Divine Dance(Rasaleela)-Part 7

Heaven and celestial beings enchanted by the performance.


1. Heaven in bliss

Divine dance witnessed from heavens

by angels on wings celestial dancers with their lovers

Gods with their consorts

nymphs on hills fairies in flowers.


Sages of divine powers

none the exception

whole heaven in indescribable wonder

amazed at the rare spectacle.


Moon and stars stopped in their course

heaven and earth stood still

spectators from the sky stunned

at the grandest performance

in the simplest settings

the divine dance of Lord with his earthly lovers.


The glory of Rasaleela brought the heavens

to sing and dance in pure delight and joy

drums beaten and flowers showered

from chariots and aerial cars from sky.


Divine dance slipped to slow rhythm

celestial beauties awake from stupor

let a long sigh at the superb spectacle

hugged their lovers with unique love and joy.


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