run girlie run

[Front cover by- tessellate- Check her out! ^^]
The mistake was when i opened the door. The mistake was when he changed me. The mistake was everything lost.


2. Thunderstorm

Thunder collapsed over their head, Lightning cracked passing shivers down his spine. He pulled the child closer to his chest, as if he was protecting it from the storm. 

The wind whacked its clothes as he bolted for the forest, the branches from the old witches' tree's smacked him, but he never stopped or looked back. The small, delicate child in his arms cried softly, he slightly stroked her head, whispering the soothing words  in her tiny ear. There were screams in the distance and his head clicked to that direction it was coming from.


Time was running out.


The ice-cold rain started to scatter heavier, and he wrapped the child in his black rain coat. They wanted her but for the same reason he did. They desired her, needed her, but he wouldn't let them take her.


The screams got stronger and louder as he abandoned the small, poor, beat-up village behind. They knew. Knew she was running. Gone. He smirked wildly at the forest ahead of him and kept on running, slapping the branches out of the way. The child made a silent cooing noise as the man looked down at her protecting face. Her skin was soft and white, pale, reminding him of fallen snow. Her hair was beach blonde, with just a few strips on top of her small head. Her tiny small fingers clenched and unclenched, at his face whenever it met hers.


But the thing is, it wasn't any ordinary traits that made her stand out from the rest. No it cant be. He thought, her eyes, her bright, fiery orange eyes that stared up at him with understanding. However, her small age, she seemed to understand the gravity of the situation.


The rain pelted on him, hard, making his hair stick to his face like super-glue. The thunder screamed, and the flash of lightning was making him worry.


Not enough time.


would she come?

She had to come.


if she didn't...


He shook his head hard to get the thought out of his head, no turning back now.


He jumped over the old, wet, huge log in front of him. He smiled and sped up again. She came, actually came. And it was actually time. As the woman approched, he got a good look at her. He passed over the child and she held out her arms to take the babe and bent over, his shaggy hair falling into his eyes. He kissed the child's forehead and then picked up her fragile, tiny smooth arm.

He placed his wet lips on its rushing pulse slightly, blowing a breath onto its tender skin.


He watched her go. Rain soaking his clothes, the womans short sleeved dressed was all creased, in the distance he saw a mark on her shoulder, it was swirly, black, and it looked like a sign. Like his one on his right hand in the centre.


"Run, run girl, run." He whispered, like floating honey into the air.



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