run girlie run

[Front cover by- tessellate- Check her out! ^^]
The mistake was when i opened the door. The mistake was when he changed me. The mistake was everything lost.


4. It all begins...

I sat there, with my arms folded looking disgusted and betrayed when my old best friend Caroline was telling the most fabricated lie that anyone could. Her palms were resting against the teachers desk, with her boobs practically falling out of her top. She was faking her tears too no doubt about it. I felt, betrayed. Why would i ever tell secrets- to my so called "best friend" who was my only friend? All though i knew- that she was the bitch all along. No one knew the full story because she, was all everyone believed. I was shaking with anger, fist clenched, teeth gritted together. Wanting to spat out my words in front of Caroline. I don't know what made me- i just did it anyway.

"Oh my god Caroline! You do tell the most believable lies- i can't even look at you right now, why are we even having this stupid meeting?" I blurted, i slapped my mouth shut when i knew what i said was bad, from the look of my head masters eyes- he was furious.

Mr. Clarke, is a middle-aged pervert who sits on his sorry ass on the computer in his office god knows doing what.

I never liked him. One day i went to see if Mrs Manaring was available still for my- cool down. Mr clarke came out buttoning his white blouse and zipping his pants- Mrs Manaring was sat on top of the desk looking flustered, with her hair looking like she just got out of bed, her buttons were done up wrong, with her eyes wide. I never went back to that place since.

"Shut it, You know Delilah- I'm starting to think you do need counseling again..." He muttered- Does he hear what he is saying right now? Mr Clarke wasn't probably even listening to Caroline. Probably staring at her fake boobs. Wouldn't be surprised.

"No way! I am not a "murderer", I'm telling the godamn truth!" I whacked my hand on the desk, it made a huge sound which made Caroline jump out of her skin, she looked like she did something bad- i wouldn't be too surprised about that, telling me that i was a murderer and a bitch... Explains it all.

"Are you hearing yourself right now?" Caroline laughed and smirked, Walking up close to me, i maybe small but i am not afraid to punch someone in the face. Coming to think of it. I stormed out of the room, running up to the school roof's edge, Standing there, my face was all hot and red. My eyes were stinging. I was going to cry. I could imagine Caroline spitting and laughing in my face calling me a "cry baby freak.", Typical.

"Why? Why does it have to be me?" I asked the sky, yelling. I hated the fact my life was exactly like the boy who cried wolf- or maybe it has changed.

"Are you here for something?" I heard a males voice, and i spun around seeing a man, who looked around 19. All in black. Black flat hair- up to the edge of his chin and a stubbly beard, and of course. He didn't want to talk long.

"N-no... I'm thinking up here..." I thought about my words and refused to tell him what was going  on, I mean who wouldn't right?

"I've been waiting, 10 years for you. Delilah."

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