Occupational Hazard

Lots of teenagers have part time jobs right? Well, so does Casey. Only hers is different, exciting...dangerous. Living in constant danger has built her a hard exterior and moving around with different identities each time has made her secluded from people her age. But when she moves to London something changes. She makes friends and meets Nathan. For the first time she'll have to make a decision. Can she let go? Can she let her heart rule her head for once?


3. The Introduction

Summer holidays never had been a time of rest for me. I was normally moving on to another place so in between I went to an army training camp for the Summer. Then I’d get into my character and make sure everything was in place for my new destination. WHICH WAS LONDON! I’m not one of those people who go all soppy at the monuments or fall in love with “gorgeous little boutiques”, that was always Sean’s job. I loved the bustle of London, the stories of the beggars, the banter of the traders the looks of pompous importance on the faces of the business folk. Most of all I loved the drama and action I got. There’s a lot of crime in a small space in London so we could catch a lot of criminals out with few hidden cameras and tracking devices. The circles of drug-dealers and thieves were very tightly knit, but once broken into whole chains could be broken down. The gang scene was one of the best in the world. I could make friends with them gain their trust and then persuade them not to fight, calm them down steal their drugs and flush them away. I wasn’t proud of my methods but I was making a difference.

When the start of the academic year finally came round I’d just come back off an advanced weaponry course- I’d just been allowed a sleep gun in case I ran into trouble my fighting skills couldn’t cope with. When school came around I’d done no shopping and had got nothing ready at all. I dumped my little duffel bag on the floor, my preferred wardrobe, and to my relief found a plain school uniform and purple Gola bag on my bed. “Thank God for Sean” I thought.

Naturally on the morning of school I slept in, Grant woke me up about 10 to 9 and said he’d do me a favour and drive me in at 9 as it was my first day. I uttered a few choice words as I pulled a brush through my hair, threw on my uniform, put some toast in my mouth and flew out the door. Grant grumbled at the crumbs in his car from my toast but I gave him my best mucky look and he gawped like a goldfish.

I got out of the car. “Thanks for the lift, sorry ‘bout the crumbs”.  Grant shook his head but I knew I was forgiven. I turned to face the looming building in front of me. I’ve always hated school. I’m rubbish academically, as you can probably tell from the grammar in this book. Starting new schools was the worst part of this whole thing. I walked through reception where I was given a room number and a map. I was normally good with maps but my room was on the other side of the school and I was late. I quickly tried to memorise where to go and then dashed off, earning myself a glare from the secretary. I’d been running through endless corridors for some time, but there was still no sight of anyone my age. Then I went into a block where there was no-one. My experiences with silent back alleyways gave me goosebumps and sent my hackles on overdrive like a spooked cat. I made my footsteps silent and listened. No. Nobody in thebuilding. Where was everyone? This was starting to remind me of some cheap horror film. “Don’t be silly,” I spoke aloud. “You’re in a school not a cemetery”.

A hand grabbed my shoulder “Who you t.. “ he started, but didn’t finish. I grabbed the hand, locked their arm and threw them over my shoulder. They landed with a thud on the ground. It was a guy, around my age as well. He’d slapped his hand on the floor to break his fall into a roll showing me he was adept with martial arts. “Steady on,” he said.

“I’m so sorry, I get a bit jumpy. I thought I was alone, are you okay?” I gushed. This was a great start.

“Yeah I’m okay, what you doing here? What’s your name?” I looked at his honest smile and instantly forgot my cover story.

“I’m new.” I confessed, “And lost,” I smiled sheepishly trying to explain my position again. His eyes filled with sympathy.

“New and Lost? What room you supposed to be in?”

“12, I’m in form 10B” I told him.

“Okay I’ll take you there New and Lost” he grinned. He led me through the maze of corridors to reach the room I was supposed to be in just as everyone was leaving. “I’m in form 10C, we might be in some classes together.” God I hoped not, it was so embarrassing. I’d attacked him when he was just trying to help me. Then, just as suddenly as he arrived, he dashed off and disappeared into the crowd. A man’s voice startled me from behind.

“Ah, you must be Casey,” he said. He was in his late 50’s with dimples, grey-brownish hair and grey teeth, I assumed from smoking. “I’m Mr Higgins. I wondered where you’d got to, this is Emma, she’ll look after you while you’re getting used to it here,” he pointed at a small girl with strawberry blonde hair and pale skin. “I’ll be in the Biology department if you need me,” he winked, my eyes widened and I looked at the girl, Emma he’d said her name was. She quickly stifled a laugh and bustled me off to my first lesson of the day. Maths. Crap.

Ask me how many different places there are on the body that take one blow for a person to become unconscious, I could tell you. Ask me which kitchen ingredients can be combined to make bombs, I could also tell you that. But if a drug dealer ever says to me “I’ll tell you everything about my business and my customers and my suppliers if you tell me 12 x 12” and I’m screwed. It’s not that I’m thick, it’s just that I haven’t spent a lot of time at school, or concentrating on school. Maths went terribly. I was in the very bottom set and Emma was in the top set. Everybody already had a seat by the time I got there so I sat right in front of the teacher. I came out, as per usual wanting to commit suicide.

“That bad?” said Emma.

“Yes.” I replied. “Got sat opposite the teacher, haven’t attempted maths since... well I gave up when I started really,”

“Well, we’ve got sport next, break from writing,” I really liked sport. I mean I was athletic, with good stamina and fast from running away. Different schools played different sports and I liked showing people how quickly I could learn. The teacher announced we were playing hockey which I’d never played. I had some shin- pads shoved at me and a bat thing but we strolled outside leisurely as most girls wanted to dawdle and get out of the warm up.

It’s safe to say, it was an experience and in the end I quite enjoyed it. I had no idea of the rules. I walked out to training holding the bat thing upside down. But it turned out I could really hit the thing. The PE teacher, I think her name was Miss Vivian looked at me, confounded. I’d seen that look before-a mixture of awe and a spark of hope at my potential. It never led to anything. I moved far too frequently to be tied down and I was far too busy to commit to any training.

We got more or less straight into a game. I got a few penalties from my fouls several times before I realised you weren’t supposed to use the stick to move people out of the way or even lift it above your shoulder. There was this orange skinned, bright blonde haired girl who just stood there the whole time. I was having a go at hitting the ball and my stick flew out of my hand and hit her in the face, much to the amusement of everyone in my year who was playing. I don’t think she likes me, but then it seems like nobody else really likes her.

“Have you really never played before?” said Emma as we were getting changed.

“You kidding? I held the bat the upside down,” I laughed.

“I can’t believe you hit Sharon Beaumont in the face! It was soooo funny,” she laughed.

“I didn’t mean to,” I blushed.

“That’s absolutely legendary,” said Emma’s friend, Katie. So that was hockey. I don’t think the aim was to hit people with the bat but it sure was the best way of making friends I’d ever come across. She glared at me for the rest of the day and made a point of barging into me in the corridor. I guess that was just Sharon for you.

The rest of the day went slightly smoother. I had most classes with Emma and her friends and they were really nice. I was quiet, but they didn’t seem to mind-in fact I think they were sick of gobby, attention seeking girls.

I let myself into the house that night feeling really happy. My school was OK, and London had the most cases to work in while I was waiting for the main one to come to a climax. I’d also enrolled in the karate club which I could walk to. I was training that night and was really excited about finding a new style and meeting new people.

I entered the dojo and bowed as you have to. Just as I was coming up I spotted that guy who I’d thrown in the corridor. My face went bright scarlet just as he caught my eye. “New and Lost!” he yelled from across the room and strode up to see me. “So this is where you learnt your really quite amateur throw. If it hadn’t taken me by surprise you may be in hospital, quite dangerous to attack a honed warrior like me,” he said, with a twinkle in his eye.

“Well, you’ll have to show me your moves tonight then, won’t you?” it just popped out. I couldn’t help it. Had I seriously just said that out loud? His eyes widened and I shook my head but the instructor had called everyone in ready to warm up so I couldn’t explain. I felt my cheeks burning.

But that still wasn’t enough mortification for the day. We got into pairs to do some throwing of all things and guess who came over to me? Bingo! “I didn’t mean it like that,” I stammered.

“I know,” he winked. “But I will show you, “my moves” as you put them,” he said and then leaped into sparring. We didn’t properly fight. We’d all injure each other if we did. I dodged a punch to the face which came surprisingly fast for play fighting. “What’s your name anyway?” I asked, just as his fist came zooming past my face.

“Nathan,” he replied. “I’m not gonna ask you yours, I’m far too fond of your nickname. Speaking of which can I shorten it to New?” I opened my mouth to protest against any nickname but he carried on. “New and Lost is such a mouthful.”

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