run girlie run

[Front cover by- tessellate- Check her out! ^^]
The mistake was when i opened the door. The mistake was when he changed me. The mistake was everything lost.


6. Well, that's awkward...

Zero introduced himself formally to my mother, and he sounded shaken- as if he was about to die a deep and painful death. I stared at him intriguingly whilst he shook hands with her, she didn't at all seem impressed. I gulped slowly as they walked over hesitantly towards me. My mother stared blankly at me, as if she had seen a ghost. Zero had looked guilty, and i noticed his lip was trembling in defeat. I kept my gaze focusing on him, seeing if he can break out in public- but he had seemed to keep his guard up more stronger than any other human person. His golden brown eyes were shiny as it reflected when the sun beams bounced of the windows, and his reddish brown hair looked more of a golden brown. My mother stared at me expressionless. She gestured the small circular dark brown oak table and four chairs in the family kitchen, giving me the strange vibe that this small pep talk woudn't be as interesting as i planned.

        "Delilah,sweetie do you mind making a cup of nice tea for me? What about you Zero?" My mother offered delightly with her jewel coloured bright blue eyes brightened up in a happier manner. I glanced over towards Zero, waiting for him to accept the offer.

     "No, I'm not thirsty," He replied instantly, i blinked in surprise and walked over to the kettle on of the black kitchen side, and prepared the tea for mother. I stared awkwardly as i was stirring the tea when i poured it in after it had boiled, more silence filled the uneasy air.

   "Would you like something to eat at least?" My mother insisted again, trying to be polite. I turned around to face them, and Zero stared blankly at the table.

   "I'm uh... on a special diet, I can only eat a sandwich a day- a medical condition, mam." Zero explained once he had looked up, I stared at Zero. He looked, indescribable, as if he wasn't meant to say that he hadn't had a medical condition, as if this hadn't been exactly as planned as he thought. My mother's expression turned something cold, and sympathetic- i couldn't tell which was which.

  "Anyway, we need to talk, Delilah." She glared at me, and pointed towards an empty seat next to Zero and I took it.

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