run girlie run

[Front cover by- tessellate- Check her out! ^^]
The mistake was when i opened the door. The mistake was when he changed me. The mistake was everything lost.


7. Why, why does it have to be me?

I gulped slowly, becoming more nervous as expected from my mother- I didn't stare at anyone through this awkward situation. My mother had the same guilty mothering look, and her blue eyes were almost like a begging sympathetic cute puppy. Zero had the same expression on his face- and there was me, looking clueless and shifty. I hadn't really at all said much with this conversation. Hell i didn't know what to say.

"  I see you ah, met Zero." My mother started slowly and nervously.

"Please, mum. Get to the point- I don't like the sound of this already..." I muttered, beginning to feel hot and sweaty.

    "What happened in school today was completely out of line. But that's not the point- the point is... the point," She trailed of, starting to shake in tears. I looked at Zero, wondering whether he had told my mother something that I didn't know, or approve of. And i knew what I did at school was out of line, but she had it coming- I just think that this is my way of payback- that's all. Zero stood up slowly and bowed down slightly.

   "I'll leave you two to talk alone, sorry for making this awkward as possible." He apologized and went out of the room. Instead of Zero listening into the conversation, he decided to go into the family room  and watch some crime TV shows. I stared at mother, showing my concerned facial expression- i held my hands together and slouched down on the uncomfortable aching wooden chair. To be honest, in a strange way I wanted Zero to be here, so I wouldn't have to face this conversation on my own.

    "I'm letting you move out." She started, waiting for me to get to the fact that she was really kicking me out. It wasn't surprising, mother didn't pay much attention to me really. Her own daughter, a framed murderer and a pitiful girl. I was bound to be kicked out sooner or later. So i tried to confront  her and I tried begging her for me to stay. 

   "I didn't want to move out in the first place, mother. You and I both know you're kicking me out," I explained bitterly and icily- for some reason my stomach was twisting in knots, making it hard for me to breathe. My mother's eyes widened in shock of how rude I put the situation in. It was true though, she was just making a story up so she doesn't get a bad impression out of everyone. I stood up quickly, pushing the chair behind me for space to go out of the room. My mother stared up at me astonishingly. 

     "Fine, if you think I'm such a bitch- not to mention a murderer, I'll leave this hell hole. It's not like my life is getting better anyway," I shouted this time, I honestly didn't mean to. But it was clearly obvious my mother was thinking that. I gulped slowly, and shook back my head to resist my tears from running down my face. I walked out of the room quickly, before she could attempt to slap me, or shout at me back, in other words I didn't want Zero to listen in. But Zero was already at the door, he had my black denim jacket out for the opening as if he knew I was getting kicked out. I stared at him embarrassingly.

   "You overheard?" I mumbled underneath my breath. Zero frowned at my slightly.

   "I think the whole neighborhood did," He shrugged as if it didn't matter. "Great, now you're out of the house, we can start the journey."  He realized and his voice became happier, but something told me that it wasn't a good thing, no not at all. He lowered his fangs slightly, and ran so fast that I didn't see him cradle me in his arms. I felt the cool, chilly breeze over me and noticed I wasn't in the old house anymore. It at least took a minute to get to a grand house that seemed empty. But a dark blue porch was parked out side the drive way. The house looked almost like a mansion, a very old Victorian mansion. As Zero stopped, he quickly removed me, and I surprisingly landed on my feet. I removed my messy blonde hair out of my face again, and started breathing heavily. I stood awkwardly, I realized Zero was a head foot taller than me. 

    "So, wanna know what your journey is?" He asked hopefully. I stared at the ground and bit my lip thinking hard about this. I looked up at him again, it wasn't like I would ever be going back to school again anyway- I'm so not facing Caroline because I'm homeless, more hell would come through. I looked both ways, thinking whether or not I should escape, but I wanted to make something of myself for a change. I looked back up at Zero and smiled.

   "First, you gotta give me some answers." This time, I sounded serious. Zero looked at me cautiously and we walked in towards the huge old magic like mansion in front of us. 

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