Help me


A Terrible Accident was What started all of this ,Since I was 9 Years old Something has been wrong with me and i don't know what it is .I Am 16 now and i need to find a way to get rid of it ,but can't.

Ally Carter was 9 years old when a terrible accident happened and has been hearing and seeing strange things ,She's 16 now and people have been starting to notice how strange she acts .Ally Won't speak or make any contact with anyone so ever ,not even her parents .But what happens when she pours it all out to her brother one night .
Will He Understand and Help ?


2. 16 Years Old


I Hopped Out of bed and Crawled across the room . "I Hate My Fucking Life" I whispered . All Because of Me going into the woods why ,I Thought. My eyes rolled back Into My sockets and I was there,in that world .Hell Is very real I can tell you that I Have been there. Seen stuff other people haven't and much more powers .I don't talk much and I refuse to have any friends because if they knew my secrets I'd be On show and on fucking Dick Head shows . No-One has noticed my strange behaviour, yet. My brother Dean Is In High School I Think he's finishing he's 18, and doesn't give a shit about me .


"Ally BreakFast Come On It's a nice Fry-up" Mom Shouted through the wall ,I groaned .I Practiced one last time and the voice came back and told me what to do today "You Don't Make Any contact" The demon whispered I could just she that fucking smirk on his face right now."ALLY CARTER BREAKFAST"My Mother Shouted . I crawled down the stairs my eyes were blood Red ,ever since That Accident .My Brown Hair covered My Face and I was wearing a pair of black jeans and a black top on as-well .


"ALLY" mom screamed ."Yes Fucking What ?" I roared , My parents were Dumbstruck and so was Dean."y-y-ou Talked ?" Mom Dad And Dean Said,Well More in a whisper.I grabbed my breakfast and crawled back up the stairs.And In 50 Minuets Time ,School Starts.Shit ! 

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