" Uhmm, Do I Know You?"

" Uhmm, do I know you? " I asked him.
" You really don't know?" the hurt visible in his words.
I stared at his face. Gleaming blue eyes and brown side swept hair.
Was I supposed to know who he was?
*** Hey guys hope you like it :). I know it's a little early but a co- author would be awesome. Criticism would be great.


2. Chapter 2



"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth

but if I do it's true it's you

its you they add up to"

" And all your little things"

I sang along to One Direction.

The British/ Irish boyband, that are my inspirations.

' Kiss You' soon came on.

I jumped around my cozy flat screeching the lyrics like a a hawk.

" Keep it down!" My grumpy old neighbor hollered.

I turned the volume down.

" Sorry Mr. Jonson "

I did a little dance on Louis' part.

He was the God of my world.

My last name is also Tomlinson, but I consider it to be nothing but a coincidence.

" And let me kiss you"

I whispered screamed.

i giggled at my child like actions. 

Even if I was 23 I acted like I was a 5 year old.

I heard my phone go off.

Blocked number.

 I shrugged it off and answered the phone


" Hello?"

" Is this Lexi- Marie Tomlinson?"

A female voice replied.

" This is she"

" Hello Lexi this is Miss Anders. The head of Victoria's Secret. I saw your application for the job and I can gladly say your hired"

' Yes! Oh My God I've always wanted this job. Modeling is my life this is it !"

my thoughts were interrupted.

" Are you still there Ms. Tomlinson?"

" Oh yes, yes."

i stuttered my words.

" Well are you interested?" 

The impatience clear in her voice.

" Yes m'am"

I attempted to say without screaming.

" Great, stop by tomorrow morning for your first shoot."

" Great, you won't regret anything!" 

" I hope so."

After the line went dead I let out a little scream. 

Oh who am I kidding, any higher I would've cracked a window.

i jumped around my room bumping into all sorts of things.

I collapsed on my bed laughing like a madman.



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