Nothing Like Us

A girl and boy grow up together and slowly go their separate ways. When fate brings them together and they meet again they find it hard to have the love they once had.
23 year old Carrie, has struggled with abusive boyfreinds and trying to get away and change the past but the past has come back to her and to find the one person she always wanted is going to be harder than she thinks.


1. Back In Time

Chapter 1


"Carrie, order up!" Missy yells as she throws me a bag. I take it over to a customer. "hey girl!' A familar voice says. "what are you doing here so early?" I say reaching over the counter to hug my best freind. " Well I was thinking that maybe Missy could let you out early so we could get to Dinner, Josh is going to be there at 5:00!" Krissa says. Missy is my boss. She has been my boss ever since I dropped out of college and started working at the coffee shop. "Get excited" she says hopefully "hes a nice guy!" "explain to me the plan again." I say. "ok he is a freind of Daniel's and is very handsome.." "he is a surgen, 22, and perfect for you!" She says laughing. "Alright my shift gets done at 4:30 so i will meet you outside in a few minutes." K!" Krissa says as she runs out the door almost knocking people over. I start handing out caramel frappichinos and donauts left and right. We are always really busy around the end of the day and the start of it. "Carrie your two orders behind!" Missy yells from across the room. "Sorry I will get right on that!" "Hi welcome to Harvey's how may I help you?" I say "Carrie?" The customer asks looking at me. "Yes?" "Do you remember me?" he says "Im sorry I-" but I stop my self.


"Yea" he says. Suddenly everything comes back to me in my head. The blonde hair and blue eyes that when we were sixteen, I went to Prom with, and then the next year after that. That when we were three, I would dress up in pink dresses, and would play princess with me. The blonde hair and blue eyes that now stands way taller than me and in a twenty two year old body. I look up at him.

"Logan?" suddely a big crack rings through the room and I look down at the ground were the coffe mug decided to escape from my hands. "I am so sorry!" I say as im on the floor picking up the peices of glass. "I will make you another." "No its fine" he says, but im already at the coffe maker. "Here you go." I say "Its on the house." "No." He says, pulling money out of his poket. "there is a little extra for you in there." He says, handing me money. "Thank you" "Hey maybe we can sit down and catch up sometime." he says walking out the door. "Yea that would be great!" I say but he is already out the door. I run throught the shop, taking off my apron on the way. "Hey Lady!" A man yells from the counter. "Sorry!" I yell back. I hang my apron on the hook that says my name, and run to the back were Missy is. I sling myself through the door to her office. "Missy!" I say out of breath. "Child calm down you look like someone just died, or the stores burnn'in down." "It better be one of those cause you need to get back to work!" She says looking down at a "Southern Living" magazine. "Missy, may I please be let off early I have got somewhere to be!" I say hopefully "Child we all got somewhere to be, but where you gotta be is giving coffee to those customers." "And don't sass me." she says sternfully. "Yes ma'am." I run to the counter not even worrying about the apron im supposed to wear. "Yes how may I help you!" I say taking the orders as fast as I can, and when there is no one left I run out the door. I look for Krissa. "Krissa!' I yell. "Right here." she says. "Whats wrong with you?'' "He's here!" I say. "I know I saw him!" she says, "I talked to him."

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