run girlie run

[Front cover by- tessellate- Check her out! ^^]
The mistake was when i opened the door. The mistake was when he changed me. The mistake was everything lost.


10. Stefan

I couldn't really believe my eyes- they were both beautiful to be brothers. I thought that Zero had been a single child. Stefan and Zero didn't really look alike at all either. Zero had reddish brown hair, and Stefan had really dark brown hair. Zero played by the rules, but he also tells me that Stefan is a sort of vampire rebel. I didn't know who wanted me. There were apparently more people trying to get me, but Zero thinks they work for Darius. I'm starting to kind of believe him, but some of them have to have there own personal reasons. Stefan slouched down on to the four seated dark blood red couch again- the way guys like him could only sit, the way a rebel would disobey the rules. 

   "How is she still- I thought she-"

   "Was dead? Yeah, I thought that to until recent animal attacks." Stefan finished for him, I studied both of there worrisome faces. I didn't mean to scream when the lights suddenly went dead, it had been too dark for my eyes to focus on. I froze in my position stiff, shuddering at the surprising event. 

   "Mhm... I can tell she followed you," Zero mumbled coldly at him. I could here there heavy footsteps pace back and forth slowly whenever the oak wooden floor creaked. 

  "Elizabeth..." Zero sung softly as if he was calling a pet dog, he repeated it several times until the lights flickered on again. Just then, in front of the double doors that led outwards to the house had been a girl, that looked exactly like me, but with brown hair, and she had a bit of a Chelsea Clinton thing going on. This time Zero froze stiff still, not like how he saw his brother who he hadn't seen in over fifty years- but this time was different. I gulped slowly as she shot a wicked smile at me. 

   "So I see you've finally gone to get her then, Shane?" She asked sarcastically. I still didn't know why I was here. Or why Zero took me in- or why he was here either. Being my guardian and as well as a vampire, it doesn't quite fit in my eyes. Zero didn't say anything, his jaw was tense with anger, and his fists were clenched so tight that you could almost see the outlines of his knuckle bones. 

   "It's Zero, Elizabeth." He bitterly replied. I stared at them whilst they were having a conversation about she needed me for Darius so she can win back her freedom, and completely forgetting I was there- Elizabeth snapped her gaze at me.  

  "You seem like a fine, unfortunate pretty girl. Darius will be most pleased if you came with me," She purred at me softly. She slowly moved towards me, giving a quick sign that she was dangerous, I backed up a little bit, lowering my hands trying to feel where I was moving. Elizabeth teasingly lowered her razor blade fangs down.

   "Elizabeth- you don't wanna get Zero mad right now do you? I mean, we thought you died in a fire. What the hell happened in eighteen forty-two?" Stefan asked concerned. He ran towards her, their foreheads were only a few millimeters away from touching. She had a smug look on her face as if she wasn't scared of him. 

  "I know people, I knew them." She hinted mimicking fangs. I stared anxiously at the two, realizing the amount of strong chemistry that came of them. 

  "Darius?" Stefan guessed whilst shrugging. Elizabeth smirked at him again, this time she smirked as if he took ages to figure it out. Stefan's eyes grew wide in anger, he pounced into thin air and threw himself on to Elizabeth. She let out an agonizing yelp, struggling to get out Stefan's caged arms. 

   "Why does it has to be her?" He roared at her. My protest nearly slipped from my lips as I thought to tell Stefan to stop. I managed to prevent the order coming out of my mouth though, I didn't want to be in the center of attention- It seemed like Elizabeth was enjoying the moment. 

Elizabeth laughed hastily and coldly at Stefan, and tilted her head over towards Zero who had looked like he had just seen a ghost. 

   "You mean he hasn't told you yet?" Elizabeth motioned her skinny finger towards Zero. She laughed louder this time, a good one at that too. She laughed so hard that Stefan was slowly releasing her- and he too focused on Zero for an answer. 

  "Darius thinks that Delilah's blood can only make his hybrids for him, therefore he had known Zero was her protector, and you Stefan- his of course, one and only mortal enemy who loves Delilah as much as he does. Not putting it blankly or anything, but I'm sure she has standards here," She taunted, flashing her dark brown eyes in a flirtatious way. I blinked in surprise, even Zero didn't go into much detail- he hadn't even mentioned her. I focused on Zero this time, who wasn't looking at anything in particular. 

 Elizabeth frowned at me, then her lips curved into a pout. "Oh Delly, you know what they say, everyone dies at the end." She formed a wicked smile again as if it was some sick joke. 

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