From School to One Direction

Can you imagine you sit in your boring classroom and suddenly you are the background singer of 1D???
Yes, that happened to me....
And with me, i mean a totally normal girl !!!




At school: 


"What happened in 1945? Does anybody know that? Maybe you, Clara? What happened in this year??? Clara, can you hear me or do I speak a foreign language? Clara!!! WAKE UP!!!"" 

 That´s my history teacher Mr. White. He´s the worst person I know and he hates me. Ok, I have to tell you, that nearly everybody in my school hates me (apart from my little group of friends). Do you wanna know why? I´m good, I mean I´m a nerd at school but I don´t learn very much  or do anything like that, I just know the right answers. Therefore everybody thinks I´m cheating and especially Mr. White would like to get rid of me, but he will never manage this. 

"Clara! If you don´t give me the correct answer, you´ll have to go to the principal!!!"

And now there´s the last chance to save my ass from being in detention. I hate this school !!! But I need a great graduation in order to go to medizine school.... so i have to talk to him: 


"Yeah, of course I´m awake.You don´t need to scream  Mr. White. In 1945 the World War 2. ended, of course I know that."

" .... right.... but this was your last warning! Next time you´ll... "

Finally the school bell rings. The best sound of the day.

But school isn´t over yet, I have just my big break now and this break is actually not like the breaks in teenie- movies. Either my friends are older than me or they are younger so i´m alone in my breaks but at least i have my books, my phone and my ipod.

I´m obsessed with music, especially thanks to my best friend Rachel with One Direction. But I´m not the kind of fan which stalks them and knows really everything about their lifes, I´m this kind of fan which really likes their music but doesn´t tell anybody that I know more than their names.

So like always I´m going to spend my next hour with listening music and texting awkward things to my besties.

" Everybody who wants to participate on the big song contest next week has to register till 3 pm."                                          

- a voice in the speaker says. 

Every year in april a talent scout visits my school to find newcomer, and every year the whole school takes part... apart from me. 

Of course I play the piano and violin and I sing, but I just do it for myself and not for other people. These things are my secret hobbys and maybe I´m talented but I´m not interested in becoming famous, starting a big career, being in public, working very hard and dying without being happy. I´d like to study medicine, I just wanna help other people, I have to do this; doesn´t matter what I have to do to reach my aim. 







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