Our Days Are Numbered

Four friends embarked on a memorable trip in the countryside to celebrate the summer; however, while they were isolated from the world, they were unknowing of the mortifying reality that waited for them when they returned from paradise. They were young, free, and having fun, if there was one thing they weren’t, it was prepared. Especially for the hell-inflicting disaster of the zombie apocalypse. Darcy, Brooke, Sam and Jamie have one task, and one task only, and that is to survive.


3. Three

“You’re fucking kidding me.” I sighed, picking up the one double duvet placed on the double mattress. “Only one duvet too?” Sam followed and smiled.

“Useless, aren’t they?” He said, setting out the mattress slap-bang in the middle of the tent compartment. I placed the duvet down on the make-shift bed and pondered for a while. It was only eleven and I wasn’t even tired. I sat cross-legged on our shitty camp bed and smiled up at Sam. His eyes were glinting in the lantern light; he had those stupidly beautiful eyes that changed colour, from green, to blue, to brown. It hurt my heart how pretty he was, he was like art – priceless, beautiful, flawless art. And I swear to God, you didn't even want to get me started on his bone structure…

"These two weeks are going to be amazing," I mused in my drunkness. Sam plopped down on the bed next to me.

"I am inclined to agree with you there." He laughed softly, and I slowly felt my heart melting into a puddle, his laugh was the best thing there possibly was to hear. "Hey, we better get some sleep, Jamie'll probably want us up to go exploring tomorrow morning." I groaned in annoyance. Jamie always slept when it fitted him, but whenever anybody else wanted to sleep he made it his goal to wake them up.

We snuggled into the surprisingly warm duvet, and I used the fact it was cold as an excuse to get closer to Sam than usual. "Night Darcy." Sam said in his tired, drunk voice, closing his eyes as soon as his head hit the pillow.

"Goodnight, Sam." I whispered, taking an extra second before I closed my own to admire how perfect his face looked when he was sleeping. I guessed the whole sleeping arrangement thing wouldn't be so bad after all.

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