to invite you over for dinner" I said. It went silence for a moment. 'If you tell me the address, I'll be on my way' He said happely. I told him the address and hung up. Now I surely hope Minho doesn't get home before Onew is gone. I don't think Minho would like to find my friend in his house. I went downstairs. I went to the kitchen "Ajussi, you're sure Minho won't be home for dinner right?" I asked. He looked at me "well, that's what he said. But if he's coming home ealier, I don't know" he said. I get a little nervous. "Taemin ah, s something wrong?" He asked me. I looked at him "Eh..I just don't think Minho like my friend and I don't want Minho to throw him out" I said. He smiled "Don't worry. Minho won't throw him out. I won't let him do that to my Taemin ah's friend" he said friendly. I bowed "Thank you Ajussi" I said and went back to the living room. How come Minho is so mean and his father is so kind? Was it Minho's mother who was the mean one? Or is he just like that?

The door bell rang and I opened. Onew stood in the doorway with a bride smile. "Come on in" I said with a smile and let him in. Onew took of his shoes and went inside. We both walked to the living room. When we saw my mother, Onew bowed "Hello, I'm Taemin's friend, Lee Jinki. Nice to meet you" he said with a smile. My mother smiled at him "I'm Taeminnie's mother. Nice to meet you" she said friendly. "Yungyeom ah, Taeminnie's friend is here" she called. Yungyeom came into the living room and Onew looked at him "Oh? Aren't you the school president?" Onew asked Yungyeom. Yungyeom nodded "Are you one of my students?" he asked happely. "That's great. Then you most know Minho?" He asked all excided. "I..ehm..don't speak with Minho at school" Onew said carefully. Yungyeom dropped his smile "How come?" He asked. "Eh...I..--", "-Because of me!" I interrupted. Yungyeom looked at me "Taemin ah? Are you refusing Minho to meet your friends?" He asked. "No...I just want to get used to Minho, before telling others" I said. That was not quite true. But I couldn't tell him it was because I didn't want anyone to find out. If he knew what we thought about Minho, he would be sad for sure. Yungyeom nodded "Ah, I understand" he said and smiled once again. "Dinner is ready soon, so don't run far" he said and went to the kitchen.

"Can I see your room?" Onew asked. "I don't own a room here, but I can show you the room I'll be staying in tonihgt" I said and went upstairs with Onew right behind me. We went into the room where I was surpose to sleep in tonight. Onew looked around then turned to face me "You didn't tell me your future father was Minho's father" He said. "How did you know he was Minho's father?" I asked. "Everyone in the school know that Minho is the son of the president. Why wouldn't you tell it?" He asked. "I couldn't" I said. "If anyone found out, then maybe they would be affraid to go near me" I said and sat on the bed. He sat next to me "Why should they?" he asked looking at me. I sighed. "If they found out then they'll be affraid I'll call Minho to beat them up" I said looking down. "They would only be affraid if really did call Minho to beat them up. They wouldn't be affraid before it happens" he said. It was exactly the same Minho said when he asked me the same question. Maybe they were right. But I just couldn't take that risk. "But still" i sad and turned to face Onew "Please, don't tell anyone at school!" I begged. He smiled and ruffled my hair "don't worry I won't tell anyone" he said. I sighed in relieve "Thanks" I said with a smile. Suddenly the door went up and Minho stood there. He glared at Onew "What are you doing here?" He asked. He didn't sound happy. I stood up "Minho leave him alone! It was your father who gave me permission to invite him for dinner" I said. "Since he's only invited for dinner, then he has to leave right after!" He said. "I-I'm going to the bathroom" Onew said and hurried out there. I looked pissed at Minho "Why are you like this? Don't you want me to get any friends?" I asked. "As long they don't get close to you. i don't want you to like anyone else but me!" He said and looked serious at me. I froze. Minho was really serious about this relationship between us. "Min-Minho..?" I was shocked. He walked right in front of me "Taemin ah.." he said soft and took my hands. He looked me in the eyes "I like you" he said all serious. I froze, looking him in the eyes. So, this is real...actually like Minho...

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