Take a chance, Make a change.

Kaylee's life is far from normal, she is not what everyone expects. people may think little of her for falling pregnant at such a young age but she does anything for her little girl.
follow Kaylee's life you may be suprised in what happens or you may not, you be the judge of that.


2. Strange but weird.

I woke up the following morning around half 7, Ava is normally awake at this time probably because I wake her when I am working so today I am letting her lie in, that way I get ready before she wakes up works out so much easier.

I took a quick shower, washing my hair and body, also shaving a little. I brushed my teeth, grabbed my hairdryer from the bedroom and took it downstairs so I could dry my hair quickly before she woke up. Once I was done with the hairdryer I went back upstairs to the bedroom, switching on my straighteners.

“Morning mummy” Ava groaned sitting up in bed.
“Good Morning sweetie, you feeling ok”
“yes, just tired”
“you’ll wake up soon, do you want to go and pick something to wear for today”
she nodded and jumped out of bed, running of to her room. I straightened my shoulder length dark brown hair, I slid a headband in so I could apply the my makeup, doing the basics, primer, foundation, powder, bronzer, mascara and blusher, I put on some lipgloss then headed over to my wardrobe.

I decided on wearing my light blue jeans, black converse and my rolling stones t-shirt, I was happy with the way I looked today for once in a while.
“Ava baby you ready” I shouted.
“hmm, I need help putting on my converse” she shouted back.
“ok sweetie” I headed to her room, she was wearing her dark jeans, peppa pig t-shirt with her little pink jacket. I then put on her grey and pink converse. I know what you are thinking how am I affording converse and vans, well I save up so much money every month then every 2-3 months I take us both shopping.
she packed a little bag putting in some books for when she is in the café in case she gets bored, which she probably will, I sorted my bag out putting in my phone, purse then other bits and bobs in. i packed her baby bag which contained baby wipes just in case she gets filthy when we go and feed the ducks, juice for her, change of clothes always need I then put the bread in for the ducks. I put her coat, hat and what not on then slipped mine on, I grabbed Ava’s pram, she was going to have to get in the pram when we get on to the tube as it all gets busy around this time, it was half 10 but we had to be there for 11 so I could catch the manager.

“Ava, Mia’s sister is going to be at the café today, are you excited to meet her” I asked.
“Hmm, is she scary”
“I don’t think so love, you will love her”
“hmm, is Mia working”
“she is sweetie”
“yay” Ava cheered.

We just arrived at the café, Mia took Ava for me whilst I went and spoke to the manager.
“Morning Kaylee”
“Morning Ben”
“thanks for coming in on your day off”
“it’s alright”
“so here is your pay slip, urm I was wondering if you could take up more hours if possible”
“what hours would they be”
“erm well your normal days then possibly a Sunday”
“you don’t open Sundays”
“we are starting a new thing so it will be open, but you will get paid double”
“hmm yes I could do I guess, I will have to arrange something with Ava’s nanny”
“right ok, well you have my number so just give me a text if that is possible”
“I will, thank you for offering me them”
“well I know how it is to be a single parent”
you see Ben had a 5 year old son, his girlfriend just left him on the doorstep when he was born and left. No explanation just got up and left sounds like someone I know.

“Well I better get going, Dentist appointment for my little lad”
“Oh good luck”
“I headed out front and took Ava of Mia, who was now sat with her sister.
“Kaylee this is Charlie my not so little sister”
“Hello it is lovely too meet you”
“and you, you and your daughter are beautiful”
“oh thank you, as are you”
“has Ava spoken to you” I asked Charlie
“yes a little”
“that’s good”
“Ava baby come here a minute” Ava was stood with the old man who is always in here he was so cute with her, he would always give her 1 pound to get some sweets, it was adorable.
“yes mummy”
“would you like Charlie to look after you on Saturday night” I asked.
“yes, can we have a sleepover”
“you and Charlie can, me and Mia are going out to a party would you mind”
“no, can I come”
“you can’t come to this one, it is an adult party not children, but we have a party on Sunday don’t we with Mrs Owen”
“yes, you can go mummy”
“thank you sweetie pie, you may go back to your friend, do not leave this shop ok”
“do you not mind babysitting” I asked.
“no of course not”
“I will pay you, is 20 ok” I asked.
“that’s more than enough you don’t need to pay me”
“I might as well, I know what I was like at your age wanting to buy everything”
“hmm I do get like that”
“well how about I give you the 20 when we go shopping on Saturday”
“sounds good to me”
“thank you so much, I’m a bit weary of going out I haven’t been out before, well like since I’ve had Ava”
“oh you will love it, honestly we will both be fine though, if we are not I will ring you straight away”
“well thank you again”

“Hello it’s Kaylee right” I heard a deep voice say, I turned my head to see Harry cute.
“Yup that’s me”
“I’m Harry I was wondering if I could speak to you a moment”
“sure thing”
I moved away from the table to another one and took a seat with him.
“This is going to sound so creepy but I was wondering if you would go on a date with me”
“why me”
“why not you, you are so beautiful, I just want to get to know you”
“well thank you, it would be nice it’s just I do have a lot to do”
“same with me but I would like to see you, if you don’t want to don’t be afraid to say no”
“I would like too”
“are you free this weekend”
“not at all unfortunately”
“well how about a week day”
“erm, I could try as I do work here”
“well how about we swap numbers and you can give me a text the days you are off and we will work off them”
“ok sounds good, let me just get my phone” I said before standing up and going back to the table grabbing my phone and returning to Harry.
“erm type it in”
“you do the same” Harry said handing me his phone as I handed mine to him.
“done” I smiled passing it back.
“same, well I better get back to the boys, I guess we will speak soon”
“we shall, see you later”

Did that just happen

Did it?
I just got asked on a date, it felt so strange but nice but now I have to work around all this, I don’t want to keep asking Mrs Owen, I guess Mia could have her whilst I went on a date we will just have to see what we organise.

“what did he say” Mia asked straight away so egger that girl.
“he asked me on a date”
“shut the fuck up” Mia replied.
“he did”
“I know, I don’t know what to do”
“do it”
“I will have her, you are going on this date I don’t give a fuck what you say I will make you go”
“Good bitch” she winked and walked away well back the counter since she was working.

We ordered some food, I got ended up getting a fry up yum, Ava got a kids party thing they started doing here, basically it was just like a mini meal, a cake, drink and toy for 3.50 which I thought was a very good value although we get it for free.

“Kaylee can you come behind the till for 10 minutes please, it’s the busy time”
“sure thang, Charlie can you watch Ava for me”
“yes of course”
I thanked her then headed behind the till slipping on an apron.
“next please” I said as I walked to the till.
“Hello again” Harry smiled, was he stalking me he seriously is freaking me out.
“Hello” I smiled.
“I forgot the cakes”
“oh right, what can I get you”
“erm can I have 5 muffins 2 blueberry, 1 chocolate, 1 plain and 1 lemon”
“yup sure, anything else”
“not today thanks”
I quickly did the muffins then put it through the till.
“That will be 4.90 please
“here you go keep the change” he said handing me a 10 again.
“don’t forget to text me, I’ll be waiting”
“ok, I’ll see you again Harry” I smiled.
“you sure will, these muffins are so good” he laughed before walking out the café.

I served quite a few more customs before I could return to my daughter.
“Charlie we’re going for a walk, feed the ducks and what not you’re welcome to come along”
“yes might as well least I can get out of here for a bit”
“you go and tell Mia then and I will get Ava ready and in her pram”
she did as I said as did i. I quickly put her coat and what not on and placed her into her pram and strapping her in. I put a blanket over her to keep her warm too.


it has been a long day, a very long day, we arrived back at the house around 10 minutes ago, Ava has gone showing Charlie her bedroom but really she wants her to play house with her, Ava being the mum of course.

I was downstairs tidying up the house whilst cooking at the same, pasta for tea, Charlie and Mia was having tea so I was doing my speciality. Which basically is spag bol ahahhaha.

I took out plates from the cupboard and starting dishing up as Mia was on her way over now thank the lord I was starving.

it wasn’t long before the doorbell was going, I quickly opened the door letting Mia in.
“Hello babe” she smiled walking in handing me a bottle of wine
“Hello chick, thanks for this, I’ll pour us both a glass now”
“Girls, tea is ready” I shouted up the stairs to Ava and Charlie.

“how was work after we left” I asked Mia as we all took a seat at the table, I sat Ava closest to me so I could help her eat.
“yeah was alright, what did he need to speak to you about this morning” Mia asked.
“oh for more hours”
“Really that’s good”
“yup, I need the money but I really want another job, or start going college I need a proper future”
“hmm, you should start college”
“I think I may look into it”
“do you two want to stay over tonight” I asked.
“hmm I need to get back for the dog but Charlie you can if you like”
“would you bring me some clothes round then”
“I’ll lend you some pjs then she can bring your clothes round in the morning before we go shopping” I replied.
“ok then”

For the rest of the evening we all watched the tele then ended up watching toy story for Ava. Mia left not long ago and Ava was now in the bath playing with her toys, Charlie was in the bathroom watching her for me whilst I tidied up everything then got her pjs ready for bed.
once everything was ready and went into the bathroom, quickly washed Ava so I could get her ready for bed.
“Charlie, you can sleep in Ava’s bed and she can sleep in here with me or you can share with me it is entirely up to you”
“will I fit in Ava’s bed”
“hm your feet may dangle off, my bed then” I laughed.
“sounds good” she laughed too.
“Ava do you want milk before bed”
“nope, too tired” she yawned cuddling up to me.
“Come on sweetie let’s get you in bed” I said carrying towards her room and laying her down in her bed.
“Goodnight sweetheart” I said before kissing the top of her head tucking her in quickly and leaving the room, I turned the light off but left the door open a little.

“I’ll get you some pjs out now, you can use the shower or anything if you want, make yourself at home”
“oo am I alright to have a shower, my hair needs to washing I don’t fancy doing it in the morning”
“yes it’s fine, here are the pjs, I’ll get  you a towel, do you need any underwear” I asked.
“alright I got some new ones the other day I haven’t used them I’ve only just washed them”
I have to washed my underwear before I wear them.
“ok thank you”
 I quickly got the underwear for her so she could shower, I then changed into my pjs and headed downstairs. I grabbed my phone from the side so I could check my messages which I did have one.
From Hottie from the café<3
Hello babe, thought I’d drop you a text since I knew you was thinking off me. How are you?. xx

To Hottie From the café<3
well hello ‘hottie from the café’ getting a big ahead of yourself there aren’t you, I’ve been thinking about what to watch on the tv, Geordie shore or Good luck Charlie? Im alright you? xx
 From Hottie from the café<3
aw thanks babe, I’d go with Geordie Shore myself, BOSH. Yeah I’m alright xx
To Hottie From the café<3
Wahey man. Seriously Gaz and Charlotte just need to get together. good:D xx
From Hottie From the café<3
Yes they do. Plans for tomorrow?xx
To Hottie From the café<3
Erm shopping then a party I think you?xx
From Hottie From the café<3
erm work then party xx
To Hottie From the café<3
Sounds good xx
From Hottie From the café<3
I’d like to take you out?xx
To Hottie From the café<3
And where would you like to take me?xx
From Hottie From the café<3
someone nice, peaceful and private xx
To Hottie From the café<3
you ashamed of me ?xx
From Hottie From the café<3
of course not, I just don’t want everyone talking about us xx
To Hottie From the café<3
No me neither<3
From Hottie From the café<3
when can I take you then?xx
To Hottie From the café<3
Erm well I am off Wednesday?xx
From Hottie From the café<3
Lucky for you I am, I’ll pick you up about half 6?xx
To Hottie From the café<3
do you know where I live?xx
From Hottie From the café<3
Nope, you’re going to tell me xx
To Hottie From the café<3
oh am i? well hottie I am going to get some sleep as I have an early start, I’ll speak soon I guess xx
From Hottie From the café<3
night beautiful xx

I’m excited I haven’t felt like this in a while yet I’m scared I haven’t been on a date since my ex left let alone been out to parties or what not. This is going to be a new milestone for me. Baby steps.



Please please please, leave feedback, i want to know what you think of this and if i should carry it on or not.
I've been pretty caught up with college work these past few weeks so i haven't had chance to even write but i am all finished with college for 2 months now so i can try and post at least once a day or once every 2-3 days depending on plans i have during my time off. so yes please give me feedback it would mean the world.

thank you reading xx

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