" Uhmm, Do I Know You?"

" Uhmm, do I know you? " I asked him.
" You really don't know?" the hurt visible in his words.
I stared at his face. Gleaming blue eyes and brown side swept hair.
Was I supposed to know who he was?
*** Hey guys hope you like it :). I know it's a little early but a co- author would be awesome. Criticism would be great.


6. Chapter 6



So many thoughts raced through my head.

' It's him! '

' Why didn't my mum tell me? Oh wait she's not my real mum? '

Why didn't my mum tell me?!

I've spent ten years  not knowing and loving my ' mum'.

I didn't notice I was crying until a felt my cheeks. 


I looked at my appearance in the mirror.

 My mascara was running, my eyes red, and my hair stuck to the sides of my head.

I started splashing cold water on my face when a knock echoed through the room. 

The door opened just a crack to reveal Eleanor.

" Can I come in?"

she whispered.

I gave her a half smile.

She opened the door just wide enough for her fit body to squeeze through.

" Do you remember him?" She asked after an awkward silence.

I stared at her, tears welling up at the rim of my eyes.

I fell to the cold marble floor. 

My emotions flowing out of me.

Hapiness, furry, saddness, pain, all flowing out.

 Eleanor bent down and hugged me like a teddy bear.

" Shhh" she coed.

My cries were slightly calmed.

She released me from her hug.



We both started laughing 

We stood up .

I ran my fingers through my cotton candy purple hair.

I once again stared at my reflection.

" Let's fix you up"

Eleanor pulled out blush, mascara, and red lipstick out of her silver clutch.

I grinned at her, my new sister.




After Lexi darted to the Lou I was on he verge of crying.

Why can't she remember?

How is she even alive?

I ran my hands through red hair.

( he dyed his red for Red Nose Day)

I strolled over to the bar taking a seat next to Liam and Danielle.

" Oi mate happy birthday"

Liam said patting my shoulder.

I stayed silent.

" Why the glum face ? "

Dani asked, ruffling my hair.

" I found her" I whispered.

" What?"

Dani and Liam asked in unison.

Comfusion written all over their faces.

I stared at them.

Nor sure how to say it .

I can't just say " Hey I found my long lost sister Lexi after ten years".

I took a deep breathe controlling my emotions.

" Lexi"

I breathed.

They looked at each other.

Then down to the floor.

Danie ran her fingers through her brown curly hair.

I sighed and buried my face in my hands.





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