Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


21. Don't do this to me

(Key's POV)

When the movie was done, the four of us split up. Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun walked one way and me and Jonghyun walked another. We talked about the movie while walking. I couldn't help myself, but stop at some shops to look what they got. I knew Jonghyun hated when I did that. But I couldn't help it. "Come on Key...let's just go already" he complained. "Yah! You know I have to look at least once" I just answered. I heard him sigh. That made me giggle a bit. I like when I make him irritated. "I promise to shop with you sometime, if we just can get going now" he complained again. I didn't answer him, I just shoke my head. 

He suddenly grabbed my wrist and dragged me away from there. "Yah!" I complained and tried to get loose. It didn't help though. I wasn't really strong. I didn't exercise, like the others did. Even the quiet guy, Kyuhyun, exercised. I guess, I was just not that kind of guy. I wasn't really interested in sports either. When the others was doing sports, I was sitting alone in the sideline and listened to music. When they went to exercise, I just danced. Mostly I danced to songs from girl groups and was good at it. 

"Jonghyun let me go already!" I complained to him and he did as I said. He let go of my wrist and looked at me. "What was that for?" I asked looking at him. "Sorry...I just hate when you stop and look at shops" he said. "I can't help it" I just said. We started walking again. We walked in silence. Jonghyun was the one to break the silence. " you want to go out...someday?" he asked. It was clear that he was nervous. I looked at him "why so nervous? Sure I want to" I said with a smile. A big wide smile appeared on his face. Why was he so happy about this? We hang out often. "Then..should I ask the others to come along? Or will you?" I asked him. His smile faded. "I want to go out with you and only you. Alone" he said with a serious face. 

I looked confused at him. "Only me? Then what about the others?" I asked him. "Please. Just go out with me alone" he, kind of, begged me. It suddenly crossed my mind what he meant. " you mean like...a date?" I asked him with wide open eyes. I saw him blush a bit. That surprised me. I've never seen Jonghyun blush before. It maked him look cute and innocent. He was always this strong and cool guy, now he totally changed. Then he nodded "yes...Please date me" he said. I couldn't help but to laugh. That didn't make it better. "Yah! Don't laugh! I'm trying to be serious here!" he shouted. "S-sorry...this is just not like you at all" I laughed. "Do you think I'm joking?" He asked. I nodded "actually...yes" I said, calming down. 

He sighed mad "You know what? Forget it! You clearly don't take me seriously" he said and started to walk faster away from me. What was his problem? Wait a it posible that he meant what he said? If so, then...Oh no! Kibum you idiot. I ran after him "Hyung, wait!" I shouted but he didn't stop. Instead he started to run. I tried to keep up with him. "Hyung stop!" I shouted. I guess he heard, because he slowed down. I caught up with him, catching for my breath. He wasn't looking at me. He crossed his arms. "Hyung....I'm sorry. I thought you were joking. I've never been like that before. It was were a total different person" I tried to explain myself. He just sighed mad, still not looking at me. I guess he was really mad. He must've been really serious about this. But why? I don't get it. "Hyung least look at me" I begged him. 

He sighed again and turned to look at me. I looked him in the eyes "Hyung..I'm sorry" I said honest. His expression didn't change. He still looked mad. "I'll go out with you" I said. "Do you believe me then?" He asked. I hesitated on that one. I still don't know if I believe him or not. This seemed so unreal. He turned around again and started to walk away. "Wait!" I said and grabbed his shoulder. Then he grabbed my hand and placed it on his chest. "What are you.." I didn't get to say anymore before I could feel something beating inside his chest. His heart. It beated so fast and loud. He was serious. I looked at him. "You...I believe you" I said with a low voice, almost whispering. " you me?" I asked carefully. He nodded "I do" he said. I felt warm inside. My heart beated faster. So this was how he feeled. "I want say it out loud" I said, looking him in the eyes. He gulped. "I...I.." He seemed nervous. But I wanted him to say it out loud. 

He let go of my hand annd turned around "let's..go. It's late" he said and started walking. What was that?! He can't start something, then not finishing it. "Yah! Hyung!" I yelled at him. "Come on" he just said without turning around. I didn't believe him. Why was he acthing like that all of a sudden. First he wanted to date me, then get's mad that I thought it was a joke, then agreed that he love me and now he just walked away when I wanted him to tell me. Unbelievable. This guy is unbelievable. I followed him. Even caught up with him. "yah...why did you walk away like that?" I asked him quite pissed. "It's late...I want to go home" he just said. "What's wrong with you? You were serious just a second ago and now, you act like nothing happened" I complained. He stopped and turned towards me "Look...I know I started something and didn't finish, but I realised...I couldn't finish it like I wanted to. But I meant every single word I said" he said. He sounded honest. "But please. Just tell at least once that you love me. I want to hear it from you" I begged him. He avoided me eyes. "I'm sorry...I can't finish what I started. At least not right now" he said and walked again. 

I walked beside him "'re unbelievable" I said to him. "I know" he just answered short. Once again we walked in silence. I don't like to walk like this. It began to be awkward. He wouldn't tell me because he couldn't. Or so he said. But I wouldn't give up. I was going to make him say it. No matter what. He started this and he has to finish it. Mission, Make Jonghyun say he loves me, begins. I tried with some aegyo "Hyung...please say it" I asked him as cute as I could. He just coughed and kept walking. Okay...first I grabbed his arm " make Kibummie sad.." I said. He looked at me. Well...I succeeded in making him blush, but that's not what I wanted. I let go of his arm and we kept walking. This was going to be more difficult than I imagened. I sighed. But I won't give up. I would make him say it, no matter what. Why was I acthing this way? Him being serious about going out..I guess it made me fall for him. Please Hyung...Don't do this to me....

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