Ballad of a Teenage Drinker

Title says it all


1. Introduction


I was quite young,

That first time, I remember, it was beer,

no more than ten.

I didn't like it, then 

(i still don't)

But something in there was quite strong.


Soon, wine with juice.

Better with us,

my parents said,

for any cause

I got some wine

(always red)


I loved it.

The taste, the smell.

They tried to be safe.

Never more than a cup.

I dont blame them

They're still great parents.


But they awoke in me a certain love

Too strong to stop.


One night, while the house asleep,

I woke, thirsty.

(I was but twelve)

And down I went,

down spiral stairs

and uncorked a bottle.


I was scared

Of what I'd done.

I threw away the bottle, still half full,

I went to bed.


My parents didn't notice it missing

(I believe to this day)

Neither did I notice

the change

in me


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