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A Terrible Accident was What started all of this ,Since I was 9 Years old Something has been wrong with me and i don't know what it is .I Am 16 now and i need to find a way to get rid of it ,but can't.

Ally Carter was 9 years old when a terrible accident happened and has been hearing and seeing strange things ,She's 16 now and people have been starting to notice how strange she acts .Ally Won't speak or make any contact with anyone so ever ,not even her parents .But what happens when she pours it all out to her brother one night .
Will He Understand and Help ?


3. September The Month I'm Dreading

I Silently Sat in the corner wait for the Clock to turn to 8:00 Am .I'm Dreading it , Only A girl called Bella realised I was acting very strange last year, But it was on the last day of school Thank God.I stood Up shaking and walked over to the Mirrow ,I was Ugly I had blonde hair That was all Tangled and my eyes were Blood-Shot Red from crying a-lot I was also very tall and I had smooth skin though . There was a knock on my door and I Was snapped out of my Day-Dream "Ally" I heard Dean's Voice .I Ignored it ."Ally I have to tell you something , we'll ask you it please " He asked.


I Figured that Ignoring it wasn't the best choice so I Walked to the door ,Just Like I did with the kitchen that night . I opened the door and broke down crying ." Ally What's wrong ?" Dean asked ,with his eyebrow's raised."N-n-othing D-do I Have to g-g-o to s-s-s-chool?" I Asked,between tears."Well ,Yeah That's What I Came to ask you Did you want to um come with me ?" . Wait did this just happen Dean asked me did I Want to come with him ,not take the bus with people Chanting or Singing "Ally, Ally You're a Weirdo". "Well,Are You Um Coming" Dean scratched the back of his neck."Y-y-es I will" I said , Fighting Back the urge to jump up on his and hug him to death.



"Well Come on lets go" He said , And the two of us ran out to Dean's Car with our school Bags In our hands .






Heyyy That Was the third Chapter I hoped you like it well  bye thank you ,Don't forgot to comment, fan me ,like,and share 


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