Nothing Like Us

A girl and boy grow up together and slowly go their separate ways. When fate brings them together and they meet again they find it hard to have the love they once had.
23 year old Carrie, has struggled with abusive boyfreinds and trying to get away and change the past but the past has come back to her and to find the one person she always wanted is going to be harder than she thinks.


2. The Date

Chapter 2


"You look like you have been through a wind storm!" Krissa says, taking down my hair from the messy bun its in. "You can not see Josh looking like this!" she says. My hair is very long and I have been a brunete for about five years. It changed from dirty blonde to brunete when I was sixteen. "You cannot wear that shirt!" she says. "Why?" "Its..Just has coffee on it, and does not flatter your skintone at all." Krissa replies "We can run by my house and get something." she says. We live in St. Simons Island GA just of the coast of the North Atlantic. Everyone's house is in walking distance from the beach or some small body of water. Krissa and I came here after college at University of Alabama, and from living in Alabama our whole lives. When I dropped out and came here she finished college and came after me. We run up the street filled with moss trees lining the road up to Krissa's house. Her house is a pale blue with elegant white steps covering the front, and a large wooden door. "My brother came to visit so he might be here." she assures me. We walk in and atomatically you see her mom's trace of decorating and style all over, and a few paintings painted by Krissa. "Kevin?" she calls out to her brother. "Right here." The seventeen year old comes running down the stairs and hugs his sister. "so good to see you!" Krissa says. "Oh Kev' this is Carrie, you remember her?" "of course" he replies "Hey." "Hey." I say." Krissa then leads me up the stairs to her enormous room. Then opens two wide doors in the wall leading into a walk-in closet lined with flowy shirts and jeans. She looks through the stash of clothes saying "no, that wont work!" "no" "no" "maybe" "perfect!" She pulls a pink lace crop top and holds it up to my body. "Yep, put this on" she orders. "We are gunna be late!" she yells. Krissa grabs a bag off of the desk chair across the room and runs out the door. I quickly put on the shirt she gave me and run after her. She is already out the door and in the car. "come on!" We get in the car and drive to a local resturaunt and it takes us less that 15mins but seems longer with Krissa fixing her hair at every red light and saying hey to all our neighbors from the car window. We get there and people are lined up outside waiting to get a table. "Com'on they are inside already." Krissa says. She stops at the door and pulls some peices of my hair to the front and fixes some of my waves. "Te ves hermosa!" she says. "Thanks." "There he is" she says. I look over at a boy looking about my age maybe older, and very handsome. I see Krissa running to her boyfriend Tommy, throwing herself at him. "I missed you!" she says. Tommy has been a soldier in the Army for one and a half years now and has been away for a while. I walk over to the boy Krissa set me up with. "hey Im Carrie" I say "Josh, nice to meet you" he replies. His voice is soothing like a waterfall but not my kind of soothing that I used to know from Logan. Logan! Why am I thinking of him he is the past and I came to this town to get away from the past and the things that happened to me. We are lead to our reservated table and Josh pulls my chair out for me. Krissa and Tommy are sitting so close that i might become clostrophobic from looking at them.  The waitress finally comes by to take our drink orders and Josh, surprisingly is the first one to order. He asks for two of something calle a an "irish car bomb", which I have never heard of. "what is that?" I ask him. "Its a ½ shot of whiskey mixed with a ½ shot of Irish Cream." he says. "O" I say "What are you going to have?" He asks me . "I will just stick with water." I acknowledge the waitress. He looks at me and laughs to himself.  Krissa cannot keep her lips off of Tommy ever since they sat down. After the fith one of the "irish car... whatever" and a few of some drink called "zombie" I have had enough of the drunk comments he has been throwing at me and that I have been catching and throwing back, and the accational "cam down Care' " comming from Krissa. Then he said somethin that shocked me. "Im sorry but were you dropped on your head when you were little or were you born dumb!" I say and march out of the resturaunt. I run to the long wooden steps leading down to the sand of the beach and sit on the rock on the sand dune. Only one thing comes to mind. Logan.


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