Forever mine

Ever since the shinning boy group SHINee, had their debut, the group's Flamming Charisma, Choi Minho, had a crush on the maknae Lee Taemin.
Taemin doesn't know a thing about Minho's feelings and when he does a fanservice with their member, Kim Jonghyun, Minho's heart falls apart.
How will he deal with this matter?


1. Chapter 1

(Minho's POV)

And here we are, at the dorm. We are going to perform soon. Since we have done this so many times before, I don't think it's a big deal. The others on the other hand, is excited. Jonghyun hyung is warming up his voice. Key hyung is deciding what to wear and do his hair. I guess he doesn't quite like the way the stylist did it. Onew hyung can't sit still. He's walkng around and practicing one last time. And Taemin is sitting on the couch. I can't see if he's nervous or relaxed. I have to admit, it borthers me a little not to know what he is thinking. The way he just sits there, make him look pretty. Him sitting in his own thoughts and not paying attention to what's around him. I walk over to him and sit next to him. I look at him and suddenly I can't find anything to say. I'm lost for words and just seeing him sitting there. The way he looks, makes my heart beat a bit faster. Such a strange feeling, I've never felt this way before.

My thoughts ended when Taemin turned his head looking at me. "Hyung, why are you staring at me like that?" he asked. I came back to reality, "W-what do you mean staring? I wasn't" I said and stood up. "Aren't you going to prepare for later?" I asked looking at him. "I already did" he said looking at me. "Besides, we're going to prepare right before the performing anyway" he continued. I signed "yes, but still" I said. He stood up, "what about yourself? Aren't you going to prepare?" he asked looking at me. "I already.....did.." I said a bit awkward. Taemin let out a small laugh. The manager came indside the room and told us to get ready. 

Here we are, on our way. There were only a few hours to the performing. When we arrived, there were already many fans waiting outside. When the saw us, they screamed and yelled. Since we've done this so many times, you'll think we got used to it, but everytime we are going to perform, it's like a whole new feeling. i'm kind of surprised everytime. It's like a whole new level for me. I feel more and more popular. We entered backstage and got ready for the real performens. There was still hours left, so we did a rehearsal. It went well and now we are all ready for the final performing. The fans entered and the hall was filed with fans. Well, no surprise. I mean, there was sold out. The first act of the performing was a success. Doring Onew hyung's solo, i walked to Taemin who was getting ready. "Taemin ah, you had a solo with Jonghyun hyung right?" I asked him and found myself thinking: 'Taemin, please say no!'  But the luck wasn't with me. "Yes in the final act. Why?" He asked. "Just couries" I said walking away. It was Key hyung's solo now and after him it was my turn, so I went to get readyWhile I got ready I kept thinking about Taemin's solo with Jonghyun hyung. i remember from the practise that, there is a big fanservice in this performing. Everytime i think about it, my heart skip a beat.

I went on stage for my solo performing. It went well, except I had some problems with opening my jacket, but besides that it was a success. It was time for Taemin's solo. While he was performing, I was looking from the side. He looked good as always. I enjoyed looking at him. Very much indeed. The rest of second act went well and now for the final act. It was like the final act was the longest one. The closer we came to Taemin and jonghyun hyung's solo, the faster my heart beat. Taemin was about to enter the stage when I grabbed his arm. He turned around looking at me, "Hyung, what are you doing? I'm going on stage" he said. I looked him in the eyes "Taemin ah, I don't want you to touch jonghyun hyung!" I said seriouslyHe looked at me like I was weird, "It's only a fanservice, nothing will happen. Besides why do you care?" I could see he was confused by me, but I couldn't tell him that I felt something for him. It would be to weird. "Hyung, let go of me. I'm going on stage" he said seriously. I really didn't want to, but had to. Against my will, I let go and Taemin got on stage to Jonghyun. I wachted from the side, just waiting for it. And there it was. The fanservice. Jonghyun was shirtless and Taemin was not. I was just glad that he wasn't. Suddenly Jonghyun hyung grabbed Taemin's hair and pulled his head back. Taemin looked like he enjoyed it. My heart skipped a beat. The fanservice went on and their lips slightly touched and right after Taemin touched Jonghyun hyung's abs and let his hand slide down his chest. At that moment my heart skipped two beats.

The performens ended and the came down from the stage. I grabbed Taemin's arm and looked strict at him "I told you not to touch Jonghyun hyung!" I said seriously. He looked at me "It was for the fan" he said. "It doesn't matter!" I said loud and grabbed tighter. "Hyung, let me go!" Taemin said trying to get free but my grab was to tight. "Why does it matter to you? It's only a fanservice. You do fanservices too, then why can't I?" he asked still trying to get free. Why couldn't he? I asked the same question to myself. Why was I acting this way? ....I like him. "I don't like you touching others" I said looking him directly in the eyes. I could see he was confused and surprised. I let go of Taemin's arm "you're acting weird" he said. "Taemin ah, don't ever touch an other guy again!" I said"Could you stop ordering me around? I'm not a little kid anymore. I can handle things myself!" he yelled back at me. I was surprised and sad. "You don't want me to order you around? Then i won't. You know what? I won't talk to you anymore then!" I said loud and walked away fast. He didn't follow me. I was hurt, but deep inside my heart I wanted him to follow me. I wanted to tell him how much I cared about him. I wanted to hold him. I wanted him to be mine forever....



So this is the first chapter of my one-shot :D

There will be a total of 2 chapters, so look forward to next chapter ;)

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