Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


19. I love you

I looked surprised at Siwon. He greeted Yungyeom and looked over at us. His eyes got wide "Lee Taemin?" He said and walked over to us. I peeked up at Minho and just as I thought, he didn't look happy. He looked at me "Do you know him? Since when?" He asked me. I looked down "eh...since the trip.." I mumbled. Minho looked at Siwon, "where did you meet?" he asked. Siwon looked at Minho, "to be the toilets at the amusement park" he said. "The Toilets?!" Minho got pissed. "It was an accident, actually" Siwon said. "How an accident?" Minho asked more calm. I looked at Siwon "you don't have to tell him" I said. Minho and Siwon looked at me. "Why not?" Siwon asked. "Because, it doesn't matter how we met...we were going to meet anyway" I said. "But.." was all Minho could say before I interrupted, "Minho...please" I said looking at him. I gave him my puppy eyes, I don't use so often. He hesitated and then sighed. "Fine.." he said. "You're already this close?" Siwon asked and we both looked at him. "Haven't you only known each other for a week?" he asked. Minho sighed irritated, "is there something about this family you don't know?" he said irritated. "Same old cousin. You still get pissed easily" Siwon said. He doesn't help it either. Somehow I understand Minho get's pissed, when Siwon pushes it so much. 

We all went to the living room. Our parents were talking about the wedding and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to end. I started to hate the wedding more and more. But I couldn't do anything about it. I didn't want the wedding to happen, but I didn't want to see my mother get sad either. I really don't know what to do. It's so frustrating. Suddenly I fell Minho's hand in mine. I looked surprised at him and he looked softly at me. He leaned closer to my ear "I don't want to see you like's going to end here" he whispered and pulled back. I still looked confused at him, just wanting to know what he ment. He looked at our parents and gulped. I didn't like where this was going at. He let go of my hand and stood up "I can't let this happen!" he suddenly said and our parents looked at us. All confused. "Minho ah, what do you mean?" Yungyeom asked. Minho looked at him "Appa...I don't want the marriage to happen!" he said straight out. What was he doing?!? I got really nervous. My hands shaked and my heart beated fast. Yungeyom stood up "Minho ah, what are you saying? How come you don't want the marriage to happen!?" he asked still a bit confused. Minho took a deep breath "If you get married with her..." he paused. No..I don't want this. What is he doing. I stood up "Minho! Don't!" I said. They both looked at me "Taemin..." Minho said. "Minho...I don't want this" I bit my lip. "I don't want my mother to be unhappy.." I said and looked down. "Taeminnie..." I heard my mother say. Minho turned towards me "But Taemin...I don't want you to be unhappy" he said soft and touched my cheek. I blushed by his word but pushed his hand away. 

"Minho ah, what is going on here?" Yungyeom asked. Minho turned towards Yungyeom again. "Appa...I love Taemin" he said straight out. I got wide eyes and my mother gasped. The others were quite surprised and shocked too. "L-love...but he's your brother!" Yungyeom voice got a little louder. "I know...but we're not blood related. If you don't marry and Taemin can be together" he said. Yungyeom didn't know what to say. Suddenly Minho sat down on his knees "Appa..Please" he was..beggin his own father??? Minho didn't look up. He kept looking at the floor. "Minho ah, stand up" his father said, but Minho just sat there without moving. "Minho ah!" Yungyeom said. "Appa, please" Minho just said, still not looking up. "Minho ah, stand up!" Yungyeom said again, but this time, Minho placed his hand on the floor and bowed the whole way down. That actually shocked me. I've never seen Minho like this. And to his own father. My mother sat down beside Minho, lifting up his head "Minho ah, please stop" she said kind. Minho looked at her now sitting up properly. "Ajumma...I love your son" he said honest. She placed a hand on her chest and looked up at me " you love him too?" she asked careful. I gulped a bit, then nodded "I..I do.." I mumbled. My mother stood up, looking at me. Her eyes got teary. "Excuse me..." she said and walked upstairs. Great. I didn't want any of this to happen. Minho stood up and looked at Yungyeom "Appa..." he started, but got interrupted by Yungyeom "Minho ah, why didn't you tell me?" he asked. "I didn't knew Taemin back then" he answered. Yungyeom shoke his head "not that I mean. Why didn't you tell me, you were to men?" he asked. It got silent for a bit. "I didn't know myself" he said, looking down. "Arreso..." Yungyeom nodded. He looked at Siwon's parents "I'm sorry about this. Excuse me" he said and when upstars. Properly to my mother. 

Minho turned towards me. It got silent. "Minho ah..." we suddenly heard Kiho said. Minho turned towards him and bowed once "I'm sorry about this" he said. Kiho stood up and placed a hand on Minho's shoulder. They looked at each other "I've always admired your honest soul. But let me be honest with was not the best time to tell your father" he said. Minho looked down. Siwon stood up "Appa-nim.." he said. Kiho looked at him. "Don't say that to Minho. You've always told me to be true and honest to yourself. Minho did something, I didn't dare to do back then" he said. "Siwon..." His mother said. Siwon looked at his mother "Umma...I don't want to get married" he said. Was he engaged? To who? His mother gasped. Kiho let go of Minho and looked at Siwon "what are you saying, boy?!" He asked, "your mother did all she could to make you happy and now you back out?" he said. His mother stood up "Siwon...why won't you get married?" she asked. "I don't love my fiance. There's someone else I love...please let me marry her instead" he said and bowed. "We talk about this back home" Kiho said and looked at Minho "Please tell you father that we are sorry...but we'll leave early" he said and Minho bowed his head once. Siwon and his parents went to the front door. We followed them out. They left. I sighed and looked at Minho "Why did you tell them?" I asked and walked to the stairs. He grabbed my hand "I did it for you. I knew you didn't like the idea of the marriage. I didn't want to see you sad" he said. My eyes got teary "Oh yeah..." I said and looked at him "then how do you think it went?" I asked him and get loose from his grib and went upstairs and into my room. 

I don't know if I have the rights to get mad at him. He did it for me. But my mother got sad about it. I don't know anymore. I sat in my bed, pulling my legs in my arms. Minho loves me and I love him. If our parents got married, we couldn't be together. I knew, that's why Minho did what he did. But at the same time he made my mother sad. Well...I kind of did too. Maybe I just overreacted. ARGH!! What have I done?? I ruffled my hair in frustration and laid down on my bed. Suddenly my door opened "Go away, Minho!" I said and the door closed. Did he leave? "Taeminnie..?" my mother said. I sat up looking at her. "Sorry..I thought it was Minho.." I mumbled and sat up properly. She sat down on the edge of my bed. She looked at me. "Are you mad at Minho?" she suddenly asked. I looked at her. Could she tell? "I..I don't know.." I said. "Don't be" she said soft. "He didn't do anything wrong" she stroked my hair. "But..he made you sad..?" I said. "I'm not sad...I'm surprised", " left the living room..?" I was a bit confused. What was she trying to tell me? "I was surprised by the sudden news. I've never imagen to have a son that was gay" she said gentle. Could she be more straight forward? "If it means so much to you...then I won't marry Yungyeom" she suddenly said. "No Umma!" I said. "You can't back out of the marriage just because of me. I'll feel guilt" I said, getting a bit frustrated. She just smiled gently, "Taeminnie, you are more importent to me than myself. If you can't get happy because of me, then I'll feel guilty myself" she said smiling. Was she telling me to be together with Minho? I've never imagen my mother accepting it so fast. "What about your marriage then?" I asked. "I'll talk with Yungyeom about it. Don't you worry" she said and stood up. "Should I call Minho for you?" She asked. I hesitated. Maybe now isn't the best time to talk to Minho. He's properly angry at me. "Don't. I want to be alone" I said. She smiled and nodded then left the room, closing the door behind her. 

I sat there in silence. I guess I need to apologize to Minho. I just don't know how. He's properly mad at me.  understand why. I would have been mad too. I scolded him, when he just stood up for me. He did all this in order to make me happy. And what do I do? I get mad at him. I feel guilty. Should I go to his room? Should I apologize right away? I don't know if I can do it. Before I knew it I stood outside my own door. I hesitated. I have to do this. Stand up and apologize to him already. I heard steps on the stairs and I turned around and grabbed my doorknob. "Taemin?" I froze. To late. Minho walked over to me. My heart beated fast. "Taemin i need to talk to you" he said. I turned around and looked at him with a fake smile "It's okay..there's no need to talk" I said. "Yes there is" he said and grabbed my hand and dragged me inside my room. He locked the door. I just stood there. "Minho..I really don't want to talk.." I said looking away. He stood in front of me "Taemin..what happened before..I'm sorry, but I couldn't bear to see you like that. I didn't want to hurt you and I didn't want to make you cry...Taemin please, I'm so sor-" I places my lips on his before he could say any more. I pulled slowly back. He looked at me "Taemin.." he mumbled, almost whispered. "Don't apologize. I should be the one to do so" I said and hugged him. "I know why you did it. I just got mad because I saw my mother cry..and I didn't want her to be unhappy" I said and tightened the hug. He pulled me away, holding on to my shoulder. He looked at me "I love you, Taemin" he said. My eyes got teary. "I love you too" I said and he kissed me. My heart beated faster. 

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