run girlie run

[Front cover by- tessellate- Check her out! ^^]
The mistake was when i opened the door. The mistake was when he changed me. The mistake was everything lost.


12. Decisions

Elizabeth left after three whole hours of moaning and smirking at the two brothers. She didn't complain about me being there. But now the mansion was completely silent. Besides the wind drafts and floor creaks. 

Darius needs you 

The same request kept on chanting in my head, but I couldn't avoid it. I was starting to get a headache. I didn't realize I was starving until my stomach growled at me like crazy. I had no idea where everything was. I had no idea where Zero or Stefan had been. 

        'You're thinking about us?' Stefan's deep, dark voice snickered from behind. I jumped and spun around to face him. His eyebrows were raised in confusion, he was holding a 'Morgans spiced rum' bottle and a shot glass in another. I sighed randomly, and walked over. 

      'I thought vampires aren't supposed to eat or drink human stuff,' I reminded him. Stefan laughed, a good one at that too. But in that reaction, I glared at him in annoyance. 

      'Wow girl, you really do crack me up!' His laughter gradually grew louder. 

      'No, you see this ring?' He showed a thick turquoise sapphire rock, that had been firmly glued on to a piece of circular metal. I nodded slowly, still looking at the rare diamond ring. 

     'Well, you see if I keep wearing this ring, I'd be allowed in sunlight, and able to eat human stuff.' He smiled faintly at me as if he didn't enjoy human stuff. I couldn't stop staring at him. Something was different about him when he wasn't acting like a total idiot. 

     Then the moment was spoiled of when the door knocked harshly twice. I insisted of opening the double doors, and Stefan didn't bother complaining. 

        'Hello Delilah,' A British voice greeted  me. 

I didn't know him. He had ginger flat hair and a stubble beard. He had a long necklace chain with a black cross dangling on the end. He wore a white jumper with a black blouse over it, and black jeans. 

        'I'm Darius, mind letting me in?'  

Stefan in a blink of an eye, was already by my side, holding my arm for safety. Nothing came out of my mouth- I was too shocked to speak. 


It can't be him. Zero was there by me in two seconds flat, hissing at Darius almost like a venomous snake. The two brothers looked like an avenging angel. Darius stood patiently out side. Or so it seemed. 

      'You know her time would come!' Darius screamed in a British accent at the two brothers. I backed up away slightly. 

      'Yes we did, but we didn't know it would be soon,' Zero answered, sounding in pain.

       'Come in, Darius. We need a talk,' I found myself inviting him in. I couldn't tell whether it was a bad thing. Because Zero and Stefan wasn't looking at me. 

Oh great, three vampires one human wouldn't turn out well... if there was an argument involved. 


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