Forbidden Love <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story <3)

"I HATE YOU JUSTIN" "Oh yeah really? Well guess what i Hate you too" "i stared at him blankly as he walked closer to me "You drive me crazy" i whispered "Not as crazy as you dive me" I opened my mouth to speak and before i could he Grabed my face and kissed me! My bestfriend Justin bieber just kissed me, and the worst part is i Loved every second of it.


5. Zac</3

June 27, 2012 12:00 am

(Justin's POV) "Oh my god! Where is she!?" My mother and Cherri laughed "justin honey calm down." My mom said standing up from the couch. "What calm down its midnight and she isn't even home yet." Cheri laughed "okay hunny well we are going to bed" she said hugging me and so did my mom. "Fine go to bed ill wait for her by myself" they shook their heads and walked toured the stairs. "Justin hunny wait until at least 1:00 before you go calling the cops okay?" "Ha ha ha very funny but you guys will thank me one day!!!" I yelled after them as they walked up the stairs I looked out the window one more time before sittin on the couch and turning on the tv....I heard a car door slam and i sat up. I must had fallen asleep because when I woke up it was 1:15 I jumped up off the couch and looked out the window they were finally home He walked her up to the door an they were laughing. He said something and he looked like he was about to kiss her I had to do something I quickly grabbed my jacked and jerk the door open. (My POV) we were standing on my front porch after the date. Zac was staining into my eyes "you have a piece of grass still in your hair" he pulled it out and we laughed. He was staring at me and I was at him as well he was just about to kiss me when the door flew open. "Angela? What are you doing out here?" I sighed and rolled my eyes "I could ask you the same thing bieber!" "Me I was just going for a walk" "at almost 1:30?" He nodded "never to late, i wasn't interrupting anything was i?" he smirked I gave him a dirty look. "We'll I better go." "Yeah you better" I stomped on Justin's foot "owe!" "I'll call you later okay?" I nodded "night zac" "night beautiful" he kissed my cheek "justin" "zac" I watched zac walk down the drive way then I pushed past justin into the house. He closed the door. "What the hell is your problem!" "Nothing" he said flopping on the couch. I crossed my arms. "Thought you wanted to go for a walk?" I raised my eye brow. "What are you nuts its 1:30 in the morning I may get killed." He smirked "we'll I'm beat I'm going to bed." "We'll then don't even move because you're not sleeping in my room" he stood up. "What, why" I turned around "if you seriously can not tell me why then your are deff not sleeping in my room!" "Angie!" I ignored him an walked up the stairs. "Angie!!" "Good night justin." I walked into my room ad slammed the door Shut I could not believe him!!! How could he do this? I quickly changed into my pjs and climbed into bed. I plugged my phone in and saw a message from zac. "Good night beautiful<3" I smiled at the text then clicked my phone off. I laid my head down and closed my eyes! Things were so amazing right now. (Justin's POV) I can't believe Angie is making me sleep on this stupid couch all by my damn self!!! I crawled up on the couch and logged onto twitter @justinbieber #couchbound thanks a lot @Angelalee :P night everyone I love you<3 I retweeted a few fans and then logged off. I closed eyes and almost feel asleep when I heard a noise coming from the kitchen I stood up and grabbed the broom the only thing near me. I slowly walked into the kitchen. I didn't see anybody so I went to walk out. "What are you doing?" I jumped fifty feet. "Jesus Christ Chaz! What are you doing up!" He shrugged "I was hungry" I laughed "you are always hungry" he smiled "whatever, so what are you doing down here?" I sighed "oh Angela is making me sleep on the couch." He raised his eyebrow "and why is that?" I shrugged "I guess she is a little mad I stopped her kiss with zac" Chaz shook his head and smirked "what?" "Nothing dude you two make me laugh" I looked at him weird "and why is that?" He stood up from the table. "Nothing man I'm going to bed." "Okay? Whatever man see you In the morning." "Have fun on that couch!" I through an rag at him and he dodged it. " night buddy" "yeah yeah yeah" I said walking back into the living room. I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes! Soon drifting off to sleep. (Angie's POV) I woke up the next morning to my phone being blown up. I looked at it an they were all from twitter. #angelaleeisameany was trending what the hell! I pulled up Justin's twitter and saw his tweet @justinbieber #couchbound thanks a lot @Angelalee :P night everyone I love you<3 I laughed and rolled out of bed. I got up and got dressed I grabbed my phone off of the bed and headed down stairs justin was still asleep so I walked over and stood in front of the couch. I got down close to his ear. "Justin" he smiled "mmm Beyonce. I held back my laughter. "Oh justin I love you" he smiled" "oh Angela I love you" I stumbled back! What did he just say. I got close to his ear. "You love me?" "Mmm more than the world. I love your hair and smile and big feet and weird hair" I frowned what the hell. "Oh and I love the way you try to prank me but it never works!" Next thing I new he had grabbed me and pulled me ontop of him tickling the hell out of me! He open his eyes. "Justin- please-stop!" I said in between laughs. He stopes an we sat up. I cought my breath. "How long we're you awake!?" "The whole time. I heard you come down the stairs. " I slapped his arm. My smile faded. "So do I really have big feet and weird hair?" He shrugged and stood up walking to the kitchen. "Justin!!!" I said following him into the kitchen. He laughed an poured a glass of orange juice. "What?" He said shrugging his shoulders again. "Did you really mean it!?" He laughed "mean what?" He asked all innocent "oh don't play innocent Justin Drew Bieber" he laughed "Angie don't take things so seriously! Of course I didn't mean it I was just kidding!" He hugged me. I laughed "good because then I would kick your ass" he laughed "whatever you say Angie!" "Exactly! So what do you want to do today?" His smile faded "I actually have a meet and greet" "what!?" Don't get me wrong I love his fans but this was supposed to be a work free summer" "but jay! You promised!" I whined "I'm sorry it's just they really wanted to an I didnt want to let them down Angie. I sighed "nope instead you're letting me down." "Ang don't be like that." I fake smiled. "It's fine justin go." I turned and went to walk out. "Where are you going?" "Just for a walk or something ill see you tonight." "Ang come on!" I just ignored him walked out the door. Ya ya ya ik you're all thinking wow what a bitch just because he wants to see his fans. But that's not it! I love his fans like I said I just want to be able to have justin all to myself for one summer. Sometimes I just wish that he wasn't famous. I walke down the street to the park and sat on the swing I decided to call zac. *"hello?" "Hey baby what are you doing" "oh just sittin here board you?" "At the park want to come hang out!" He sighed "I would Hun but I have this family thing to do. I'm sorry!" I paused "babe you their?" I sighed "yeah I'm here it's cool I understand maybe tomorrow?" "Sure ill clear my schedule just for you!" I smiled "thanks babe so ill talk to you later?" "Sure thing beautiful" "bye" "bye sweetie"* I hung up and just sat on the swing for a while thinking about everything in my life and how different it is from three years ago. Justin is famous an I'm still well a nobody. I feel like justin and I are so different anymore. He is so busy with being Justin Bieber an I'm just little old me. I sighed and got up of the swing walking back to the house. I opened the door and saw Ryan and Chaz on the couch playing video games. "Where is everyone?" "We'll justin is at a meet and greet and the parents are out" Chaz said never taking his gaze away from the video game. I nodded. "Well ill be in my room if you need anything. " "k" "thanks ang" I don't think they really even heard what I said I laughed and walked up the stairs into my room. I close the door and went to hop up on my bed. "Shit!!" I said stubbing my toe on the thing sticking out from under the bed. I bent down an picked it up. It was the scrapbook of me and justin when we were younger. Gosh we were so cute. Things were so simple back then. (Justin's POV) "hey sweetie what's your name?" I asked the next little girl in line who looked to be about 7or 8 "mayva" "mayva? That's suck a pretty name!" She smiled really big. "Thank you" "you're very welcome sweetheart." I picked her up and sat her on my lap so that her mom could take pictures of us. She hugged me one time before hopping off my lap. "Bye justin" "bye sweetie." We did about 4 more house of the same thing signing autographs and takin pictures but I love my fans an I wouldn't be who I am today without them so this wasn't really work to me but fun to get to see how happy me just smiling makes them. "Alright JB that was the last girl" Kenny said standing up. I put the pen down and stretched my legs out. "Are you ready to go?" Scooter asked I shook my head. "Na man you go ahead I want to buy Angie something to make up for ditching her. Kenny and I will stay here and ill see you guys Tom for Sunday dinner at Angie's house." Scooter nodded "alright man be safe" I shook my head and Kenny an I walked around the corner. "We're to JB" I thought for a moment. Then smiled. "The jewelry department" he laughed "alright man lets go." So we walked around to the other side of the mall and went into the jewelry store. "Can I help you sir?" I smiled "yes I'm looking for something for my best friend!" "What's the occasion? Birthday?" I scratched the back of my head. "No more like an apology" "Kenny!!" He laughed "what man it's true." The lady smiled. "I think I have just what you need kiddo. She walked over to the counter and got this little red box she turned it around and opened it. A set of diamond earrings. "These are perfect" I said taking the box. "She will love them." The lady smiled. "how much?" "$10,000" "damn!!" Kenny said behind me. "I'll take them." "Excellent" she said taking the box i handed her my credit card and she cashed us out. "She better love you for this man" "tell me about it" "here you are sir. Have a nice day" I took the box from the lady. "You to" Kenny and I walked out the door and headed for the car. "Yo Kenny stop" he stopes "what is it man." I pulled him behind a tree plant they had in the mall. "Dude look" I pointed at this kid with his arm around this girl. "Yeah what about it?" He said raising his eye brow at me. I shook my head "dude don't you recognize him?!" he shook his head. I rolled my eyes. "That's Angie's boyfriend" "shut up!" Kenny said. Shocked. "No dude I swear" I quickly got out my phone and snapped a couple pictures one of his arm around her the other one of him kissing her cheek. "Are you going to tell Angie?" "Damn right I am I told you their was something about that kid I didn't like!" "Do you think she will believe you?" "That's why I got the pictures. She can't deny proof." He nodded his head. "Come on let's get out of here before he sees us." Kenny nodded and we left the mall. (My POV) I felt somebody put their arms around me an pull me close I new just by the smell who it was I rolled over. "Hey sleeping beauty" I smiled "hey, what time is it?" Justin glance at the clock. "6:30" I rubbed y eyes "I must have fallen asleep, when did you get home" "just a few mins ago." "How did it go?" He smiled "great I LOVE meeting with the fans. " I smiled "well that's good." He looked down at the photo album I was looking at. "Gosh these are old" I nodded "remember this one?" I asked pointing to the picture on the right he smiled "sure do that's the day you broke your arm" "and you helped me get all the way home" I smiled "that's the day we became best friends forever" he smiled and I sighed "that was so long ago" he nodded "so much has changed" I just nodded my head looking at the picture. "Oh hey, I got you something." I raised my eye brow. And shut the book. "What why?" He shrugged "because I can and because I felt bad for ditching you when I said I wouldn't" I smiled and he reach over and grabbed a small red box and handed it to me. "Well open it duh" I laughed and opened up the box I covered my mouth. "You like?" "Oh god Jay! Their so beautiful" "I thought you would like them" I quickly put them on. "These had to of cost a fountain!" He shook his head. "Nothing id to much for my best friend." I quickly got up and looked in the Mirror . "I'm In love" I joked he laughed "I can't wait to show Zac." I said sitting back on the bed. Justin's smile instantly faded. "What's wrong" I asked worried he sighed "Angie I have to tell you something." "Oh boy that's never good." I joked. He took a deep breath. This was serious! "Zac is cheating on you." My smile disappeared and my heart sunk to my stomach. This can't be true.

/////////// Hey guys I'm so sorry it took so long to post the next chapter! I have been so busy this being my senior year of high school and all! But I promise I will start posting once a week... But anyways what do you think? is he cheating On Angie? will she believe Justin even if he has the pictures to prove it?? i guess you will have to wait and see (: You guys are the best thanks so much for reading and I hope you like this chapter sorry its short the next one will longer! P.S Please Read my new story Fear<3 Love you guys! Xoxo

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