Our Days Are Numbered

Four friends embarked on a memorable trip in the countryside to celebrate the summer; however, while they were isolated from the world, they were unknowing of the mortifying reality that waited for them when they returned from paradise. They were young, free, and having fun, if there was one thing they weren’t, it was prepared. Especially for the hell-inflicting disaster of the zombie apocalypse. Darcy, Brooke, Sam and Jamie have one task, and one task only, and that is to survive.


4. Four

Just as Sam had predicted, Jamie had unzipped our compartment in the tent and was sitting on our legs, jumping up and down to wake us up. It was barely eight in the morning.

"Jamie, have I ever told you how much I hate you?" I mumbled, pressing my fingers to my temples.

"Nope," he replied, not shifting his weight in the slightest.

"Well I'm telling you now."

Sam eventually pushed him off and told him to leave. We both sat up, groaning. I wondered how Brooke put up with him.

We were summoned to the dysfunctional-square-chair-arrangement for breakfast. Brooke handed me a cup of steaming tea and a bacon sandwich. God bless Brooke for being an early riser.

"Thank you," I mumbled, my head still hurting slightly. Jamie came into the circle with a huge tree branch in his hands, like an oversized walking stick.

"Today we're going exploring," he said proudly, putting his chin in the air like he knew all about nature.

"Alright, Bear Grylls, calm down." Sam said, sipping his tea. We all shared a chuckle and finished our breakfasts. What exactly was forest exploring attire? The sun was high in the sky, so I settled on shorts.

I has seriously underestimated the beauty of the forest. "I told you it was beautiful," Sam would say smugly to himself. We passed fields of colourful flowers. "They're foxgloves," Brooke said, pointing to the soaring plants with purple flowers. Sam would stop every so often and smile at me, and every time he did I felt my heart stop beating momentarily. There were tree roots scattering the earth where I was walking, so I had to remember to stop glancing at Sam otherwise I'd trip and look like an idiot.

The trees towered high above us, blocking out most of the sunlight, and ivy climbed along the tree trunks, clinging on for dear life. I looked ahead to see Jamie and Brooke walking hand in hand, laughing and giggling away to each other. I sighed.

Sam must have noticed. He came over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Aw, is Darcy feeling left out?" He teased which made me giggle. I hate how he had that stupid effect on me that made me feel like a fourteen year old girl. We carried on walking. Sam's arm was still around me, and he was humming the tune to 'Blackbird' by the Beatles. His hair was getting quite long, I noticed, and he had to flick it to get it out of his eyes. God, was that adorable.

We only walked for an hour or so longer, before heading back to camp. We were so oblivious to the fact we'd nearly been walking for six hours. "I'm so exhausted," I said once we finally got back to our tent, and I sunk down into a pathetic deck chair which momentarily gave the tiniest bit of comfort.

"Aw Darcy only has little legs." Sam teased, smirking.

"Mock my height and I'll punch you." I smiled innocently.

"I'd like to see you try."

"You're not worth it Sammy." I looked up and grinned at him, he tried his best to fake hurt, placing his hand on his heart.

"I'll get you back for that, you better watch your back," he joked.

We set up a campfire with some wood that Jamie and Brooke had gathered, and began warming our hands on the flames after the sun had dipped below the horizon. Wrapping up warm in blankets and woolly jumpers, we conversed about life, tonight without alcohol; our reserves were limited, and we had another thirteen days to make each beer count.

Clenching a cup of tea in my shivering hands, the conversation swayed to me. "Darcy, you've been single for way too long now," Jamie said, his arm wrapped around Brooke. I felt a little uncomfortable.

"I'm fine," I said, not even glancing at Sam.

"What about that guy, what's he called?" Brooke mused.

"Kyle? Dan? Bradley?"

I interrupted them, "how about no, no, and no. I'm perfectly happy as I am." I decided to make a break for it. "I think we need some more firewood."

Ambling around the outskirts of the camp, I made myself look like I was searching for firewood, when in reality I couldn't give a crap about the goddamned fire, I just wanted to get away from the patronising conversation. I wouldn't have minded getting lost right then, to be fair. The sun hadn't fully set, and the sky had turned pinks, purples, and even oranges.

I felt a warm shoulder on my hand, and I swore my heart stopped beating because I had never been so scared in my life. I turned around to see that stupidly attractive face.

"Jesus, Sam. Don't do that." I said annoyed, gently punching him in the arm. He let out a soft chuckle.


I raised my eyebrows at him, "no you're not."

"I am, I'm truly sorry from the bottom of my heart." His eyes looked so pretty, like, enchantingly pretty. Today they looked mostly blue, with tiny flecks of green in them. Damn you, Sam, damn you, I can't even stay mad at you with those eyes.

"Come here, you look like you need a hug." He said softly, embracing me in his arms. I wanted to stay there forever, he was warm, and strong and everything that I couldn't have. Jamie shouted over at Sam to help him with the generator because it had stopped working. I pulled away from Sam. "Thanks," I mumbled, and Sam went on his way to help Jamie. I made a mental note to remember to punch Jamie in the face for ruining that hug. 

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