Help me


A Terrible Accident was What started all of this ,Since I was 9 Years old Something has been wrong with me and i don't know what it is .I Am 16 now and i need to find a way to get rid of it ,but can't.

Ally Carter was 9 years old when a terrible accident happened and has been hearing and seeing strange things ,She's 16 now and people have been starting to notice how strange she acts .Ally Won't speak or make any contact with anyone so ever ,not even her parents .But what happens when she pours it all out to her brother one night .
Will He Understand and Help ?


5. Confessing

Dean Gave me a bewildered and Horror stare . I Clapped my hand to my mouth and ran , I Had no clue where I was going I just ran . Why? Why Did I say that ? Dean will tell mum and then she'll tell dad and they'll all think i'm mental !!! . After Running for a while , I stopped . I looked up I wasn't anywhere I knew . I thought I ran home ? . Well I guess I did Not run home because If I did I would be in my room, Anyway Dean won't find me here .I thought , The place was completely deserted It was like a dirty old PlayHouse , Wait ? This place looks so fimiliar , But I can't put my finger on it  , I thought . I Scanned the room , There was Dirty / Mossy Kitchen and rusty looking chairs . There was a play Kitchen and last but not least a purple microwave with yellow buttons at the side .


I strode along to the kitchen . " Coming Back So soon ?" A deep voice whispered . " H-hello" I said , Well It came out as a whisper . Now I Was Getting a bit scared .I remembered a feeling just like this before , then it shook me . Oh My god ! That's where I was cursed , I'm dead , I thought. I scanned the room to make sure no one was there ,but then I heard a deep Laugh ,"Where Do you think your going ?" The voice said . " I-I I-m-m G-g-going h-home " I stuterd , I was ashamed.



Sory short chap il write tomorrow 

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