Help me


A Terrible Accident was What started all of this ,Since I was 9 Years old Something has been wrong with me and i don't know what it is .I Am 16 now and i need to find a way to get rid of it ,but can't.

Ally Carter was 9 years old when a terrible accident happened and has been hearing and seeing strange things ,She's 16 now and people have been starting to notice how strange she acts .Ally Won't speak or make any contact with anyone so ever ,not even her parents .But what happens when she pours it all out to her brother one night .
Will He Understand and Help ?


1. How It All Started

This is A picture of Ally.


  It Was summer and I was bored so I Asked mom can I Go Out for a walk ,Mom Said not to be out late , I obeyed of course because I'm A goody-two-shoes and the teachers pet. I Ran into the woods with my Barbie Doll ,There was a name tag on it that said AIRI .I walked along the path happy as ever , I kept going for what seemed like ages,Until I wanted to turn around ,which I did But .. where was Home ? 

Oh shit Oh Shit nice going Ally you just had to go into the woods and get lost for Christ's Sake 

 In Situation's Like this I'm Crap so first off ,the thing I first did was What ? Oh yeah ,P.A.N.I.C I  Ran around the woods trying to find a way out ,but it was no use this huge forest swallowed  me up . I kept walking around until I found a beautiful Tree-House it was a limey colour on the outside with beautiful curtains for the windows ,I wanted to explore so i hopped inside and it was breath-taking i looked at the tiny table and then i saw a cute couch,There was also a  little play kitchen I walked to it slowly ,It was very dark now and i was a bit scared but I kept walking to the kitchen to look at the little microwave

One last stride and I'd be at the play kitchen. I froze in my tracks when I heard something say that sounded like "Hello Little Girl". I was freaked out ,but thought i was dreaming, I kept walking to the kitchen ,until i herd a blood-curdling scream.I stumbled back onto my bum and picked myself up again I herd another voice "Give Us Your Blood". 
I Tried to run but i felt like i was stuck to the ground .I was lifted up into the air and something bit my neck, It burned I Screamed for my life my eyes rolled into the back  off  my neck, For a moment I Forgot what it felt like to breath. But once again I got It back quickly and spoke with all the air I could Muster up "W-w-who are you" I stuttered over my own words , It felt like my head was going to fall off.

The Voice Did a deep chuckle "I Am A Demon Of course". I froze I was only 9 years old I couldn't die "P-p-p-l-l-ease d-d-don't k-k-ill me " I broke down in tears and My neck was pumping, Everything was. It felt like there was blood coming out of my eyes, feet, nose, ears, mouth.The Last Thing I remember was me being dropped to the ground , A last evil  voice saying "Never Mention This Again". Before The Police and my Mother Came.


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