" Uhmm, Do I Know You?"

" Uhmm, do I know you? " I asked him.
" You really don't know?" the hurt visible in his words.
I stared at his face. Gleaming blue eyes and brown side swept hair.
Was I supposed to know who he was?
*** Hey guys hope you like it :). I know it's a little early but a co- author would be awesome. Criticism would be great.


1. Chapter 1


            LOUIS' P.O.V

****** 10 YEARS EARLIER*********

" Pass the ball !"

A delicate yet joyful voice yelled.

My family and I were having a day out at the beach.

Right now I was playing volleyball with my Older sister, Lexi.

 I hit the white ball with my fist causing it to fly out into the sea.

" I got it"

She ran towards the sea.

Her brown curly hair bouncing with every step she took.

She went in, head first.

She grabbed the ball,

" Got it!" .

" Lexi look out!" My mothers voice shrieked.

An current  hovered over Lexi. 

Her blood curdling scream rang through my ears. 

The current came toppling down her, causing her to dissappear into the bottomless  ocean.... Lost... Forever...

*** PRESENT DAY******

" Louis get up! " 

A voice hollered in my ears.

I groaned as the sun's lazier beams seeped through the drawn back curtains.

" Happy birthday !!" 

Eleanor yelled causing me to flinch.

Today was my 21 birthday.

I've spent ten years worth without my sister. 

Yesterday was her birthday.

" Thanks babe" I said to my lovely fiancé.

I sat her down on my lap resting my head once more on her shoulder. 

I shut my eyes once more.

" Oh jesus Louis! You can't spend your whole birthday sleeping!" She jumped off my lap only to be pulled back down.

" Kiss me." I mumbled.

" Then I'll get up" I smirked.

I soon felt a pair of soft delicate lips on mine.

" I know your sad about Lexi. But you can't spend your whole life mourning." 

She quickly hugged me then jumped off my lap.

She was right I can't .

But Lexi made me what I am today.

 She's the reason I grew an addication to music, auditioned for x- factor. 

I spent ten years without her. 

She missed everything.

All beacause of me.

I should've been the one taken away. 

I should of stopped her.

 If it weren't for me we would be happy together.

Brother and sister till the very end.



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