" Uhmm, Do I Know You?"

" Uhmm, do I know you? " I asked him.
" You really don't know?" the hurt visible in his words.
I stared at his face. Gleaming blue eyes and brown side swept hair.
Was I supposed to know who he was?
*** Hey guys hope you like it :). I know it's a little early but a co- author would be awesome. Criticism would be great.


3. Chapter 3


******NEXT MORNING*******

" Shit" I cursed as I stumbled out of bed. Today was the big day, the day that my dreams come true. I quickly took a shower, got dressed and had breakfast. I didn't bother getting fancied up, that's their job. I grabbed my keys and opened the door. I walked through the corridor of the building. I quickened my pace as I reached the lobby. I opened the glass door that lead me to the lot. 

I reached my SUV and quickly opened the door. The cool air of December caused my hands to shake. I backed out of the lot nerves stirring inside me, excitement bursting out of me.



I reached a a glass building. The building stood at about 21 stories and the doors kept opening and closing as people rushed in and out. I opened the doors that lead me to my dreams. My feet hit the marble floors as I made my way to the reception's desk.

" Hi. Photo shoot for Lexi- Marie Tomlinson please." I gave her a warm smile.

The receptionist was young and beautiful.  She had blonde hair that put up in a bun, grey eyes, and long eyelashes. She was wearing a pink pencil skirt and a polka dotted shirt. Her name tag read " Louise" that name sounded awfully familiar, but I thought it was nothing.

" Ahh yes, floor 3B Ms. Tomlinson" she said with a warm smile.

i thanked her and made my way to the lift. I pressed the up button.

The lift doors opened to reveal walls with glistening mirrors, golden hand bars, and a table with a coffee dispenser and cups.

I entered the lift and pressed the button that lead me on floor 3B.

 The doors started to close when a young female voice yelled " Keep the doors opened". I stuck my hand inbetween the doors.

A fairly tall girl entered panting. 

" Thank you" she managed to say. I nodded and smiled.

She was beautiful. Long ombré hair, hazel eyes, and long eyelashes. 

" 3B" please she said leaning against the table.

" Same here." I replied. I shot her a warm smile. She gave one back.

" You the new model?" She asked, a Manchester accent visible.

I nodded.

The lift doors opened into a large room with people rushing everywhere carrying pieces of clothing, makeup, etc.

" Whoah" I breathed.

I stepped out. 

" Im Eleanor Calder"

The gorgeous girl said.

" Lexi- Marie Tomlinson, but you can call me Lexi." 

I extended my hand out. Her soft hand shook mine. 

" So do you know what department your doing" she said as she walked somewhere.

I decided to follow. 

" Nope" I said popping the 'p'.

She let out a giggle. " We'll lucky for you, your with me." I gave her a puzzled look.

" How do you know that?"

" My agent mentioned a girl named Lexi- Marie, that will be joining us for the rest of the season." She winked at me.

" Okie dokie"

" right so today, we're going to do bikini shoot in partners. Do you want to be my partner?" She asked.

" Well you are the only person I met so far, so-" I let the so extend.

" I'm gonna take that as a yes" she smiled and grabbed my wrist leading me through the crowds of people.

She walked to a man around his mid-40s. " Hey Eleanor" he said. A tint of a southern accent in his voice.

" Hey Manual. This is Lexi- Marie" she pushed me up to him.

I stumbled as she pushed me.

" Whoops." Eleanor said grabbing hold of my arm.

One I gained my balance I said a quick a hello to Manual, before being pulled behind a rack of swimsuits.

" What is with all the yanking and pulling?! I won't have my arms by the time this thing ends?" I said laughing.

" Sorry" she raised her hands in defense. ". Here you can pick out any swimsuit you choose to wear for the shoot" she said looking through the racks of clothing.

I picked out a turquoise  two piece with white polka dots. It looked similar to the one Taylor Swift wore before.

I smiled at it. " Perfect" I whispered.

" Ooooo that's really cute! Try it on." She pointed to a door with a silver handle. 

I walked swiftly to the door, locking it as I entered. I stripped off my clothing and put on the two piece. I stared at my reflection in the full size mirror. I smiled as I saw myself. I used to be insecure but I actually liked myself now.

A gentle knock pulled me out of my thoughts.

Eleanor's came through " Done yet?"



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