Cry Me A river & drown in it.... -Harry Styles Love Story-

It's like you're screaming, and no one can hear
You almost feel ashamed
That someone could be that important
That without them, you feel like nothing
No one will ever understand how much it hurts
You feel hopeless; like nothing can save you
And when it's over, and it's gone
You almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back
So that you could have the good

"Wendy Run away with me"
"i can't i'd drown if i did"

"How Could you ?.....


1. Wendy Run Away With Me

"Listen here bitch you are ganna break up with him do you hear me"Louis shouted at me while pulling my hair

i tried to scream but someone put their hands on my mouth to prevent me form screaming

"Make a sound and you wont see your boyfriend again babe"Niall whispered in my ears slowly

i shrugged at the thought those boys did really scare me

i nodded me head indicating that i wont  make a sound.he looked unsure for a second but then he let go slowly

"Look Bitch he will get tired of you anyway so we will just save you trouble anyway"Lindsay told me 

while Louis was still pulling my hair hard

every one laughed as soon as the tears formed in my eyes they left me actually they threw me on the ground leaving me there broken and bruised

-During Lunch-

i walked in the hall way and watched everyone people smiling some laughing everyone was busy doing something 

they had a life

i entered the lunch room seeing the line i waited until i got what i wanted which was an apple and water

zayn thought i was too fat so i decided to eat less maybe they will like me then

i spotted harry and the guys.i sighed as i walked over there receiving as many glares as possible from the girls as in all the girls

"Hey babe" harry said as i sat down .he pecked me on the lips making a revolutionary wall inside my stomach

"Hey Harry"i said with a smile well a forced one but we can keep this one a secret

we ate in silence and by we i meant we while the boys we too busy glaring at me to focus on anything

the whole time i couldn't even look at the food i didn't even bother eating anything 

i kept thinking about what they "Threatened" me to do

the bell rang but i didn't hear it i was brought back when harry shook me 

"The bell rang babe" harry said looking truly concerned

"Oh"was my only reply by now i am sure my face is colorless

"You guys go" harry told everyone else in the group telling them to leave

i sighed

"That's it"harry said when the table was clear of everyone

harry grabbed my hand and lead me out of school carefully well Skipping school in order not to get caught by any teacher

-At The Secret Place-

"Babe what's wrong"Harry asked me 

when we reached our favorite place it was a garden or more like a forest behind the school that no one cam saying it could be dangerous or anything

but it was special place for me

"Nothing"i mumbled

"Come here"Harry gestured while he held his arms wide opened for me

in a second i didn't even think about it i jumped in his arms.he sung me around twirling me

i kept giggling and laughing i forgot about everything from home school everything it was just harry and me

 we fell down on the grass next to each other nothing but silence upon us but it wan't an awkward one it was comforting 

"i wanna stay here forever"i said breaking the silence

"Just you and me no one else"i continued

harry was now on top of me resting his weight by his hands he slowly leaned down and kissed me making me realize something that i was his and he was mine only mine.

we were infinite

 he stood up and grabbed me hand leading me up with him.he looked some how nervous

wait was he breaking up with me?

"Lola "harry said

"What hazza ?"i asked

"Wendy run away with me "harry told me 

he picked my favorite part of somewhere in never land song for all time low i almost died


"I love you so much babe"he told me

"I love you too"i replied

-Back at school-

"Im ganna go get my stuff and i'll meet you in the car okay babe"harry told me 

"Sure babe"i replied pecking his lips

i was almost done

"Well well well isn't it the little miss sunshine"i froze i knew that voice too well

"Answer me bitch"i was kicked to the floor

i looked up to find louis and Lindsay standing there

i gulped nervously while crawling back to my locker slowly

"You have till the end of today then you ...:"Lindsay began to speak but Louis cut her of

by slapping me HARD across my face

"Do it today or else"louis said

and with that they both turned there back and started walking to the parking Lott

this is ganna be a long day ..........






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