" Uhmm, Do I Know You?"

" Uhmm, do I know you? " I asked him.
" You really don't know?" the hurt visible in his words.
I stared at his face. Gleaming blue eyes and brown side swept hair.
Was I supposed to know who he was?
*** Hey guys hope you like it :). I know it's a little early but a co- author would be awesome. Criticism would be great.


4. Chapter 4/ Authors Note



Hey guys so uhmm... My friends she said it would be a good idea to have a question and answer on this. So uhmm ya comment any questions you have about me


Chapter 4


" Omg! Is that Louis Tomlinson?!"

a girlish scream screeched. 

Her accent reminded me of one of those annoying peppy girls.

I pulled my hood string to the max and ran.

Why can't I leave my house without THIS having to happen?!

I love our fans but this is just overwhelming.

I jiggled the door kinob of my home, desperately trying to unlock it.

The screams of our fans caused me to jump.

' click' 

the knob finally moved. 

I opened the door and shut it fast, just in time to escape their clawing nails and screams. 

I made my way over to the kitchen.

All the lads were with their families, but will come over later.

Harry said he's bringing over Taylor, his new girlfriend.

She was always rude to Eleanor and the other girls.

She would always make her self act like a hooker in front of us guys .

I'm pretty much alone for my

Eleanor had to do a photo shoot.

I let out a sigh.

I missed Lexi....

' Ring Ring Ring'

My phone rang.

' EleBear'

A smile weaves onto my chapped lips as I saw her name.

' Hi BooBear'

her joyful voice beamed through the speakers.

' Hi princess'

' Get ready. We're going somewhere.'

' It's a surprise isn't it'

'Calm down. Ok ok I'll get ready geez'

' Yay bye love you'

' Bye love you'

That other line went silent.

' God help me' 

I thought.

 I trudged to my room like an ape.


*****LEXI'S P.O.V******


" One more shot ladies"

 the photographer exclaimed over the loud sound of the fan.

Eleanor and I did a normal pose.

Her arm holding a beach ball the other on her hip.

Both of my arms in my hair.

' Click'

" That's a wrap !"

the director screamed. 

Eleanor dropped the beach ball and gave me a hug.

I hugged back as the strong fan started slowing down.

" I had no idea modeling would be so- much fun!"

I said as we walked back to our dressing area.

She nodded then smiled.

" We'll I'm gonna go change"

i said making a bee- line to the changers.

" You don't have to. The suits are ours now."

I stopped in my tracks.

" Your kidding right."

A smile started to form on my lips.

 Eleanor caught up to me.

" Jeez and why would I be kidding ?"

She laughed.

I shook my head and walked over to my bag.

I took out my clothing and started putting them on.

" Do you want to come over?" Eleanor asked looking through her phone.

" My fiancé 's birthday is today" she smiled as she said fiancé.

I thought about for a moment.

" Sure I just need to get some decent clothes. I'll meet you at the venue which is where exactly?"

she giggled

" I'll pick you up, no worries"

" great ready to go?"

 I asked taking a sip of coffee.

She nodded.

We made our way to the lift,then to the lobby.



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