Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


5. I admit it

That day went by fast. I'd hoped it would last a little longer. The shorter the days are, the sooner I'm going to meet up with Minho. I saw him at the school gate. I tried to ignore him but of course he saw me. "Taemin ah, Let's go home together" he said with a smirk. "I'm walking on my own. Besides we don't live together" I said and speeded up to get away from him. He just caught up with me "but we are going to" he said. I looked at him "we're what?" I asked and hoped I've heard wrong. We both stopped. "We're going to live together when our parents get married. Didn't you know?" he said and looked at me. "Is this nightmare ever gonna stop?" I complained and looked the other way. "It wouldn't be a nightmare if looked at it in another way" he said. Yeah right. Like I can. After all that happened I can only see it one way. A true nightmare. I sighed and continued to walk. Minho still followed me. "Why are you following me?" I asked. "Who said following you? I'm going this way too" he just said. Somehow I didn't believe him. It felt like he just didn't want to leave me or he was just teasing me again.

He followed me all the way to my house and even walked in with me "Yah! You can't come in!" I said. "I have to. My father is in there" he said. "Your father? Why should he?" I was confused. "The marriage. Are you denying this so much, that you forget all the time?" he said. I didn't say anything and just walked in. "I'm home" I said and took my shoes off and went to the living room. A strange man sat on the couch with my mother. "Ah, Taeminnie. This is my future husband." The man smiled "Hello Taemin, I'm Choi YunGyeom, nice to meet you" he said friendly. I bowed "Hello, nice to meet you" I said. "Do you have Minho with you home?" He asked. "Huh? Minho? He kind of followed me.." I said. Minho stepped in the living room "Hey appa" he said and leaned against the wall. "Minho ah, don't just treat others home like your own" Yungyeom said. "It doesn't matter. We're going to be a family anyway" my mother said kind. I didn't like to compare the word family with Minho. "I'm going to my room" I said and walked upstairs. "Yah! Taeminnie!" My mother called me but I ignored her. "I'm sorry, he just left" she said. "It doesn't matter, maybe he's just not used to the marriage yet" Yungyeom said.

I layed on my bed, looking at the ceiling. It knocked on my door. "What?" I just said and the door opened "Yah! You're pretty rude, aren't you?" It was Minho. I sat up looking at him "what do you want?" I asked. "My father said I should go op here to make sure you was alright" he said and closed the door. "I'm fine. Do you need anything else?" I said a bit pissed. "Actually, yes I do" he said and walked closer. "What now?" I asked. "I want you to accept my offer" he said. "What offer?" I asked and he crawled on the bed to me. I looked away "who said, you could just crawl in my bed?" I said. "Remember what I said in the school garden this morning?" he asked looking at me. I thought back to ealier. He did say something about telling the school about our parents or that I should....No way!! Did he really mean he wanted to date me? That can't be!! "I choose none of them!" I said and looked at him. "Then I have to deciede" he said. "And if you don't want to date me, then I'll tell the school about our parents" he said with a smirk. That bastard. He's forcing me to date him? "Don't tell them!" I said and grabbed his collar. "Why?" He asked "Why are you so affraid the school would know?" he asked me. "If the school finds out, then they won't be around me because they are affraid of you. If they know I'm your future brother, then they'll just think, I would just call you to beat them up" I said. "What a lame excuse. That won't happen. Only if you call me to beat them up once, then they'll be affraid" he said. "I don't care. Don't tell anyone!" I said. "If you don't want me to tell and don't want to date me, then I only have one condition" he said. "What is that?" I asked. "You date me in secret, then no one will know. Not even our parents" he said and leaned closer. "No way!" I said and leaned away from him. "Then I'll tell" he said. I looked at him with a pissed look. "You bastard" I said and let him come closer. His lips slightly touched mine. I shut my eyes closed. Then he pressed his lips against mine. How did I end up like this? And why me? Couldn't he had chosen someone else?

He got off me "Our parents are waiting" he said and walked out the door. I took my pillow and pressed it against my face. My mind is a mess. I stood up and walked downstairs. Minho sat on the couch. My mother was in the kicthen and Yungyeom sat next to Minho. I sat down in the armchair and took out my phone. Onew had texted me 5 times. He was curious about me and Minho's 'kind of' relationship. I texted him that there really was nothing. Of course it was a lie. But I didn't want him to find out. I didn't even want to be a part of it. But of course Onew kept texting about how cool it could be to date Minho. He didn't know how wrong he was. Dating Minho is a nightmare. Just to know him is a nightmare. He's becoming my brother and now he wants us to date in secret, just to make me a little happy. What a joke. He's just teasing me as always.

My mother put the food on the table "dinner is ready" she said and we all gathered around the table. "Taeminnie, Minho is sleeping in your room tonight" she said. I dropped the fork on the table "What?! Why?!" I asked. "We only have two bedrooms and both of them are going to stay for the night" she said. "I don't have anything against it" Minho said kind and looked at me with a smirk. 'Idiot' I parroted to him. This wasn't fair! Minho could just sleep on the couch. Why did he have to sleep in my room? Or even better, he could sleep on the roof. Then he wouldn't bother me.

I ate up "Thanks for dinner" I said and went to my room. I layed on my bed again. If we're going to live together, then I want my own room with a lock on it. Minho just stepped inside my room "Yah. Since you don't have an extra mattress, does that mean I have to share the bed with you?" He said with a teasing voice. "No way!" I said and pressed the pillow against my face. "Don't be like that. You're going to die if you keep the pillow there long enough" he said and sat on the bed. "Can't you sleep on the floor?" I asked him and removed the pillow. I looked at him. "Why should I sleep on the floor? I'm the guest. If anyone should sleep on the floor, it should be you" he said. I throwed the pillow at him "It's my bed" I said. He took the pillow and throwed it back at me "Be nice to your future big brother" he said. "I don't even like the sound of it" I said and ruffled my hair. "Do you hate me that much?" He asked suddenly much kindlier. He looked me in the eye. He really did want an answer. "I only hate the way you are" I mumbled and hugged my pillow. "Does that like my look?" he said teasing and again I threw the pillow at him "Yah! Who said that? Besides, a jerk can look good" I said. He laughed and looked at me. "You know, I like your personality. It's cute" he said. So straigh forward. "S-shut up" I said and looked away. I have to admit it. He looked really cool. He was really good looking. But I couldn't tell him that. I sighed "Fine, you can sleep in my bed. But stay at your own site of the bed. And don't touch me!" I said looking seriously at him. He smirked "I can't promise to leave you alone" he said softly touching my cheek....

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