Forever Love

Ever girl loves something. Some more than others but Mina will have to pick between three things she loves. Will she pick her first love, someone who makes her feel free or her music?


1. My “pillow”

I sit up quickly and feel a sharp pain. I knew I shouldn’t have drunk that much last night and now I was suffering the consequences, also known as a hangover.

       “Shit” I whisper as the room starts to spin as I open my eyes for the first time. I can’t take it I flop onto my pillow way to fast and the pain gets worse. To my surprise my pillow starts to move. ‘Wait that’s not a pillow.’

       I look at my “pillow” and see that it’s a boy and a really hot boy may I add. He has dark black hair that’s a bit messed up but still really cute and brown eyes that seem to look into my very soul, he quite breath taking truthfully.

       My shock must have evident on my face because he chuckles at my reaction. “Do you remember what happened last night?” he asked in a husky voice, along with a very thick British accent.

       I shake my head not sure if I really want to know, but its not that hard to guess I mean we are both in the some bed and we both aren’t clothed whatsoever. “Man you were really drunk weren’t you?” he asked still laughing.

“What happened?” I ask.

“Well you know.” He says with a shy smile.

       We both sit there looking at one another in silence for way to long and he didn’t seem that he was gonna be the one to break it so I was forced to.

       “So how about you tell me about your self.” I tried, he thought for a short bit than said. “Well first off my name is Zayn incase you don’t remember, I am 19 years old, don’t currently have a girlfriend. What else? Oh Im in a very successful band, I………. “Wait what band?” I interrupt, he looks at me still thinking how to respond to my question and than says “The bands called One Direction, its just me and four of my friends.” “So do you play any instruments?” I ask him, “Na, I sing but I wish I could play an instrument. What about you do you play any instruments?” he asks moving a bit close to me.

       “I actually play the guitar, piano, drums, and the saxophone.” I say and he must not have been expecting that because he looks quite surprised. “Wow you must really love music.” He says now seeming impressed. “Ya I do, music can just take you to a different world, and can help you see that you’re not all alone even when you feel that you are.” I say telling him my true feelings. “Do you do any singing?” he asked, “No not really, I’m not really a very good singer.” I say honestly “I doubt that.” Zayn says making me blush.


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