Sadie has had a hard life ever since her father left and it seems to get harder.



I feel my eyes turn from a light blue to a dark black as I try with all my might not to listen to the thoughts that spun around freely in my mind. ‘1-2-3’ I think to myself using the method my father had thought me long long ago to calm myself. Back when my dad was still around things were so much easier, the only time when I felt safe. Since then my mom had remarried to a man named John. He had seemed nice at first but I soon realized that he was anything but.


‘1-2-3’ I tried once more but looking down at my arm for the first time and seeing how it had started to gush bold was more than I could stand. I flew down the stairs and into the living room looking for a fight. “There you are Sadie, go get me a beer.” John ordered without moving his eyes from the T.V.

I went and grabbed him a beer all the while hating my self for doing so. He was already to drunk, which explained my bleeding arm so I decided that I should just let it go. I walked as quietly as human possible over to the back door and slid outside hoping that he heard nothing.


*******TIME CHANGE*******


“DING DONG” I waited a little bit and then the a familiar face came to the door, “What’s going on?” Fallon asked. I looked him over, he was wearing a short sheaved T-shirt that showed most of his tan muscular arms, and a pair of black jeans that matched his jet-black hair he looked hot like he always did.

“Nothing, I just needed a place to get away from every thing for a bit. Is that okay?” I asked him. His big brown eyes looked right into mine I felt at that moment he could read all my thoughts and feelings.

“You know my girlfriend is always welcome.” He said. Without saying anything else he lead the way to his room.

I pulled off my coat and watched him lie down on his bed. I walked across his huge room and lied down next to him my head resting on his chest. He took both my hands and examined them just as he always did.

It didn’t take long for him to find the gapping cut that was still gushing out bold. His body tensed up and I knew that he had as much anger as I had hade if not more. He pulled me closer and rapped both of his arms around me tightly. “What happened this time?” he asked trying his best to act calm without much success.

 “Oh you know the usual, John had to much to drink and well we both know what that does to him.” I said trying to act like I was no big deal and smiled my fake smile but Fallon knew me enough to know that I was faking it.

“Why don’t you stand up for yourself or something?” he asked, “That’s what I did. That’s what I always do. You have never seen him when he is drunk and plus your a lot stronger than I am and you still wouldn’t be able to take him.” I said to him but I knew that he was still having a bit of a hard time.

When anyone in his family gets mad at one another they all just sit and talk it out so he doesn’t really know about living a hard life, he really is perfect. I honestly don’t know why he would want to date a girl like me when he could get so much better.


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