Occupational Hazard

Lots of teenagers have part time jobs right? Well, so does Casey. Only hers is different, exciting...dangerous. Living in constant danger has built her a hard exterior and moving around with different identities each time has made her secluded from people her age. But when she moves to London something changes. She makes friends and meets Nathan. For the first time she'll have to make a decision. Can she let go? Can she let her heart rule her head for once?


2. The Look

“Welcome to my beauty paradise, say goodbye to fashion fiascos and hello to catwalk queen. Meee-ow!” That was Sean. He’d managed to some up his personality perfectly in one line, and he wasn’t even talking about himself. I was in his salon. He was a specialist who worked with people who needed to completely change their appearance to become unrecognisable. He clucked and fussed over my split ends and whined over my choice of outfit. “Okay, okay I wanna try something different, darlink, something out there. I is bored of same old change hair colour, length change I wanna have free style like Gaga”.

“Let’s not go too “Gaga”. Meat dresses attract flies,” added Grant.

“Leave me in peace I have miracle to perform pronto,” replied Sean. Grant left with a sigh.

“Okay,” Sean turned to me. “What you want to do, you wanna look older, gothy look, I can do sporty, what you want?”

“Erm,” I’d been thinking about this for a few days now, but I’d always been useless with beauty and cosmetics. “Something low maintenance,”

“As always,” Sean sighed.

“Maybe a bit more natural, brown hair, no plastics that was a nightmare last time,” sometimes I’d wear a false nose or have a little extra flesh added to my chin, but it was annoying and uncomfortable.

“Okay, okay, I’ll strip your hair to your natural light brown, make it permanently straight, we’ll take the fake tan off, no plastics, take your lenses out so your eyes are normal colour and then we fix your clothes,” he decided. “And I’ll add little surprise” he winked.

I thought about Sean’s “little surprise” as he hummed “Born This Way” and fixed my hair. He only let me see my appearance when he’d finished. It shocked me how different it was. I’d almost forgotten the colour of my eyes, bright blue with hints of green around the pupil. My hair was feathered at the front, long, past my shoulders, I had a side fringe and then I saw the “little surprise”. My hair had been dip dyed blue at the ends.

“I love it,” I gasped.

“I is genius, darlink,” was Sean’s only comment. He led me into his wardrobe. Well, I say wardrobe it was more of a warehouse, full of clothes. They were all different sizes, some male, some female but it was still a magnificent amount. Sean giggled and strutted over to his well-organised, female, size 8 section.

“I want you to have a style this time darling,”

“Just do it for me Sean, it’s what you want and you’re so much better at it than me,” I pleaded. Sean pulled his best disapproving face but his eyes showed otherwise. A few hours later and after a hundred outfits tried on, Sean and I had finally agreed on a “look” for me. It was summer and I almost never got cold so my wardrobe mainly consisted of patterned shorts, floaty dresses and vest tops. My accessories were all fairly hippy style which I found ironic considering my secret half-life as a cop and martial arts expert. Sean tied a flowery headband round my head to accompany a short white floaty dress and sighed.

“Gorgeous, darlink,” he whispered a tear in his eye and I had to laugh. He’d finally persuaded me out of my jeans and t-shirt s. I had to admit, I liked it.

As I swung the wooden door into the reception area, Grant immediately stood up. I realised how long we’d been; “Come on Sean, we have things to do, to sort out, you’ve been hours!” Grant ranted.

“Darlink chillax,” was Sean’s cool reply. “It took Jesus three days to come back to life, and he still came out wearing socks and sandals. Miracles take time”. Grant and I sniggered as we tried to choke back our giggles. Sean winked at me and swept out of the room with his best haughty expression. Grants face stiffened back up.

“Right, business time,” he said. We hopped into the car and headed back to the house, well, my house for the next 3 hours or so. I sat down in the big leather swivelly chair in Grants office and he opened a file. “These are your case files. We are headed to London,” I squealed with delight, I loved London. “You know the guy we’re after,” I did, unfortunately, I had been talking to him for almost 5 months and as I had no other plans for the summer training camp, we were going to go down to London to try and lure him out into the open. “As usual I’ve looked at your conversations and made your profile suit it so we have no mix-ups in your story. Here’s your file.” I took a quick look at it.

Name: Casey Fielding

D.O.B:  15/10/1997 (My real birthday and age, it made it less confusing)

Likes: Sport (fairly true), one direction (hmmmm) and wants to be a model (always in there)

 “Grant what is this? I love One direction? I mean they’re nice looking but…”

“You know the deal, read it, learn it, live it. Stick your bags in the car; I think we’re done here.” That was it. My time in this place finished with the case. Grant had always been blunt. He was kind and clever; he’d done so much for kids and fought so many of the bad people in this world. But he didn’t seem to understand the need of home. I loved seeing different parts of the country and I hated the idea of a boring life but I couldn’t help thinking that it might be nice to have other people I cared about, other than Grant. It’s the price you pay for adventure. The sacrifice I made to be a hero. It was a good bargain, I thought, but the doubts were there, the grass is always greener…

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