run girlie run

[Front cover by- tessellate- Check her out! ^^]
The mistake was when i opened the door. The mistake was when he changed me. The mistake was everything lost.


9. An unexpected visit

  "Your name isn't really Zero, is it?" I asked as he was preparing mushroom ravioli for me for dinner. He didn't eat human food, he just drank blood I shivered as I stared at the fridge thinking of what those dark blue metal bottles could have inside them, it clearly wasn't water or juice. He stared deeply into the cooking pot, prodding at the mince and breaking them into separate tiny pieces. I could easily tell his jaw was tense with fear and guiltiness. 

   "No, it isn't. It's my nickname," He replied muttering- I could just about hear his response, and I looked back up at him in surprise. I folded my arms together and put them on the kitchen's table. It was bigger than my old table at my old home, way bigger. 

  "Then why is it Zero?" I asked with a hint of curiosity in my tone. Zero had finished preparing my dinner by then, but he was also fed up with me. I was asking too many questions for his liking. 

  "Because of my speed, I can kill a person in what seems like zero seconds." He gave up the tough person act. I blinked in alarm, and gulped slowly and I suddenly felt my stomach build up with something sickening. I placed down the knife and fork, and stared at him blankly. 

  "What is your real name?" I found myself stammering that question. Zero laughed, a good one at that too. He really must love seeing me scaring myself. He soon trailed of awkwardly as if he doesn't like his real name- and he preferred Zero. 

  "It's Shane," He sighed. That was a good name, I thought surprisingly. He smiled nervously at me as if he read my thoughts. "It sounds like a name an idiot would have," He said in a matter of fact way. I rolled my eyes at him sarcastically, and I couldn't help but smile at him. He really did look more of a Shane then Zero. I glanced at the ground for a minute, thinking of more questions for him to answer. 

 "Do you have family?" I shrugged, it wouldn't be surprising- but it would be depressing to here that he hadn't had any family. Zero's face turned into something hard and twisted. 

  "None that I speak to," He replied instantly and bitterly. I blinked in alarm again, and he went upstairs with his fists clenched as if i said something bad. A few moments later of awkward silence, the double front doors knocked three times from the outside. I suddenly froze, Zero was downstairs in a blink of an eye, and he opened the door. This time he froze as well. 

A man, tall, broad, muscular- chopped up hazel brown hair, a charming smile, dark golden brown eyes, he had a black t-shirt on, with a sort of bad-ass look going on. When the man smiled at Zero, I couldn't help but find him interesting. He looked as if he was full of dark secrets. 

   "Hello brother," He greeted smirking. Zero stared blankly into space, I couldn't really tell what he was staring at... he just looked dead. Zero's brother had a deep voice, I couldn't really figure out the accent, but it was irresistible and charming. I stared at his brother helplessly. 

  "Hello Stefan," He said bluntly and concernedly. Stefan, Zero's brother smiled at him. 

"She's here now, isn't she?" Stefan walked in the house and looks around the grand room as if he hadn't  been there before. He looked towards the open kitchen, seeing me sat on a chair, he looked expressionless- as if I wasn't meant to be here. 

 "That's not good..." He chorused nervously and his voice went high-pitched. He then walked over towards me slowly. Zero followed, keeping a stern and steady glare at his own brother. 

 "What are you doing here, Stefan?" He asked demanding for the truth. I didn't say anything, because this wasn't partly just about me. Something terrible must have happened in their brotherhood, because they act like complete sworn enemies. 

 "She's coming back, it's not just Darius that want's her." 


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