Take a chance, Make a change.

Kaylee's life is far from normal, she is not what everyone expects. people may think little of her for falling pregnant at such a young age but she does anything for her little girl.
follow Kaylee's life you may be suprised in what happens or you may not, you be the judge of that.


1. My Life.

“Ava if you’re not awake by the time I come upstairs you will not be going shopping this weekend” I shouted up the stairs as I began walking up them.
“I’m up mummy” my 3 year old little girl finally said.
“good, come on now we need to get you ready and off to Nanna’s house cause mummy needs to go to work for some pennies”
“for shopping”
“yes for shopping my sweetpea”
“Can I pick what I wear today” Ava asked.
“yes, but make sure it is something warm, its nippy out today”
“ok mummy”
I sat on my little girls bed as she picked her clothes out from her wardrobe. Ava was a mistake a huge massive mistake but I wouldn’t change her for the world, and I am glad this mistake did happen, even though her father is nowhere to be seen and I do struggle for childcare, and money I think I am doing well bringing up our little girl. Ava’s dad Rhys was my boyfriend since I was 14, when I fell pregnant at 15 he took off and left, he moved away with his parents, he was a year older than me but yeah he took off and left me to look after our little girl by myself, abortion was an option for me, she was my baby no way was I getting rid of her, and I wasn’t going to walk away from her like he did. Yes of course I love him, but this love is completely different to the love I felt 4 years ago. I am now 19 living in the London, I say it was a pretty good side of London, I have a nice house which I can just about afford but I need to put a roof over my daughters head she comes first in everything, I provide for her, I hardly ever by anything for myself and I never go out with friends because I quite frankly do not want to, I have a responsibility now, she relies on me. I have no family what so ever, when I fell pregnant they didn’t want anything to do with either of us, that’s why I packed my things and left, I moved to London, I had enough money to live in my bank, enough till I found myself a job. I went to visit the council to put my name down for a house but as I was under the age of 18 I got put in the mother and baby unit which basically is my own house but I have to be in my mini flat by 10, I wasn’t allowed visitors in after 10 or I would have to be kicked out and I had to pay 150.00 a month to live there basically which I didn’t find too bad. I moved from Manchester well I’d say near Manchester. When I moved I went out looking for jobs straight away, I found one in a little café, and it pays quite well actually and I still work there to this day. I had to take 3 months of due to Ava being born but I was back at work a few weeks later, otherwise we’d have no money for us to live on, I brought things for her such as the pram, cot, mosses basket, clothes, sterilizer basically all the essentials a baby needs. Ava used to go to child minders whilst I was working but I had to stop that once I moved into my house at 18 as I couldn’t afford it. The lovely lady next door, she’s in her 50’s Mrs Owen then started looking after Ava for me whilst I was working, I offered her money but she refused as she says we are family, Ava calls her Nanna too and Mrs owen classes us as her children well me then Ava has her grandchild, she is lovely I guess I should call her mum, instead of Mrs Owen but she may get scared if I say that or would she.
“Mummy is this ok” Ava said, she was wearing her dark purple jeans, a greyish jumper with her boots, as well as her coat, hat, scarf and gloves. It’s that time of the year again, it’s November which is only meaning its nearly Christmas yay. Me and Ava will be spending Christmas day with Mrs Owen as her son as moved to Australia 2 years ago she has no one to spend it with. Her husband died 4 years ago, it is such a shame and must be hard for her, family means the world to her.
“yes you look fine sweetie, go and brush your teeth quickly misses”
“Ok mummy”
“I will wait downstairs for you, but hurry up or else mummy will be late for work” I said as she ran off to the bathroom.
“ok” she shouted back. I headed downstairs gathering my things and slipping on my coat, I had an hour to get to work, I still had to walk to the tube which is a 15 minute walk from my house.
“ready” Ava shouted.
“right come on then let’s get going”
“I grabbed my bag and made sure the door was locked before walking round my Mrs Owens house.
“Good Morning my little girl” She said as she opened the door.
“Good Morning Nanna” Ava said hugging her legs.
“Morning” I said handing her Ava’s bag, “everything is in her bag, she woke sometime through the night so she may have a  little nap through the day, thank you for having her, I should be back around 6 ish”
“it’s no problem sweetie, see you later”
I quickly walked to the tube, which I am glad I did I just made it, I took my seat, and put my headphones on.  I wasn’t on long before my stop arrived, I jumped off and quickly walked to work.
“Good Morning Kaylee” Mia said as I walked through the café to the back.
“Morning Mia” I smiled. I put my bag and coat away and slipped my apron on, walking out to the front, as I was on the till today. Yay-.-

“Good Afternoon what can I get you” I said to my next costumer, as I looked up.
“Hello can I get 5 of your muffins and 1 tea to go please” he said, omg his voice. He looks just like someone I’ve seen before, perfect curls, the perfect jaw, basically the perfect man.
“yup coming up, white or black tea” I asked.
“white please”

I made the tea, and handed that to him.
“sorry what muffins did you want”
“Oh sorry I didn’t say, could I have 2 blueberry, 1 chocolate, 1 plain and 1 lemon” he said thinking over his order.
“sure, separate bags or all together”
“all together is fine”
I put them all in and handed them to him, I then put everything through the till.
“That will be 6.70 please, oh would you like to try one of our new cake selections for 1.00”
“oh yes why not, I’ll take a Lemon drizzle please” he smiled.
“ok thank you, that will now be 7.70”
“there you go keep the change” he said handing me a 10.00 note
“thank you, come again”
“oh I will” he winked and left, well that was weird, where have I seen his god dam face.
I put the money through then putting the change into my tips box.
the rest of the day went painfully slow, probably because it is Thursday’s and Thursday is my worst day, plus it was my last day this week yay. And it was now over woooo.
I grabbed my things and my tips and headed home.

“mummy” Ava said as I walked though Mrs Owen’s house, she was sat in the kitchen painting.
“Hello baby, have you been a good girl”
“thank you for having her” I said to Mrs Owen.
“it’s no problem it is what family do”
“well thank you”
“Come on sweetie you ready to go, we need to get you ready for bed”
she put all her things on, and we both left not before saying our goodbyes to Mrs Owen and me thanking her yet again.

“Did you have fun today”
“yes, mummy can I ask you something”
“is Nanna your mummy”
“no she isn’t sweetie, my mummy doesn’t like me”
“because when I got pregnant with you she kicked me out”
“does she not like me” Ava asked getting upset.
“She doesn’t know you sweetie, but if she did she will love you like everyone else”
“why do you ask”
“I don’t know”
“ok, come on let’s run you a bath”
“Mummy can I sleep in your bed tonight” Ava asked as I began running her bath, squeezing in some baby bath.
“hmm I don’t know baby, you will never go back into your bed then”
“I will I promise please mummy”
“Fine just for tonight, we need to go to Mummy’s work tomorrow to get my payslip ok”
“you get undressed ready for your bath”
“I am”
“oh, right come on then” I said slipping her into the water, I then emptied the toys into there with her.
“right I’m going get your pjs ready ok”
“ok mummy”
I quickly grabbed her pjs from her room and got a two towels out ready for her, laying one down on my bed and taking one in the bathroom with me.
“can I stay in for a little longer I want to play”
I took my phone from out of my work pants pocket and unlocked it, quickly texting Mia back saying I will be in tomorrow for my pay slip and possibly food, you see I do have the perks of working in the café free food yay.

“Mummy can we get a doggy”
“a doggy”
“I just want a friend”
“oh sweetie, you have friends”
“yes but someone to play with all the time”
“urm, we will see ok”
I flicked through my facebook timeline whilst Ava played happily in the bath, nothing much was happening yet again basically porn all over my news feed, just what I want to see, lovely eh?

New message
From Mia<3
Hello babe, that young man who you served came back into the café before, asking after you<3
To Mia<3-
What you being serious, did you find out his name? what did he say?<3
From Mia<3-
you being serious babe, you don’t know who he is, HARRY FUCKING STYLES.. oh he was just asking where you was and when you will next be in<3
To Mia<3
Harry Styles? Omg bloody Jesus he is beautiful though isn’t he, what did you say?<3
From Mia<3
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, HE IS IS WELL KNOWN AROUND HERE. He is beautiful, hot sexy totally bangable, oh I just said you will be in tomorrow around 11ish<3
To Mia<3-
what? I have seen him before I don’t know where though<3
From Mia<3-
probably everywhere, he is a business man<3
To Mia<3
oh right, how was work after I left?<3
From Mia<3-
Hmm, yeah was alright actually, still on for shopping at the weekend?<3
To Mia<3-
oh good, yes deffo, are you sure you’re ok with Ava coming?<3
From Mia<3
Yes haven’t really seen her in a while, ooo which reminds me there is a party on Saturday night I really want you to come with me?<3
To Mia<3
Ok, she misses you hahaa.. hmm I don’t know what about Ava?<3
From Mia<3
Mrs owen? Or my sister can look after her, I mean she is always moaning she is bored?<3
To Mia<3
Hmmm, I guess your sister could, they’d have to meet first so she feels comfortable you know what she’s like, if she doesn’t mind, I will obviously pay her<3

From Mia<3
I’ll bring her shopping I owe her a shopping spree anyway, oh and she’ll be in the café tomorrow as I have to watch her whilst my mum is out. You do not need to pay!!<3
To Mia<3-
oooo sounds good, oo well I shall meet her tomorrow, think me and Ava are going to have dinner tomorrow for a change, then I’m going to take her for a nice long walk to feed the ducks, if your sister wants she can join us so she isn’t stuck at the café?<3
From Mia<3
Sounds like a nice day out, hottie shall be in to see you too. Ooo she’ll like that, right better get the house ready Mum is coming over for tea-.- see you tomorrow<3
To Mia<3
Hmm, hahaa, good luck see you tomorrow<3

“Ava sweetie ready to get a wash so we can snuggle in bed”
I quickly washed her tiny body and washed her hair before wrapping her around in the towel and carrying her to my bedroom and laying her down on my bed.
I dried her body covering her in talc then put on her clean pjs.
“all done”
“I’m wrinkly” Ava laughed.
“Well that is because somebody wanted to stay in the bath and play, are you hungry”
“yes” she shouted.
“and what would my baby girl want”
“pancakes are for breakfast time”
“Pasta with sauce” I asked.
“or should we have a pizza between us both then ice cream after” I asked.
“Yessss” Ava shouted.
“right ok, you sit down on the sofa, do you want a dvd on”
“yes, can we watch that toy story one mummy”
“of course we can, do you remember how to put it on” I asked Ava. She nodded and did so. I’ve been trying to teach her new things to do, so when she is with Mrs Owen and they are in the house and she wants to watch a dvd or do something that Mrs Owen isn’t aware of how to use it Ava can do it for the both of them and it is slowly working yay.
“I’ll go and pop the pizza in for us both ok”
“ok mummy, hurry”
I quickly put the pepperoni pizza in the oven and switched it on, I made us both a drink of juice and headed back into the living area just in time for the film to start.
“thanks” Ava said as I handed her, her cup.

After a lovely evening chilling with my beautiful daughter I took her upstairs to my bed as she was fast asleep, I lay down, as I flicked through my phone yet again boring, a few videos being posted off people singing I mean yes they are good, but some sing really annoyingly like through the nose it doesn’t sound right.

my mind slowly drifted to Harry, I mean he is a young good looking lad can you blame him I mean if I didn’t have a responsibility I would be going out I wouldn’t say id be sleeping around but I’d be going on a few dates here and there, I mean I haven’t had a boyfriend since my ex. But yeah basically I have no relationship, I do not remember how do date anyone, how would people react when I say I have a child, it’s a hard life being a single parent with no family. I will never leave my daughter ever.

I popped my phone on the bedside table and got myself comfy before drifting off to sleep.

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