" Uhmm, Do I Know You?"

" Uhmm, do I know you? " I asked him.
" You really don't know?" the hurt visible in his words.
I stared at his face. Gleaming blue eyes and brown side swept hair.
Was I supposed to know who he was?
*** Hey guys hope you like it :). I know it's a little early but a co- author would be awesome. Criticism would be great.


8. Chapter 8


Lexi's P.O.V

As he set me down I buried my head in his neck. We hugged for what felt like forever until he finally spoke "I missed you Lex" something wet hit my shoulder. I released from our hug to see a few tears slide down his cheeks. Tears welled my eyes as I wiped away his tears "I missed you too LouBoo." He smiled at me while letting out a small laugh. I giggled at the sound of his laugh. I faintly remember his laugh from when we were younger. Now it was deep ish and more adorable. We stood there in silence just smiling at the ground until Eleanor came up behind Louis. She places her head on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. Louis turned around and hugged her I faintly heard him whisper "Thank you Eleanor. For everything." Eleanor stared at me while they hugged. She mouthed the words " Thank you" to me. I smiled and watched them. I really hope Eleanor takes good care of Louis. Louis always imagined his princess to be sweet, kind, and caring. To be prettier than me, which I thought was impossible being the cheeky sister I am. But overall Eleanor seemed like his princess. His only true princess. I happy for them.

I just hope he doesn't ask me too many questions...


Hello my Bad Asses :)

I'm truly sorry I haven't updated for who knows how long, but I promise I will update more often.

So why doesn't Lexi want Louis to ask a lot of questions? Leave your predictions in the comments bellow.

Until next time

- Chloe xx


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