The One

Hollie Jones had adored Matthew Scott from afar for years, but they live seperate lives. He was a world famous popstar, she was a call centre worker. Yet Hollie had always been convinced that he was her 'one'. When their paths meet unexpectedly nothing could prepare her for the path her life is about to follow.


3. Chapter Three

I had discovered ‘Boys Next Door’ entirely by accident. All the girls in my tutor group had been raving about this new Irish boy-band, and I was so sick of hearing about them, that I thought I’d better see what all the fuss was about.

Even back then my musical tastes were quite defined. I listened to the indie, the rock and the punk bands, whilst my friends listened to the pop charts.

I was popular with some of the boys who thought I was cool. But not ‘cool’ enough to go out with. Above their musical tastes, they were just your average hormonal teenage boys who preferred the girls with the fake tan and chicken fillets in their bras to the ‘real’ girls. I bet Tom had been like that.

Despite my reservations about the ‘Boys Next Door’, there was something drawing me to them, and as soon as I heard the opening bars of their debut single. I was hooked. It went against all my musical morals, but I couldn’t help it.

The more I found out about the band, the more attached I became, particularly to Matthew. He was the eldest member of the band, the brooding one, the ‘quiet one’, the highly intelligent, not to mention gorgeous one.

He was everything a boyband member shouldn’t be. He didn’t fall out of night clubs drunk, he wasn’t a womanizer and he didn’t do drugs. He was different.

He was the one that I wanted to marry.

That thought had never left me, and although I was engaged to be married to someone else, the more I thought about Matthew and his beautiful face. I knew he was the one, I was sure of it.

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