run girlie run

[Front cover by- tessellate- Check her out! ^^]
The mistake was when i opened the door. The mistake was when he changed me. The mistake was everything lost.


5. Stupid girl.

I looked at the man in front of me, who caged me in his arms- looking at me in the eye. I was starting to get blurry images of the past when my father was brutally murdered, and i saw him running in the forest cradling me in his arms- smirking wildly at the wind as he handed me to a woman, that woman was my mother. My real mother, at that. I gasped and stood stiff, I felt scared, worried. Worried that something will happen, i broke the embrace, and stepped away a few inches.

"W-who are you?" I asked, stammering as i slowly backed up to the exit. I couldn't move- i couldn't speak properly, the figure was grinning at me again. The same face when he kidnapped me.

"You don't know? I saved you, remember?" He shrugged, I gasped and banged into the door behind me, feeling for the door knob not keeping my eyes of him. I went to twist it- but it wouldn't move. Great, I looked down at the door knob worryingly and tried opening it so many times. And the man in front of me, was just gawking himself with laughter.

"I knew your father, I used to be your carer. Zero Cross," He introduced himself again. His voice sounded so calm, so decent. Like he wanted to tell me everything. That he knew. I paused and stared at him wide, slowly letting go of the handle i relaxed a little folding my arms.

"W-what? You... knew my dad? I still- don't-" I trailed off, my heart was racing fast. My head was spinning around, the next minute i knew i was on the floor passed out. I could catch a glimps of the man running towards me, screaming my name. But i ignored. And slowly trailed of into a deep sleep.


In my dream, i was in my old home in my old village. I was right next to my bed on the floor playing with teddies, i still remember my mother telling me that she needed to go away for a couple of days, and i was running up to her for a huge hug. It felt like it lasted for hours- when in reality it didn't. I continued playing with my toys- and went to see my dad, he was in his study. I opened the door slightly and snuck behind the fake plant which was right next to me- and i saw him pinned up against the wall. With a gun pressed on to his head, I gasped and gripped my teddy slightly. The figure was all blurry, i never saw his face. But i could just catch the words he was saying to him.

"Well if we can't have her, my boss said i can kill you, slowly but painfully." I was staring at the whole scene, seeing my own father getting murdered and i was just hiding there feeling utterly hopeless- and the figure, shot him in the head, kicked him in the stomach and stomped on the top of his head. I was so scared, all i could think of was to sob silently and hold my toy rabbit. And i ran, ran out of the house, and sat on the mud in the pouring rain in my white frock, which was stained with mud now, i was just crying. Hoping someone would come for me.

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