Family secrets...

MY family is full of secrets no matter what i do there is always someone some were is keeping a secret from me, and I'm going to find out why and the biggest secret anyone could find out.


1. The talk

Dear Dairy,

                 I do not believe my parents they want to have the talk i can  not have the talk with my parents I'm 13 although they adopted me and still don't know I'm a vampire so technically I'm 159 years old  I know all about  sex i guess i can write this in my diary since only i can see it read it know it so sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. It's actually depressing knowing  your older then everyone else.  I'm actually not even a virgin in the 1920's i met a vampire the same age as me he

's the one who blood me then slept with me.....awkward or what then he got staked

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