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A Terrible Accident was What started all of this ,Since I was 9 Years old Something has been wrong with me and i don't know what it is .I Am 16 now and i need to find a way to get rid of it ,but can't.

Ally Carter was 9 years old when a terrible accident happened and has been hearing and seeing strange things ,She's 16 now and people have been starting to notice how strange she acts .Ally Won't speak or make any contact with anyone so ever ,not even her parents .But what happens when she pours it all out to her brother one night .
Will He Understand and Help ?


6. Trouble

I Sat up in my room, staring at the ceiling a tear shed and I wiped it away harshly. "Ally, Please" Dean whined. He was trying to get in for the last half hour. "N-no" I stuttered 'Tell Him to leave' ."But, He's my brother" I muttered trying to summon some courage "I'm trying, Dean-" I screamed as i felt a burning pain in my neck.


'Hmph' The Demon muttered and went out of my head for once. I wonder what hes doing now. Nobody listened when I screamed, nothing new. I Crawled down from the bed and down the stairs. My dog whimpered as he saw something above my head. I looked up, and I wished I didn't.

I Stood up glaring at the wall "YOU MOTHERFUCKER GIVE IT BACK" I screamed at the wall, my barbie was up there from when I was 9 in the woods.

"Listen, I want you to leave or shit's gonna go down, boy" I spat at the wall. Dean stared at me like I was crazy and I gave him a shove.


I'm not continuing to live like this anymore.


"Mom can I go to the mall" I asked. She looked shocked, her eyes bulging out of her head but didn't say anything, Instead she pointed to the money jar on the windowpane. "Thank You" I said and kissed her cheek. I laughed as I grabbed a 20$ and ran up the stairs.I sat on my bed, wondering what to do with my appearence. I brushed my hair and it went all frizzy, I haven't brushed my hair in about 6 months. I ran into moms room and grabbed a crimpeler. And started to some magic


I was ready. I was wearing black skinny jeans, a baggy purple hoodie and under that a peach tank top my hair was crimpled and I looked a bit nice, just a tad.

"Dean, where are you ?" I called out into the hall. I Felt guilty asking to borrow his car after what I did to him. He was in his room, the door was open so I just walked in  "Yea, Ally Come in I'm so sorr" Dean spoke but I Cut him off "I'm sorry too, I need to borrow your car....".  He didn't Hesitate to answer "Yup, sure .. THINK FAST" He threw the car keys at me and I had not enough time to react so I ended up fall on the floor, smiling.


I roamed around shops and stopped at this one shop called 'Mama knows clothes' I went in and saw this girl with about 50 tatoo's and 20 piercings and looks that could kill.


"Hi" She smiled showing off her tongue piercing, "I'm Brenda, need help, I'm on my break." I nodded a bit dumbfounded on how quick she talked but still smiled.

I ended up buying a shitload of clothes and exchanging numbers with Brenda, who goes to my school !!


I never knew that, at all. I hopped into my car drinking a smoothie I got from smoothie hut called 'Peach Passion'. The engine started with a roar and I took off driving home. I hummed along with the song on the radio and I felt very eerie driving home, I was right some black shadow ran across the road with a knife and I spun from shock making me hit it also making a massive dent in the car.


'Were haunting you'



I hope this chapter was long enough Brenda down there, wow it feels good to update :D



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