run girlie run

[Front cover by- tessellate- Check her out! ^^]
The mistake was when i opened the door. The mistake was when he changed me. The mistake was everything lost.


8. Tell me, what are your theories first?

I knew that this would happen, I told myself in my head. I always do this, I always blank out whenever I was nervous facing some one so beautiful. I sat down on the dark blood red four seated couch, and faced the fire place a head of me. Zero did like a lot of reading, due to the amount of bookshelves covering the walls. I held my hands together and squeezed them tightly. Zero was walking towards the row of bookshelves on the left side of the fire place, I could easily tell that he was trying to dodge what he had gotten himself into. I gulped slowly and swallowed air down my throat. I started shaking again, and my heart was racing fast- as if it was trying to escape from my chest. My eyesight got slightly blurry. I looked over towards Zero again. I really had no idea of what I had thought I had gotten myself into. In my personal opinion, it's completely normal for me. Frankly. But he knows that now. 

     "Why do you need me?" I asked firstly, because that was the most important question dancing helplessly in my mind. Zero stopped walking slowly, and turned to face me. I wrapped my arms around my chest, feeling even more intimidated by his looks. 

    "I don't, some one else does." He replied instantly and walked over to the left four seated couch beside mine, he placed his palms on one side opposite to each other. His voice was deep, as if he came from England- but I couldn't really get my finger on his accent- it didn't matter now. 

   "Who, exactly?" I demanded again, this time Zero looked alarmed at my question, as if it wasn't all fun and games anymore. Zero looked into the red sofa, the same way he had stared deeply into the table at my old house. 

   "First tell  me, what are your theories about me?" 

I stared at him awkwardly. "Um... you had an Adrenaline injected into you so that's why you run so fast." I suggested with a high-pitched voice. Zero chuckled at me, and there was a moment of silence in the air.

   "His name is Darius," He started, sounding completely dead serious. I swear I've heard that name before, he had reminded me of one of my dad so-called business partners. He released his palms of the sofa and folded his arms awkwardly. "He thinks you're... I don't know, the one?" He explained briefly a little more and shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't know the exact story. But his smile was more of a smug, like he thought Darius was crazy, from what I come across of what Zero had told me, I'm starting to believe that they were both crazy. 

  "Go on, really." I demanded nicely, or at least I think I did. Zero laughed nervously. 

     "Really, I don't get it. He says you can- I don't know, make hybrids or something like that, well in away you can't make hybrids- it's your blood that can." He explained, scratching at the back of his head. Hybrids, it has to be hybrids. 

   "Wait, what do you mean... hybrids?" I asked with a hint of curiosity. 

    "You know, vampire half werewolf. Really? You didn't figure I was a vampire when I lowered my fangs to you?" Zero asked surprisingly, as if I was a complete idiot. Maybe I had been, I didn't really mean to. That's probably why he didn't want food or drinks at that unexpected conversation from my unloving mother. I rolled my eyes in disgust at him and looked towards the fireplace.]

   "I have nowhere to go, so I'm not much use." I answered helplessly. Zero smiled flirtatiously at me, and made me blush. 

  "Welcome to your new home, Delilah Jones." He opened his arms wide as if he was gesturing all this space practically belonged to me. 

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